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zeo knight chapter 6 . 1/11/2007
this is good and it should be wills second year at sh if royal pain thing happend a year before and you seem on par with storms abilities yet its slightly different
PhoenixSong4232 chapter 6 . 12/9/2005
Hey this is great. I finally got around to updating so if you're intrested. Anyway this story is great and i love watching your plot thicken and everything. Great job, keep up the good work.
nightingale520 chapter 1 . 12/4/2005
Sorry I left a few things out for my character and going changing a few things

Name: Abigail Hawkins

Nickname: Abby

Age: it's up to you

Parents:Mom's name is Lindsay and she has the power controls water. Dad's name is Eric and has the power to make anything ice.

Power: she can control water

Personality: She is very shy, nice, quite, clumsy, and a you get to know her she is sarcastic and random.

History: Both her parents were heroes. She lives in Sky High's city. How she found out about her powers was by when she was 13 some boys started to mess with her and so she got really mad and some how got a wave of water to drowned them. When she found out that she made the wave, she thought it was just a dream until she did it again a few days after that day. When she was at the beach with her friends and they wanted to have a big wave to surf,she thought about making a big wave then suddenly a big wave came and her parents saw her make that wave, they explain to her about her powers. Then when she was 14 she went to Sky High.

Apperance: She about 4'6ft. So she get pick on alot because of her size. Has long black hair,blue eyes and wears dresses in punk rock clothing. She will never wear skirts or anything pink.
Me chapter 1 . 11/2/2005
Name:April Showers.

Father:Splashdown(Water Elemental)

Mother:Firestorm(Fire Elemental)

Power:She can turn into a Zora(Father's Side)or a Metal Fire Beast(Mother's Side.)She also has two other powers strangely similar to the powers of Darkside(Supervillan Extrordinare).They are Soul-Vision(The ability to see right into peoples souls) and Soul-Bind(The ability to use other people's souls to seriously injure or kill an in this state, she is unable to do anything else and is oblivious to the outside hates to use it because it wears her out and would kill her if she did it to long.)

Personality:She is very shy and hates to pick fights and likes to stay way under the radar at a power like hers, it's best not to get noticed.

Clothes:She likes to wear bright,pretty colours, anything but black and never wears dresses or skirts or anything fashionable.

Apperance:Shes small, and strangly vunerable looking but at the same time there is something dark-looking about her which nobody can has long blonde hair which has tiny black streaks near the top and she has blue eyes(they go blue and red with black outline and white pupils when she uses soul-vision).

Friends:She makes friends with Will,Layla and the seems to have established some kind of truce with Warren.
Elentariel chapter 6 . 10/16/2005
Interesting relations between kevin and the Strongholds, keep it up
YFWE chapter 2 . 10/15/2005
Alrighty... here's some irony for ya.. just found out your name is Kevin, too. Go irony!

YFWE chapter 6 . 10/14/2005
Thanks for reviewing my fic!

This one's very good! I love the character Kevin. Partly because he's pretty interesting, and also...

my name's Kevin! Yay!

Update soon!

Stamina Pendragon chapter 6 . 10/12/2005
nice! i look forward to your next chapter. i hope it comes soon.
Dive To Dream Sea chapter 6 . 10/10/2005
hey great chapter! ahh how cute, he was all nervous when he thought that he would get in trouble for killing the light bulb. okay here's a character for your uh.. character ha ha. i won't get offended if you don't use her and if you don't but you decide to put her in your story i'm all for it. i really don't care.

name: Severus Edelbacher

nickname: Sevi

age: a few months younger than haven (her and haven are related)

powers: the ability to hypmotize small animals and people less stronger then her. talks to snakes.

looks: dark green hair that is in a long thick braid over her shoulder. soft pale skin and golden snake like eyes. her canine teeth are fangs. she's a little shorter then kevin.

clothes: (if you want to add it) black bohohemian skirt and studded belt. black low top converses. white lacy tank top under a see through black long sleeve with a hoodie . assortment of black and white bangles on both arms that reach to about a few inches below her elbow; that makes noises when they touch.

parents: her mother is haven's mother's adoptive older brother. she has no powers. her father has the same type of powers but he can control anything and everything. as long as he is the stronger one. he can also produce mental pictures, like illusions that only his victim can see.

personality: she is very shy and smart, doesn't like sports and can't fight. she can sing very well and loves to play the flute. haven and trey (haven's little brother) are very protective of her and they usually beat up everyone who makes her cry. she has two snakes one is a little garden snake named, Fluffy, and the other is a harmless much larger black snake (like the snake from a series of unfortunate events the movie) named Achilles.

that's pretty much it. use her as you will. well actualyl be careful with her. she's special to me because she's shy. i never really made up a character that is a shy little wallflower... ahh now i want to huggle her! hugs Sevi. Sevi eeps and blushes. haha well yeah that's it. okay yup can't wait for the next chapter! bye! oh yeah and if you use her but not for kevin, then uh just match her up with any oc, that's loud but would protect her.
GrayDove chapter 6 . 10/10/2005
Erm... I have to say, I wish that a little bit more had happened in this chapter. We found out that the parents were friends, yes, but I wish there had been a little bit more about that. More stories of the past, explanations, etc. Basically, we got a quick update, more about Kevin's powers, and learned some things we were already half expecting.

