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WalterDornez215 chapter 3 . 11/25/2006
This is the 1st Love Hina Crossover I've seen with more then 1 chapter. Good Work.
TenWings chapter 3 . 11/15/2006
brindani chapter 3 . 10/26/2006
Now this fic has some serious potential. Ranma could really straighten out a lot of the messes, but he is going to have one hell of a time trying to get into Tokyo-U. All-in-all an excellent piece of work. Hope to see an update soon!

keichan2 chapter 3 . 10/8/2006
After reading "The Wild Horse Thesis", I can't help but wonder what you planned for this one...

Please, update soon (and your other stories too...)
KaijuOh chapter 3 . 8/28/2006
I have re-read these chapters for the tenth time and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter to come out. May I be of assistance to help it move along?
derpus chapter 3 . 8/16/2006
great story please uppdate _
Ten-Faced Paladin chapter 3 . 8/10/2006
This is very good so far. I really want to see where this leads.
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 3 . 6/10/2006
Great work on this story, I hope to read more as soon as you are able to
Lionheart chapter 2 . 6/1/2006
Oh! Oh! Oh!

If you are going with the premise that Naru comes from a sumo family that she left trying to get some sanity into her life, then you need some of that family to appear, right? And if you are also going to be filling in some cast members with new arrivals from Nerima, then what if family relationships and so on got changed? Cologne could be Granny Hina, but more importantly NARU COULD BE GENMA'S DAUGHTER!

Picture him with a wife who looks EXACTLY like him! Only fatter! And with too much lipstick! Poor Naru is so ashamed to be seen near them that she couldn't bear to live at home, and she's certainly not going to be lured into getting grossly overweight so she could be taught her family martial art to its fullest potential! (which probably wouldn't be Anything Goes, so Genma's style might be unpredictable or even dangerous to Ranma, making him a challenge once more!)

Everyone from Nerima could be arriving with subtle, or not so subtle, changes like that.

This gives you a chance to juggle all of the relationships of Ranma 1/2, because of the universe change. Mix things up and generally create havoc, breathe new life into old foes, and ramp up the challenge level yet again! Of course, they would all remember the last universe, and the way things were there. Some could do well in acting out their new roles, others flub more often. Some could be interesting in doing something to Ranma, then returning home (heck, maybe some do), and others could like this universe more than the other (Genma, being messed up in the head, could actually prefer this situation to his other life. Lots of food, sex, he gets to bully weaker martial artists for a living, and no death threats or outraged parents of forgotten fiancees to deal with... Now if Ranma would just marry Naru and set up a dojo... actually, he's probably already got one of his own, so if Ranma would just marry Naru and take over the dojo so Genma didn't have to work anymore, this is better than his ideal life in his original world!)

Heh, Genma might even like the way this new wife looks, better than Nodoka (to his eyes, ew! to anyone else!)

Hehehe, want a switch? Maybe Soun sends in his trio of daughters, and they arrive, only THEIR MOTHER IS ALIVE! So Soun goes leaping in headfirst, only without setting any parameters beforehand, and he gets there only to discover that his beloved Kimiko never married HIM! Perhaps the girls 'father' is alive (Tofu? Hm, could be fun), or perhaps dead. But Kimiko views Soun with some amount of distaste, perhaps loathing. After all, HE was just that obsessive, panty-stealing perverted freak who wouldn't leave her alone during college! (or something)

And how would all of these newcomers be related to the Love Hina cast, I wonder?

Slip in weird changes, like make Kasumi an Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, gymnastics and fencing. Have Akane be a werewolf who 'wolfs-out' every time she loses her temper, so you CAN'T risk getting bitten by her when she's in a rage because she's contagious!

Let the cross-universe travelers mix their original martial arts with new styles their native selves would've known, so that the fights are more of a challenge to Ranma! (Only, since Ranma was the FIRST to practice Anything Goes in the new universe, he is still its founder).

