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partnersincrime00034 chapter 23 . 1/4/2006
hey! this is superfan24 and elwoodluver034! we joined, and stuff... but the point of this review is just to say... where are you? we love your story! it's so good, and we really can't wait for more! we hope you come back, b/c this story seriously rocks! can't wait for the meeting! ud asap!
The Underground chapter 21 . 12/2/2005
Hey there,

I just read the whole story and I LOVE it! pleas Update soon! This is really worth wile!
superfan24 chapter 23 . 10/8/2005
wow... long update. but i loved every second of it! the song fits pacey so well! and i'm so glad he opened up to Joey! that is so great. billy just came out of nowhere! i got scared but rememebred shawn had the life force ability, so i knew she'd be fine! and yay, they finally kissed! i really hope they get together soon! but no word on dawson's evil plan... Will he have a change of heart after he finds out Pacey is his half brother? that forehead has always had a thing for his family! lol. when do we see audrey and eddie; not that i'm looking forward to it much, mind you! but great stories need great conflict! i'm rambling, sorry! your story is so great, i really hope you update soon! can't wait
xxoJenxoo chapter 23 . 10/8/2005
update soon, i love how both the PJ and the JS relationships are going!
elwoodluver00034 chapter 23 . 10/8/2005
OMG! that was SO CUTE! i LUVED the p/jo stuff! it was SO GOOD! NOW WHEN EDIE AND AUDREY COMES IM GONNA BE EVEN MORE MAD AT U! lol... IM SO PISSED! the oc doesn't go on again until the playoffs are done *baseball*. but the ep. u saw was the last ep. i saw so yes... now if u get to see the oc and i don't im gonna be so sad! and oth... here's the second season in a nutshell for naley. haley left nathan to pursue her singing talent and now she's back. *third season now* she wants nathan back but he doesn't want to let her back in since she broke his heart... which makes me so sad. but yes... *second season again* dan got nathan to sign these anulment papers and HE DID! so bad... haley signed them and when lucas came to visit her in new york she gave them to him. *third season* nathan reads the paper and where her signature is supposed to be it says 'i love you...' in her hand writing. IT'S SO CUTE! anyways... so yes... the naley action is gonna begin again! im excited... but that's not the point... the point is ur story! this chapter was really good. im glad that joey finally confronted pacey about his keeping things from her. i hope that dawson doesn't get away with what he's planning... ill be so mad if he does! ANYWAYS... UD SOON! _ GREAT JOB!
Pinkbubbles85 chapter 22 . 10/7/2005
I love it! Another Great chapter.. I really wished Pacey would of told Joey but atleast she heard what was going on by Jen. I'm glad P/J are still together. And I'm so glad you picked Mitch to be a possible Bological father to Pacey instead of Mike.. that would of been bad for Pacey and Joey.
elwoodluver00034 chapter 22 . 10/6/2005
that was really good. but y does pacey NEVER want to tell joey ANYTHING? it's like he's ashamed... which shouldn't be the case... but oh well. i'm glad they're still together though... that's good. AND OMG! EDIE AND AUDREY? I HATE U SO MUCH! well not really... but still! that's just cruel okay. this was a really intense chapter too. i really did like it. all the tension... and O M G! mitch might be pacey's father? i mean OMG! that's just so crazy! i LUV all the twists u add into this. so how much longer should this go for? not that im getting tired of it... just the opposite actually... i just wanna know how far u intend for this to go. just so i no! _ like in the 20's, in the 30's, like that. and i agree summer/seth are SO perfect! TONIGHT IS OC NIGHT! does the oc show the same time it does in the us? 8 pm. central *here obviously* on fox every thursday? is that when it plays there or r u like an ep behind? i really dunno. but u sed ep. 5 and i think that's the one that's showing tonight. AND OMG! DO U WATCH ONE TREE HILL? if not then too bad... if so then OMG! this is SO gonna be the BEST season EVER! lol... i just have a feeling. anyways... GREAT CHAPTER! UD SOON! _ GREAT JOB!
superfan24 chapter 22 . 10/6/2005
first of all, have you heard the news? kaite holmes is pregnant with tom cruise's baby!

