Reviews for Heir's Choice
Turtle Kid the Woolgatherer chapter 2 . 9/13/2007
Wow. This story is very interseting and I'm glad you wrote so much so far! I hope things in real life aren't too overwhelming. . . .
Sheik's Lonely chapter 1 . 11/25/2006
While I'm not used to seeing a few of these first names used frequently, it's not bad and I'm adjusting. I like where this whole story is going. The European-ness of everything is...oddly, making me feel at home.

I'm really reminded of Eragon, especially when they were training with the swords. Everyone's in character and I'm heading over to the next chapter searhing for more familar faces.

Are kids from other schools, such as Hyoutei, St. Rudolph, Rikkaidai, etc., going to show up? I'll probably end up cheating and running to your livejournal soon.
bob chapter 2 . 8/19/2005
I quite like the story so far, and i'll probably be heading over to your lj pretty soon, but there's just a few things that bother me... Do these people just not clean out fireplaces for half the year? i can't really see leaving ashes lying around from the end of winter to the beginning of the next. And could you go into the system of timekeeping a bit more explicitly, if you haven't in the chapters i haven't read yet? i can't get the hang of these five strokes business. Do you just mean 5 am? and if so, why not just call it that? medieval europeans used am and pm. more than they ever used japanese first names, at any rate...
Tristripe chapter 2 . 8/17/2005
I am completely intrigued. Though Koaru is kinda more timid than I want him to, the whole manor is described well, the dialogue is intriguing, and the action is amazing! I think im going to wander into your not the most patient of people.

::adds onto fave stories list::

Kloudy Reignfall chapter 2 . 8/17/2005
Wow. This is a really good story! Seriously, it feels like one-of-a-kind. I think it's the setting that really makes it so different from any other PoT story I've read. And although it's AU, it flows so naturally, as if it were real. You know what I mean? And how the characters are written fits in perfectly with the setting, but at the same time they don't feel out of character, which is pretty amazing. I think the most incredible thing about the story though is probably how painstakingly descriptive it is, but still not overly descriptive. With so many details, there's a lot you could do with the story. I can imagine a million twists and turns, even the though there's not even a concrete plot now, and I really look forward to seeing the rest of it!

However, I think I'm a little ashamed of the PoT community in general because not more of them read this! You certainly deserve far more reviews than this has gotten. Perhaps you have more on your LJ, I dunno. Hopefully.

Well, I'll be anticipating the next chapter! It's possible that I'll get impatient and just go track down your livejournal to find the rest of it, but that's beside the point.

Until next time,

Kloudy Reignfall

PS- I'm sure I forgot to mention something, but I think you got the general idea: I love this story!
Neons-Requiem chapter 2 . 8/15/2005
I really enjoyed the two chapters. I look forward to more chapters _
FallingSilver chapter 2 . 8/15/2005
I love this. I really love this. You did an awesome job. I've read other AU PoT fics before, but this is far and away my favorite, at least so far. Something about the setting is just so interesting, and the way you write fits with the idea perfectly.

I've also never read an Inui/Kaidoh fic before (at least not that I can remember) and so I wasn't sure if I'd like it. But I do! And the bits with Fuji and Tezuka... yummy. :3 Makes me want to draw you some fan art... tee hee hee... And the parts with Ryoma and Momo made me smile. Anyway, great job! I like the effect of using their first names, too. It works really well, in my opinion. I'll be waiting to read chapter three! (Although if I get impatient enough, I just might have to read ahead in your lj, lol...)
Ammeh chapter 1 . 8/13/2005
I normally only read Inukai as a side pairing, but I really like this one! The idea has a lot of potential, and the writing measures up to it, unlike a lot of great fic ideas that are poorly executed. I read ahead on your LJ, and I love you SO MUCH for the little bit of Tezufuji. *squeals*

On that note, do Kaoru's cousins know? Specifically Eiji? And do they also take sword lessons? Specifically Eiji? With Lt. Syuichiroh? Because if there was a little bit of GP in this, I would squeal loud enough to crack glass. (If it's not in your plans, that's fine too-I can always imagine!)

In regards to the reviewer below me, I thought it was pretty obvious you were using first names because you were going for an authentic European feel (which you succeeded in), but I guess not everyone realized it. You might want to put a little note or something?
Dark Purity chapter 1 . 8/12/2005
Not a bad beginning, though could you use Momoshiro instead of Takeshi and Fuji instead of Syusuke and etc...? Could you? It would be a bit less confusing but you can still keep Ryoma as Ryoma. Update soon!