Reviews for Prophecy of the Legendaries
Ombraura chapter 3 . 8/22/2016
Okay 2 things you'll never read since you're innactive :

-Your story is... well not that bad but I don't recognize Pokémon at all. Characters are OOC and the universe and themes of anime are too much different for me. It's like a school fic with Berzerk's characters.

-This fic is rated T while it should be M !

So I don't liked it sorry. Ash without traveler companion why not even if for me it's not neccessary . The capture of the legendaries which will probably get fixed by our dear hero so why not too especially the fact you give Team Rocket some "screentime" though I think you mades the legendaries not that legendaries. Anyway it's still interesting but the ridiculous death of Elite 4 or even maybe Gym leaders by a pathetic grunts no. The mere fact they died I hate that so by a "terrorist attack" it's even more stupid.
hannah aka eevee chapter 16 . 5/2/2016
really sorry about the flame
hannah aka eevee chapter 15 . 5/2/2016
sorry for my flame on 12 (get it flame cuz i evolved into flareon?)
hannah aka eevee chapter 12 . 5/2/2016
AHHHHHH! finds fire stone and FLAME THROWER! blasts with flame thrower. YOU ARE MEAN! THIS IS GOING TO BREAK ASH'S HEART! hits with fire spin.
hannah aka eevee chapter 3 . 5/2/2016
omg omg omg omg ash get ur but in kanto right now!
hannah aka eevee chapter 2 . 5/2/2016
you misspelled alot of words.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/3/2016
I'm sorry but you used the word spick which is a highly racial slur to Mexicans and I take offense. I am Mexican
prateeksaikia56 chapter 33 . 1/10/2016
Very good story
animal chapter 21 . 8/4/2015
Do all the grunts have their own motto
techteen3000 chapter 33 . 5/8/2015
dude 9 years is long enough to come up with more for the story updateplease!
Guest chapter 2 . 4/1/2015
i only read two chapters and the sucked
Guest chapter 33 . 1/3/2015
you should make another chapter it's good!
doubledamn chapter 6 . 11/18/2013
I'm sorry but I'm going to stop reading this. Don't get me wrong the story is good and if this was an original work with the same plot line I would probably finish it. But for me, I still see Pokemon as mostly innocent. And something like this is a bit too much, add the fact that you haven't updated since 2006 and I just don't think I'd be able to read the whole thing.

I do like the story but the context is wrong for me, plus it is well written. I'll give it a favourite and follow to get the numbers up but I probably won't read this. Sorry.
omg awesome chapter 33 . 8/23/2013
Please finish the story
TheSkyclanCat chapter 30 . 8/21/2013
Great story so far. BUT PLEASE UPDATE! Dx

Also...the "reconstruction" didn't need to visualize that!
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