Bring in bit-players from Ranma as relatives on all sides, only they never traveled here, it's just their 'reflections' in this universe. Perhaps Ukyo shows up on a well-composed scheme to get Ranma's hand (not to mention the best parts) and discovers a few unwanted additions to her plans throwing things out of balance - like, for example, she's got a huge family of brothers and sisters not unlike Mutsumi.

And what if two of those siblings turn out to be the Golden Pair of Martial Arts Figure Skating? Hmm, an on going rivalry between her family and Kasumi's over the figure skating title? Just enough to distract her on odd moments during critical plans?

Oh! Oh! Bit players! YOU GOTTA BRING BACK THE DOJO DESTROYER AS GENMA'S NEW DAD! This HUGE, grossly overweight sumo legend as Naru's overbearing granddad! You gotta do it!

HAHAHAHAHA! And! And! Bwahaha! Make Ryoga HER SISTER! The Lost Boy jumps in without caring about how he ends up so long as he can chase Ranma, and... bwahahaha! Winds up with a Gender change! BWAHAHAHAHA!

'She' still turns into a cute little piglet, of course! Bwahaha!

And... and! GENMA CAN BE TRYING TO MARRY HER TO RANMA! BWAHAHA! Only when Naru falters in her pursuit, of course. What situation would that put Ranma in? Every time he gets Naru off his back his old 'pops' switches to pushing Ryoga as a fiancee! So he'd have to pretend to juggle Naru's affections enough to keep Ryoga off his dance card! BWAHAHA!

"It doesn't matter to me, boy, just so long as you marry a Narusegawa."

And what would Haruka's reaction be to that old Playboy Soun suddenly showing up to hang around town all of the time? Maybe he was an old flame? Perhaps their intense kissing sessions were what turned Kimiko off to him in the first place? So this rough vagabond shows up, has to eat, so he's got to work. So Haruka shows him kindness and lets him stay at the tea shop so long as he helps out... oh, the agony! The hilarious agony of Soun being destitute and having to work for a living alongside of a woman who wants him while the wife he loves is around and despises him! While his daughters ponder their divided loyalties! BWAHA!

One favor I would ask is this: Be nice to Ukyo, I'm fond of her. Leave her female, allow her to get a nice setup, comfortably situated with perhaps a good slice of access to her Ranchan's attention. Her schemes long ago to hook up Akane with Ryoga weren't intended to hurt anybody, and showed a reasonable grasp of strategy and tactics. She's never resorted to drugs or coercion. It's just that she gets the short end of the stick in far too much Ranma fanfiction, and in the original material for that matter, and I'd like to see her do better.

I'm not saying that she has to win, or that her plans even have to work. Just give her a nice shot and go easy on the grief you give out to her, okay? The worst I'd do would be to drop her in a huge family clan of Ranma bit-players who kept getting in the way of her plans to court Ranchan.

Perhaps by wanting him themselves (girls), or thinking he's not good enough for her (boys).

Hm, I'd even give them a family style of martial arts, or two, (two is better, because then you can have the figure skaters arguing about the relative effectiveness of their styles with the takeout specialists of the clan) in addition to all of her previous knowledge. Heck! Let her know BOTH styles in addition to her own!

And a major victory she can win later on (perhaps with the help of Ranchan) is to get both sides to agree to merge those two schools and Kuonji Skating Takeout Deliveries start to whiz about all over town!

In competition with the Cat Cafe's bicycle deliveries, of course.

Aunt Haruka might well be too busy flirting with Soun to care that her tea shop's business is way down, until they have to move into the Hinata to save on rent! BWAHAHA!

The material just seems to have infinite possibilities!
Lionheart chapter 1 . 6/1/2006
Just rereading this glorious piece of work, and you know what I discovered? This lovely little line:

Nabiki, when I get back, I’m telling everyone we are getting married and you are carrying my child. Let’s see how you like your life being hell! Hell, I’ll even tell Kuno you enslaved me and my sister. How else could you get those photos?

