Reviews for Broken Mind, Fractured Soul
fullofcrazyness chapter 24 . 11/22
I don't think I have laughed so much at a chapter before it was bloody brilliant
Night Ryder711 chapter 33 . 11/7
I think Harry and Gabriel should merge first. It just makes more sense, because even though Silas is the Core personality, Harry is the Host. Kit and Boy are also going to merge into Harry, and it will go with what you said about wanting either Silas or Gabriel to merge last. I also think that if Sabe happens, Harry's personality will change just a little bit then when Harry didn't know he was an alter.

I don't know why I'm offering my opinion. I'm pretty sure this story is already finished :)
The Lone Swordswolf chapter 10 . 10/26
For some people, revenge actually is able to better help them with a traumatic past as it shows that they have in some way beaten that which wronged or hurt them. At least, in my experience.
Primordial Phantom chapter 22 . 10/15
You should have named Demon Dæmon
Primordial Phantom chapter 19 . 10/15
I hope you end the friendship
Primordial Phantom chapter 12 . 10/15
Sirius was never officially convicted, and never sentences, he didnt have a trial, thats most likely why his assets werent seized
CuteCat213 chapter 35 . 10/10
I am feeling legitimate grief over the thought of Gabriel intigrating, it pains me to think about.

So, question: if each alter has an animal that represents them, then wouldn't the combined personalities have a different one? Will whole!Harry's animagus be a chimera?

And this is a question you are free completely ignore -more of a request, actually- but, um, I was wondering if, maybe, you'd ever be willing to do a fic where Silas and Gabriel are their own characters (Harry's adopted brothers maybe?)- and also maybe paired? But again, don't feel pressured, I was just wondering if it was a possibility.
CuteCat213 chapter 28 . 10/10
GodDAMN I love Silus and Gabriel as best friends, FAR above Ron and Hermione. I don't WANT them to become integrated again, I love them more as their own characters. I especially liked when Harry could talk to them- best friends in your head, you know?
And... I also totally and completely ship Gabe/Sy and nothing said will ever change that. I rather wish a bit more time was spent fleshing out Gabriel a bit more, but I realize my opinion matters exactly not at all. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.
Guest chapter 16 . 10/7
love it
Lady Beaumort chapter 35 . 10/7
when I read the part about Neville's animagus transformation, I immediately thought of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. it would have been awesome if Neville was a creature like Groot.
dawnraptor chapter 50 . 10/4
I'm devouring your story, really. I like it a lot, but I can't help to notice there are a lot of typos and/or grammar mistakes. Spared and sparred are not the same; you're and your are not the same; who's and whose... and so on.
I'm Italian and so I'm not so sure of grammar and spelling, moreover cause you're American, not English, but I think your wonderful fic would be even better if you gifted your story a beta.
viennaaa chapter 3 . 10/1
Hmmm not my taste but very well writen!

Guest chapter 49 . 9/30
Funny how I was about to demand that someone poison Dumbledore. Harry and I are on the same page, oh blessed day.
celine.sLineC-Line chapter 24 . 9/18
I Can't believe i M reading your story. Lol. I M normaly reading fics that make me dream and not making me think about my Work... Thats to late now... Harry and neville... They are just like my patient... I lot more fictional., but enough to tend to it.
I don't like the introduction of "draco malefoy " yuk. That boy disgust me. He is just like dudley.
I see you have written a lots more chapters.
I M gonna take my time to read them. It's a little weird for me.
MADStar529 chapter 52 . 9/14
Amazing story. Loved it.
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