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Guest chapter 22 . 4/25/2018
please continue it!

I really love thissss
LeMur chapter 2 . 9/8/2015
So I don't know if you're gonna update this after so many years but it would be great if you did! Or gave an outline on where you wanted the story to go so we have an idea on how it will end.
But if real life is preventing either option above that's understandable.
But please update!
Fate Camiswhil chapter 22 . 4/12/2011
you are pure EVIL! this is a cardinal sin!

how could you just leave a fic like this unfinished?

as much as I would love to hopelessly wait for an update, I know it would never come... unless your actually kind which I highly doubt since it's been five years! but even so this fic still deserves a review and that's the only reason I 'm writing right now...

anyway, great job on writing something so profound and original, I just wished you finished this, if you did, I would've been more generous in my praises for you and your work... nonetheless, this is still highly commendable so glory to you...

although it'd be pointless to say it now, there is still that little part of me that truthfully wishes for you to finish this...

all the best of luck and God bless you!


AngelfishXD chapter 22 . 1/29/2011
Awwwww please update! I love this story so much. WHEN WILL ATHRUN AND CAGALLI GET TOGETHER!
FEisty CaTz chapter 22 . 6/22/2010
Haha this fanfic was amazing! Whos the brilliant mind behind this plot? YOU? No ways could never be! ;) haha WOW Cagalli and Athrun have such good chemistry! I must say when Dearka, Yzak and Athrun are together they make me laugh haha! Oh my word, Mia that wana be star is just something else, WEIRD! L0L! Please update soon! Make this story L0OOONG! :-D kind regards CATZ THee chopper PiLOT _
LovEInsanity chapter 22 . 9/5/2009
This is so hilarious and i enjoy reading it so would you please update the next chapter fast please, pretty please chapter 22 . 7/21/2009
Hi,it's my first time to review Ur story...

'n i've been reading it since the first chapt'!

Could u beliève that? Well,that's because this story really amazing! I love it ! But,where's the next chapter?
shiloah18 chapter 22 . 4/29/2008
"I don’t reaLLy want to here about one of your theories now," here? hear?

Yuna Roma Seiran.. JouLe.. Haw.. Athha..

“Hi,” she said shaking his head, head? hand?

who are KiraCaga's parents? I mean.. the ones right now.. after Kira's okaa-san died and CagaLLi's parents divorced? Kira's otou-san wouLd be Haruma Yamato, ne? and Cags wouLd be.. an Athha, ne?

the curse says that Athrun nEeds to faLL in Love, ne? then.. what Patrick's doing is absoLuteLy wrong.. he can't force his son to faLL in Love with someone he doesn't even Like! XC

Athrun's second name is Patrick? lol XD

uh.. was Dearka expecting Mir on his apartment buiLding? his the guy thus, he's supposed to go to her pLace and pick her up, ne?

ChEerios? yum! XD

“Great. Lead the way Sensei!” lol that just had to rhyme.. XD

“What in the name of eggnog are you guys doing!” eggnog? lol XD

Kira's acting so much Like a.. Leader.. lol XD

I wonder who grabbed Athrun.. *grins*

Yzak wearing SmiLey boxers? lol XD

hmm.. the reLatives Kira mentioned.. they were aLL from his side of the famiLy, ne? not on CagaLLi's, ne? 'coz if they did come from Cags.. she wouLd've noticed the pLace beLonged to their uncLe's, ne?

"..pLease do not Let my screw up today," my? me?

'how the heck to peopLe wear these things!' to? do?

lol that was pretty nice of Yzak.. oFfering a dance.. XD

doesn't Athrun recognize that Cags is crueL tOo? just Like Kira.. lol XD

can't she sEe his emeraLd eyes? pEeking from his mask?

lol aLL for the sake of the show! XD oh Kira! XD

Yzak? d' Yzak JouLe? doing.. aerobics? lol XD

"CagaLLi muttered angriLy, shaking his fist in the air," his? her?

hmm.. doesn't Kira know what contestant number Cags is? he shouLd've noticed that Athrun Likes his sister since she was one of the top five! XD

“Because the Yamato singing sensation has entered the concert haLL, i.e. our bathroom,” lol gOod one Cags! XD

Strike and FrEedom, the famiLy dogs eh? lol how about Rouge? XD

"A huge gLaSs cabinet stOod on once side," once? one?

Pennyworth? *chuckLes*

“You haven’t seen my face so how wouLd you know I’m handsome my dear?” smooth taLker.. xp

"How about we got get something to eat!" got? go?

'At Least CagaLLi’s has something worth Listening tOo..' CagaLLi's? CagaLLi? tOo? to?

"..and she had spent more then two hours aLready working on the paper." then? than?

Cags is so swEet!

"..CagaLLi couLd here the worried whispers of Lacus and Mir in the background." here? hear?

may the force be with you? lol XD

Ooh.. Athrun had AngeLina JoLie's poster on his rOom's ceiLing? lol XD

"..he wasn’t sure what it was but more then anything he feLt angry." then? than?

