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HumbleHufflepuff chapter 3 . 8/26/2005
Yes! Hermione, Harry, and Ginny. I was wondering the same as Snape there for a minute about the Ambassadors being all from Gryffindor. But I knew at least one of them would be in Slytherin because of Draco.

The interviews were awesomely written. Snape's reactions to everyone but Draco being snide. McGonagall being stern in light of the serious situation. Dumbledore having his fun in making the students sweat it out. And Sprout and Flitwick adding little cheery things where needed. Perfect!

As for the last Ambassador, I suddenly got an idea. What about another sixth year? Possibly from one of the remaining houses of Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? You have Ginny who is of the Weasley's, Draco who is of high class, Hermione who's very intelligent, and Harry who's extremely brave... what about someone a bit eccentric? Luna maybe?

Like I was thinking before, we need someone back at Hogwarts and I think that would be Ron. His mood explains a lot about that. And we need a friend for Ginny because Harry has Hermione and we do need some comic relief in Luna. But I could be wrong.

I can't wait to read the next chapter. This is an absolutely smashing fic so far. Keep up the terrific work!

iluvwater chapter 3 . 8/26/2005
the only reason i hate suspense... is that it is so suspenseful... POST SOON PLEASE! AHH... *swats at suspense buzzing around ear*
Slash chapter 2 . 8/26/2005
Tha's it! I'm addin' this stroy to my favorites!


Slash, signing off!
MintChocolate5 chapter 2 . 8/24/2005
Hey, it's Ali, your beta reader, I'm just reviewing, again, to say how happy I am that this is posted! But, actually, I tried to email you and it wasn't working. Did you get a new screen name? Your old one wasn't working. Sorry to review like this but I couldn't come up with a better to contact you. Email me please!
Hannah chapter 2 . 8/23/2005
I DID finish that grapefruit! Except for 2 pieces haha. EWW! School tomorrow! This chapter was cool hehe. I can't wait for the next! Whee! I'll see you tomorrow!

love your favourite canadian,

- Hannah
ramones4me chapter 2 . 8/22/2005
YAY! I have been waiting so paiently for this story and it has finally come. This story is going to be awesome!
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing chapter 2 . 8/21/2005
oh nice twist! um...ambassadors...hermione draco not good at this! lol. guess ill just have to wait and find out...GREAT job on this! hope the next update comes quickly...ill be waiting. ;-)
m1s7ress chapter 2 . 8/20/2005
YES! Update! )

Five Ambassadors? - Draco, Hermione, Harry, Ginny(?), and someone from Slytherin. Or Ron can replace Ginny, but you can't really do something about it, or else there would be four Gyrffs and just one Sly, that's not TOTALLY fair.

Harry Potter. Well, it's Harry. He has to get SOME action, too. Then there's Ginny. Well you DID say the sixth years can be a part of it.

Ron's behaviour is pretty odd, but I think that even IF he might not be in it.. He'll find a way to take part in the action.

Draco&Hermione - it's obvious, they're the Heads.

Someone Slytherin. Well, I hope it's BLAISE. _ Draco needs to be kept sane.


Lucyferina chapter 2 . 8/20/2005
interesting start, i find LV a bit OOC though... still update soon! I'm curious to know about ron :)
IceHeart161 chapter 2 . 8/20/2005
I just got this really comedic image of Malfoy sticking his finger in his ear like a cartoon with a funny sound effect and really bugged out eyes. Dunno why, just me I guess. Hm, ambassadors, Hermione and Draco (duh), the boy who won't die, Ron and Pansy? Though I'd think there'd be atleast one Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
ebtwisty9 chapter 2 . 8/20/2005
nice chapter!
cocovanilla chapter 2 . 8/19/2005
When Voldemort ordered Draco to be friends with Harry, I was actually laughing my butt off! _ I was expecting him to say "Befriend Potter's friend" like Hermione or something, but never Harry. That would be a nice sight to see. Draco being nice to the boy-who-lived. This is quite a nice humorous chapter, especially the way you ended it. Nicely done. You never let us down. . Update soon!
HeraBates chapter 2 . 8/19/2005
That would be a hard task for Draco, and one that the threat of death would make even harder since people get desperate when they are afraid to die, and when they are desperate they get sloppy. Lucius' reaction was very realistic, his heir, one he'd been excited about planning the next generation for could be killed while "dirtying" the Malfoy name.
AX2 chapter 2 . 8/19/2005
Greatly written out story! I loved your previous story, Take My Heart Away (?) and I'm already pulled into this one! Great going!
haiga chapter 2 . 8/19/2005
Who was the person in the shadows? I think it'll have significance later on. As for the five ambassadors, i think they will be: Harry, Hermione, Draco, NOT Ron, maybe Ginny, seamus finnigan..i have no idea if seamus is right, but he's from a different house than them...Anywho, there are my guesses. Great chapter, can't wait till next friday!
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