Now this launched my mind off onto a tangent that I just wanted to share with you to see if you could also duplicate my glee over it. What if, back in the Ranma Universe, there was a comic series just being launched, depicting Ranma's new exploits in the Love Hina world?

I SO want to see Nabiki's face as she reads Ranma's mental dialog there! Her expression should be priceless! And the reactions of the rest of the Ranma cast should be good, as well. Especially if some take Ranma's stated intention as fact and start to react to Nabiki as violently as one might expect!

You one thing that might be interesting? You don't have to do this, but it might be fun to see Ranma collecting and reading other comics just in case this is not a one-time event. If he even fears that, once the Love Hina series is over, there was a chance that he could get dumped in another because of the way that Nabiki phrased her wish, then he'd be collecting research material and studying it pretty thoroughly.

It doesn't have to be that way. He just might react like that if he feared that was possible. Anyway, I bring it up because he might, just might mind you, be out collecting and find the original Ranma 1/2 manga.

It's a possibility. I don't know what you'd do with that type of information on your own life, but it could be a new angle, and I don't think anyone's ever done that one before.

Anyway, back to the main point, the Love Ranma or Hina One Half manga back in the Nerima of his old universe could be a great way to see the reactions of his various family, friends and rivals without actually bringing those over (or not yet, at any rate). Thus, Ranma could be causing chaos in his old home without even being there!

Especially, and here is a good part, if Ranma continues to drop idle thoughts about the old crowd without being aware that they are reading every word of this.

Heck, the smarter cast members (Shampoo and Ukyo particularly), once told of their faults could begin correcting them to more effectively prepare to snag him when/if he comes back! And they could be reading ahead in the regular Love Hina manga with the intent that SHOULD they be able to join him, they would be prepared to take advantage of future events to their own advantage just as he's done!

Could you not see, as one way of joining their fiancee, the author of that Hina One Half manga getting a spatula to his throat and told that he'd better draw in Ukyo or he's going to be sorry? And that actually WORKS to transport her to that universe where she can join Ranma?

Then the Hina 1/2 author might even get revenge on her through a stroke of bad luck or two? (after an initial good setup that she'd almost certainly insist on). But Ranma comes to save her, and that being okay with the writer, as stories sometimes do take on a life of their own.

But then, he could very easily get confronted by both Kunos, a certain martial artists mother, and anyone else with the brains, daring and informational network to try that same scheme?

Could be a very fun angle to work on, and the beautiful thing is that you can take it only so far as you intend to.

Hehehe, but just the image of a toothless, badly beaten, Nabiki with crooked limbs showing up at the Hina One Half studio with a picture of how she'd looked before the serial beatings began to ask they write her -healthy- into the new Hina manga so she can get her shot at trying for a bit of personal revenge on Ranma for her sufferings? BWAHAHAHAHA! I love the possibilities! They are endless!

And, being Nabiki, she'd probably want to get a ton of extras like magic and/or martial arts powers so she could get appropriate revenge for all of her sufferings!

Hey! You know what? If you are seriously considering using the ideas of Shinobu coming from a clan of ShinoBI, and possibly using the aspects of Naru coming from a sumo clan, etc, then you are going to need to be introducing new cast members to fill out the ranks of those extra assassins, rivals, fiancees, and so on.

Who better than the Ranma cast?

They already know him. They want to be involved. They could bribe, threaten or wheedle their way in, either by talking to the staff of writers working on a new manga or by using some bits of new magic they'd discovered, entreating spirits, etc. What roles would they pick? or, more importantly, what roles could they be assigned if they didn't get those spots they desired? Or perhaps a combination of those two, in that they pick out most of what they'd want for entrance requirements, but one or two things go astray in interesting ways?

Or things might even go quite right. Tatewaki Kuno could enter and actually HAVE those kendo skills he's always dreamed he'd already possessed. Or if you are using Konatsu, the crossdressing ninja might actually BE a girl in that new universe! And, very possible, engaged to Ranma (you never know, it might happen).