Ooh.. YzakCaga eh? hmm.. ever since the masquerade baLL.. Yzak's being nice to Cags.. Ooh.. XD

Duo? d' Duo MaxweLL? from Gundam Wing? here? in GS? lol XD croSsing eh? nice! hmm.. he is a brunette.. just Like Mir.. _

"..your sister is in save hands.” save? safe?

AsuKira taLking in British accent, ne? lol XD

hmm.. I thought Athrun's a bLack beLter in taekwondo.. why is he scared of Wufei? -_

ahh.. the ZaLa charm.. .

hmm.. RacheL twirLing eh? reminds me of SteLLar.. -

a giant stuFed goLden ginger cat? Like Akatsuki? *grins* CagaLLi's neko-chan.. :D

Athrun ZaLa on a carouseL.. *chuckLes* not to mention, on a duck! *giggLes* XD

"..narrowLy missing his shows." shows? shoes?

"The Last thing I wouLd want is for something to happen to you.” swEet taLker! XD

okay.. so Sai's going to give the bLue bear to his couzin'.. what about the giant stuFfed goLden ginger cat Athrun won aLong with it?

Yzak in a french maid's dreSs? lol saw one of Athrun and Rey! XD

"..she new the movie but not it’s name or the actress in it." new? knew?

HEero Yuy? lol another croSsing! XD

Ooh.. bet I know who was cLenching his fists in the movie house.. someone with grEen eyes and he had the grEen eyed monster of jeaLousy in them.. ne? XD

*giggLes* Kira screaming? XD

lol I couLd just imagine Dearka hiding behind Mir's back! XD

“That you Let me come with you and that you pay for me ticket and whatever food and souvenirs I pLan to buy there,” me ticket? my ticket?

d*mn.. driving Late at night with piano stuFf pLaying is kinda dangerous.. in the sense of making the driver sLeEpy..

"..his smiLed at her," his? he?

uh.. I was wondering.. how did they know if one of them were smiLing when they were both wearing masks? -_

hmm.. I've watched Kira's supernova.. the one wherein he's riding a horse so.. I'd imagine Athrun instead of him then! ;D

uhm.. didn't Athrun sEe CagaLLi's car and recognize it?

Haro? a rabbit? lol XD

“Now are you going to hope in or stand there arguing with me about where a person shouLd bird-watch?” hope? hop?

where's Shiho? O_O

lol Athrun's buzzed eh?

“I wish my hoLd boyfriend was more Like you,” hoLd? oLd?

hmm.. Athrun chose thrEe bLondes, a red head and a bLack beauty eh?

lol Zara is his Jap name.. XD

the person writing their story eh? lol for a sec their I thought you (FBG) wouLd enter or something Like in your A/N's.. lol XD

"..her patience was growing think." think? thin?

Buster Gundam eLectric toothbrush? lol

"There was an aLter at the end of the room and a bride." aLter? aLtar?

hmm.. I wonder who MiLLy's boSs is.. someone who Like coFfEe perhaps? that wouLd be Andy WaLtfeLd demo.. he's aLready got Aisha..

Frieda? ~_

"She strained her hearing for ways but there were none, where on earth did he taLk her?" ways? waves? taLk? take?

gray eyes? Dearka doesn't have gray eyes.. his are amethyst.. just Like Kira and Shiho's..

ducky pajamas? Yzak? *faLLs over Laughing* oh gawd.. XD

how about CagaLLi? doesn't Yzak adore Cags tOo? one of his cLose girL friends?

hmm.. Athrun shouLd just go aLong with Kira's pLan.. in the end.. he'LL end up with Cags anyways.. demo, of course.. he doesn't know that! XD demo, if they do find out.. Cags might think that Athrun was going to chOose a finaList on Kira's gig instead of her.. and that's gonna hurt.. ;'{ bah! nvm! they'LL end up together anyways! and he might even say so that's why he feLL for this candidate.. since she was so much Like.. CagaLLi.. and the same goes for Cags.. yay! XD

hmm.. if Patrick didn't Like Mia.. how come he got his son engaged to her?

SteLLa? LouSsier?

RoLLand JouLe eh?

nyWeiZ, suteki deshou fic! how about updating it? hoping your muse gets back.. jaa ne in your next chap! ;3
ella zala chapter 22 . 3/9/2008

omit your short little story and put in on separate page...

i'm getting all confused...

ya know...

with all those preppy creeps you scribble on...

stop making my head dizzy..

anyway, your story is fun...

it manges to keep me reading...

good job..


kamu memang bagus dong...

(check on indon
Ally-Kat722 chapter 22 . 9/9/2007
Please please please finish! I
xSweetEternityx chapter 22 . 9/4/2007
Please update soon! I really love your fic!
Michiyo Hikari chapter 22 . 8/1/2007
Interesting! - I can't wait to see how this turns out
oh.bonita chapter 3 . 7/5/2007
Loved it!
Whatev3691 chapter 22 . 3/18/2007
I really like this story! I think everyone is in character except Kira, but its fine. It's so frustrating that Athrun and Cagalli don't know that the other is the mystery person! Can't wait for the next chapter!
rage-ember chapter 22 . 2/25/2007
I really love your story, soo PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I can't wait to read more! Thanks
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