But beyond that, I really like your style- good mix of dialogue and description, which is not always easy to find.

*laughs* Now, after that harsh review, I find myself required to submit a character, which you may use for whatever purpose you deem necessary.

Name: Kaitlyn Heinschel

Age: 14

Powers: Can change the color of solids to their inverse; black to white, blue to orange, etc. Does not work on natural materials (wood, meat), but pretty much anything else is fair game. Sidekick.

Father: Charlie Heinschel, 42, retired hero "Flare" and accountant; can control fire, but cannot actually start one.

Mother: Terri Heinschel, 39, retired sidekick "Demi"; could create a spark by snapping, but do nothing else with the flame; hence the fact that she was paired with Charlie.

Siblings: Robert Heinschel, 17, senior at Sky High; can heat things up, but not actually control fire in any form. Hero.

Personality: A very outgoing, friendly girl; not especially bright, atheletic, or talented, but no bumbling idiot, either. The sort who comes up and introduces herself, and tries to make herself as useful as possible. Needs to be needed, hence her outgoing nature. Never felt overshadowed by her parents or older brother; is quite proud of her ability, and uses it to create extra wardrobe options.

Enjoys putting on make-up and dressing nicely, but only to a certain extent; would hate to be considered "preppy". Doesn't tend to get a lot of crushes, because she is very good at reading people's personalities, and tends to be picky. Knows that the right guy will come along some day, and doesn't believe that she has to go chasing anything with a pulse to find him.

Physical: Plain, at first glance; fairly pretty, at the second. A bright, friendly smile, curly blonde hair that is almost always left to hang down to her shoulderblades, and large brown eyes. Always half-smiling, as if enjoying a private joke with only you. Delicate chin and mouth, but a slightly large forehead leaves her looking just slightly disproportional- but almost in a charming way.

Five-foot four, skinny rather than slender; is waiting to "fill out", but won't mind if it never happens. Dresses nicely, but conservatively; would hate to be thought of in a bad way.

History: Average; raised expecting to have powers, and was slightly disappointed with her ability at first. However, she's now quite proud of it, and knows that it will come in handy someday. Now a freshman at Sky High.

Crush: Whoever; it's more likely to be gradual than sudden. *laughs* It'd be the result of making sure that the person fits her "ideal"- which is not stereotypical ideal, but rather her own construct of what she wants.
Hunter Lycan chapter 6 . 10/9/2005
nice so he's now gonna get some help

nice quotes i wonder what was in the trees
Lt. Commander Richie chapter 6 . 10/9/2005
How about this girl for Kevin?:

Name: Clairie Mundroe

age: 16

Powers: Gliding, pyrokinesis, growing superlong fingernails and shooting them, turning into a flock of small brown bats. Technically, princess of the d ned.

Looks: black hair in small ringlets that straightens and gets two blood red streaks in it when she usus her powers, black eyes, and abnormally tanned skin. usually wears a pair of black low gloss leather pants and a black corset of the same material, a black neo-esque trenchcoat and black sunglasses like Fox Mulder's.

If she creeps you out, dont use her.
Elentariel chapter 5 . 10/6/2005
I really enjoyed it, and I'm wondering how that meeting with Will's parents will be. It will be easier to read the Save the Citizen battle if you use more paragraphs, it's a little confusing presently. I hope you update soon
Guardian of the Evil Dustbunnies chapter 5 . 10/1/2005
Wow, Magenta's cousin is like...Warren!And thanx for giving me a charecter, although im still figuring about how to put chapters in...yeah i know im stupid...
ParallaxRider chapter 5 . 10/1/2005
Name:Francis Taylor


Parents:One retired hero, one normal person(both decesed)

Power:He is amazing with stealth and he can steal the shirt off your back without you noticing

Personality:He stays away from the big crowds, but if sombody needs help he might mostly depends on who they are

Description:He is tall(like my other character,Duke)and has darkish blue hair that reaches about halfway down his face is plastered with a perminent smirk and he has a tattoo of two dice his left arm

Clothes:He usally wears a dark grey or black jacket which reaches all the way to the ground with an almost black shirt and black pants underneath (or somthing like that)He is never seen not wearing his hat(like one of those gangsta ones)pulled down in front of his face so his eyes are shadowed and hard to see.

He has one ear pieced with a small gem of some sort

Important:He makes friends with Warren because he likes Warren attitude
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