omg, this chapter was so good! poor pacey, and omg, i thought you were gonna say that mike potter was his dad and then him and joey couldn't be together! glad you picked mitch! omg, him and dawson might be brothers! and wut up with audrey and eddie? joey never met either of them, are they just random people dawson knows? i hate eddie and audrey! audrey is skanky and eddie came between joey and pacey! i hope you update this really soon, i can't wait to see what happens next! and you will definitly like supernatural!

ud asap please please please!
Dark Phoenix 13X chapter 22 . 10/6/2005
Oh I forgot, check out my new homepage. you can see some pics I amde, including the one from this fanfic story.
Pinkbubbles85 chapter 21 . 10/5/2005
Oh MAN! Those 2 chapters were so Awesome! I love Joey's power! It's so cool and that's a power I would love to have! I hate Dawson! Atleast Andie got a clue. I don't like this Alice chick very much.. I don't trust her at all around Pacey! Are Pacey and Joey fighting now.. I hope Alice doesn't come between them.. GOD I HATE her already! GRR and I kinda figured Dawson won't give up cause he never does! The part that revealed Joey's power was so Exciting! I like Shawn/Jen together too, they are very cute! Please don't let Alice rip P/J apart! Update asap!
elwoodluver00034 chapter 21 . 10/4/2005
that was so good! i luved that chapter... but what's gonna happen between joey and pacey? are they ever gonna see each other again? r they over or something? i'm so confused right now... i mean how can they take two seperate paths like that and be able to keep a relationship... and wat's up with that alice girl? i never saw the show that this is based on so i have NO idea who any of the characters except the dc characters are. is she interested in pacey or just being a bitch to joey? and OMG! the o.c. being pacey and shawn's favorite show... that was TOO good. don't get me wrong here... i LUV the o.c. it's just... it's not everyday that two one *one of which has an ego larger than life* would be so rapped up in a teen drama. it's just really funny. anyways... GREAT CHAPTER! UD SOON! _ GREAT JOB! _
superfan24 chapter 21 . 10/4/2005
this may sound weird, but i've always liked dru. can't wait to see him next chapter!

that alice girl really bugged me all chapter! she's got some nerve! and oh no! are pacey and joey fighting... about school? i hope she goes to the meeting; no one is gonna hire her or accept ehr to college anyways! this chapter was so good! i ,loved how you were talking about all those shows in the beginning! i love smallville! have you seen jensen Ackles in Supernatural yet? it's so good! just like you story!

can't wait for mare dawson drama, that always makes a good story! as long as he doesn;t pull PJ apart that is!

ud as soon as you possible can! it's so good!
elwoodluver00034 chapter 20 . 10/3/2005
OMG! I LUV JOEY'S POWER! it's so cool! if i ever had a power that's what it would be. i would like to levetate things... that would be the BEST power EVER! other than flying of course. but yes... i LUVED this chapter. it was REALLY good. i luved the end! it's reminds me of season four, fourth episode when joey get's drunk at jen's fake b-day party and tries to get pacey to carry her. i liked that episode... lol... yes... ill just talk about a dawson's creek episode... sry... just got away with myself there. but i really did like this chapter. im so glad that u didn't let anyting happen to them. thankfully andie should be gone and dawson... what happened to dawson anyway? i don't member... but hopefully he finally gave up on joey. if he didn't that would just be sad... it's like 'man... just get a life.' lol... that's wat i feel anyway. GREAT CHAPTER! UD SOON! _ GREAT JOB!
superfan24 chapter 20 . 10/3/2005

that's a good one!

i loved this update!

dawson's such a phsyco!

i love how joey took care of dawson! it was priceless!

what is dawson going to try now?

i still say you have pacey and joey be able to do something together because they are in love, because you never specified why they were taken together.

what channel does the 4400 come on, i wanna see if i can catch some reruns of season 2. i don't kno when it's coming out on dvd!

anyways, update soon! it was AWESOME!
superfan24 chapter 19 . 10/3/2005
i'm glad you liked my idea, it's ok if you don't use it. i just finished watching the first season last night! o man! the whole nikki and shawn thing by the lake was very random! i hated it! and shawn's mother turned on him so suddenly! and i can't believe all the stuff with kyle! and the future!

i'm so glad you aren't playing up the nikkie/shawn storyline. i like jen a lot better, even if they are from different shows! can't wait for your next update; dawson and andie are schemeing, that can never be good!

ud soon!
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