Reviews for Broken Mind, Fractured Soul
snamioneBDSMcuriosity chapter 1 . 12/14/2020
This was a very interesting and informative introduction to the story. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/25/2020
Look, it’s a good story and all, nice themes, very well explained how each personality was created. But I think there’s hardly any chemistry between Harry and Snape for the former to trust the Professor. Snape’s thoughts and ideas and emotions regarding Harry are not discussed in the story. Snape’s hatred of Harry and James was not mentioned really. It makes no sense.
It’s a great fic about DID but not exactly good about Snape and Harry, as such.
But I have only read the first few chapters so if a reader is reading this review can very well dive in, they might like this story more than I did.
Clhover chapter 3 . 10/18/2020
I hope Kit never has to come out again. Poor Harry... and others
JJRenae chapter 2 . 9/18/2020
This story makes a lot more sense to me after watching multiple Systems on YouTube talk about their DID.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/13/2020
Hi! I understand this fic was written a very long time ago, but just to mention that MPD is now called DID (disassociative identity disorder) as it's more respectful and accurate to those with the condition. Next time you update, it would be appreciated if you could just mention this, as I live with someone with DID, and it may make me or others feel more comfortable.

Except for that, I love the concept of this story, and the style in which it's written! Thank you for writing such an amazing story :)
parselslyth chapter 54 . 7/29/2020
Incredible story. Thank you.
GorstieStone3 chapter 38 . 7/18/2020
Great hermione’s being terrible too. I really hate both of them. Canon Hermione was a lot better to Harry. How can she expect Harry to stick up for that idiotic asshole?
GorstieStone3 chapter 37 . 7/18/2020
Wow Ron’s being an even bigger asshole than in canon here. Knowing about Harry’s upbringing and home life as well as some of his insecurities should make him less of a prat. I really hate him here
Nargelz chapter 24 . 6/26/2020
Nargelz chapter 17 . 6/25/2020
I mean I love? I guess idk. But anyway I really like hermione and Ron in the movies most the time (Luna is one of may faverotes) but I don’t really like Ron or hermione in this
Nargelz chapter 14 . 6/25/2020
Cause it none of you business!
arcra chapter 20 . 5/31/2020
I am in frustration right now but Sirius, why in the seven hells do you think it is okay to be there when Severus said that your secured house location is not in that specific European country.

Think, you dasterd man, !

As much as I love you and mean well but dude, I wanna strangle you right now.

(Btw, ABSOLUTELY love this! It's been a long time since I found a fanfiction worth to keep me up late at night and enjoying reading every bits of sentences, word-per-word. I'd usually skim, get the gist of the situation, and get started reading the dialogues part but this literally got me hook since Chapter 1! I'm also thoroughly impressed on how you introduced each Personalities and it was easy for me to distinguish who is talking and remembering what they look like. Hope to keep up this same level of intrigueness 'till the end of the chapter!)
Winston Summerville chapter 5 . 4/25/2020
I will say that overall this story is written quite well, and the depiction of alters is rather accurate. But the premise that to treat DID (which is what it's been called for many years now, MPD is inaccurate and outdated) you must congeal all the personalities together to form one whole by the process of integration, is completely inaccurate. the foundation of therapy for DID is first increasing communication and trust among alters to produce a safe environment from which to process trauma. the goal of most therapy is to decrease dissociative symptoms by increasing communication and coconsciousness between alters as well as processing trauma. very few people go on to integrate an entire system. it is a tremendous ordeal that is not always even possible. treatment is typically centered around healthy multiplicity and reducing clinical symptoms, not turning a multiple into a singlet.
DracosTaintedDreamer chapter 52 . 4/10/2020
omg when sev said "take me home" I dissolved into tears
DracosTaintedDreamer chapter 28 . 4/9/2020
are you serious?! ugh Dumbledore is a rat. he is so disgusting
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