Hm, the Tendo sisters as three witches? You know there is room for that. Perhaps they have a curse that only subduing (and doing some terribly, nasty thing to) Ranma could cure! Nabiki is all for it and tirelessly works to make it come true. Akane is in favor of it, but so angry she has trouble devoting any attention to actual magic instead of pounding Ranma (can you not see her cooking experiments going wrong with spells as well?). And Kasumi being too sweet and kind to go along with most of those plots, but for those brief moments when they get her on board and things actually work out right they have tremendous power? That could be great!

Oh no! The thought of how to introduce the Kunos! How would they get integrated? Simple! Someone has to be the Headmaster of Tokyo U, don't they? Principal Kuno returns! And this time he is in charge of the most prestigious university in Japan!

His son and daughter would obviously already be attending, and be the heads of their appropriate clubs, and possibly even have a more polished image so the world at large didn't regard them as loons, but maybe not. They'd certainly have estates as large, if not larger and more grand, than the original Kuno mansion, of course!

Hm again, what if Granny Hina was really Cologne? And instead of just handing over ownership to Ranma, she came back to oversee things personally (and apply a little leverage to get him to marry the fiancee of her choice, Hm?)

Ooh, there's alot more I could write on this delicious thought. But will leave you with this much for now.
bissek chapter 2 . 4/9/2006
When Motoko learns that Ranma caused the tracks to explode, she isn't going to be happy.

If the Hinata girls end up going to the Ranmaverse, Ranma should arrange for Motoko to meet Kuno. Stick-boy will fixate on his 'kenjutsu princess', allowing Ranma and Akane some peace and quiet, and with a little luck she'll kill the idiot, as she routinely carries a real sword rather than a bokken.

The dangerous part would whether Naru and Akane would hate each other on sight or take up tag-team Ranma bashing.

A discussion between Kanako and Shampoo comparing glomp techniques would be amusing.

People who Su should have to (or never, depending on viewpoint) meet would be Washu (of Tenchi Muyo) and Skuld (of Ah! Megamisama!)

All the girls with combat skills would cheerfully take up Happi Hunting.
JSB chapter 3 . 4/3/2006
GAH! I can't believe my lazy self forgot to review this...please accept my humble apologies. As for the fic, awesome, an actual crossover of the two series I collect. I really wonder how Ranma will ever get into Tokyo U, but he'll probably find a way, Keitaro intelligence plus Ranma enginuity should help him, maybe. Great job, and can't wait until the next update.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/31/2006
Wow! Ranma gets spirited into "Love Hina", not only conscious that it is an anime, but also having watched said anime!

He 'lands' into Keitaro Urashima, getting his memories (so he could function from square one) and his weird inmortality, without losing his own physical and mental attributes. As he sets off from the very beginning of Season 1, he quickly begins to make changes to the Love Hina universe. I'll list the main ones I've noticed:

*He helps Shinobu to move away from her folks, instead of letting her tell talk her parents into letting her live at Hinata sou. This, in turn, makes him be noted and probably targeted by Shinobu's family, who apparently practice some obscure martial art.

*He accidentally blows up some train tracks, which in turn make Motoko not be able to leave Tokyo for her Samurai training travel. Therefore, she meats Ranma a lot earlier than expected.

*From the very beginning, he prevents the Todai misunderstanding by admiting he still is a ronin.

*As soon as he meets Naru and Kitsune, he lets them know that he's the ruler, that he won't let them step all over him, and that they would be easily replaced if either them or him terminated their leases.

*He doesn't allow Naru to deliver him her first "punishment".

*He REFUSED a challenge! Worse still, he turned it into a battle of wits against another Samurai-wannabe! And he Won!

*He turned down Kitsune so fast that it left her head spinning!

Great so far. I'm very interested on seeing your development.
Ysolde chapter 3 . 3/31/2006
I only breifly saw Love Hina, so I have no clue who these people are or if they are in character, but seeing it through Ranma's eyes is fun!
Adeptis chapter 3 . 3/30/2006
lol, funny fusion story.

Do you plan on bringing any more ranma 1/2 characters in?
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