Reviews for Gamera vs Leechra
Revolutionary Writer chapter 2 . 7/27/2012
awesome! i love it , it brought most of his enemys ,a cool knew monster(leechra)and i loved the part where he saves the boy!
Toasty Goodness chapter 1 . 1/29/2010
only one word for this...

Kendell chapter 2 . 7/18/2009
Pretty good story, a few errors though. One, Jiger is one of the few decidedly female kaiju, due to the fact she can reproduce. Another more major thing is that the Showa Era Gamera isn't really hurt by electricty, its even been used several times to recharge him. Anyway, your created monster, Leechra, is a pretty cool creature, though your original discription of him was confusing. The fight was really good, the short fights were actually realistic when one considers Gamera is already well aware of all his enemies abilities after killing them once before and in Viras and Zigra's case, their loss of intellgence. Good story!
The Tomohawk chapter 1 . 7/22/2006
bruce lee
Eddo chapter 2 . 12/23/2005
Yay! Since there's only three Gamera stories could you write another one? This one was so great!
Eddo chapter 1 . 12/23/2005
This story is very detailed and I like how the plot is flowing so smoothly. If only you could direct a Gamera movie! this story is now on my fav. story list!
Smenzer chapter 2 . 11/23/2005
Your writing has greatly improved! I'm impressed with the detail that was in chapter 2! The descriptions of the monsters and their battle was incredible. I especially liked the scene where flakes fell off Gamera's shell: good thinking of fine detail.

The subterranean world you mentioned is interesting. How do these people live? What do they eat? Can they see without light? If they go to the surface will they be blinded by the sun? I know its not really part of the Gamera story, but I find it interesting netherless.

Kudos to you on much improved writing!
Smenzer chapter 1 . 11/23/2005
Interesting. This is the first Gamera fanfic I read. I have some of the older movies on dvd and the 3 new ones. Too bad the monsters dont include that new plant flowerpod thing from the 2nd movie: in my opinion THAT thing almost killed Gamera! It was so sad!

To your story:

The basic plot is good.

A disgusting, furry man sat in a dark cave, which was only lighted up by the computer screens and flashing controls decorating the place. Leechra had red skin and a long snout, his body covered in black robes.

The 2 sentences above seem to contradict each other. Do you mean the man is furious (angry) or does he have fur on his body? Because later you say he has red skin. I presume you mean he is angry, but I may be wrong.

The timing of the story seems to be off slightly. That is, Gamera is defeating his enemies too easily. You need to create tension, worry. The reader needs to worry about Gamera so they will keep reading. I never read a Gamera fic before, but that's true for ALL stories. It may also help a bit to describe the monsters more. For example, Barugon. What color is he? What does he look like? What sounds does he make? Gamera cries a lot in the movies yet you never mentioned that once. Where is his eye-rolling that he did in all the old movies? You know, how Gamera moves his eyes from side to side? What of the tusks that grow from his bottom jaw (or are they big teeth?). Your main character needs to be described more.

Setting: You mentioned San Fran and a lake. Where does Gamera actually fight all these monsters? You need to decribe the setting. Are trees being destroyed? Dust hang in the air? The air bubbles from the lake as Barugon drowns, his thrashing limbs, the white froth on the water... Are there people nearby? News helicopters to get it on film? Are there people in danger? Even the country has farms and such, small towns. What of power lines? Are they being knocked down? What of damage from the impact tremors? These monsters are HUGE, you know. Gamera's breath alone could start a forest fire, esp in dry California. What time of year is it? Even the season can play into the plot.

Your basic plot is sound. I like the idea of this Leechra cloning Gamera's past enemies and sending them to fight the gigantic turtle. I think if you would rewrite it and add more details (perhaps 1 chapter for each monster) you would get more reviews. The action is also good as is your knowledge of the various monsters.
DaIKaijuSummoner chapter 1 . 9/24/2005
That was the best GaGamera fan-fic ever! I loved it! I can't wait until the next one! I liked how you described the past using flash-backs. Awesome work and keep 'em come in!

P.S. Do you belong to any kaiju forums?
Beekiller-Johanna from Finland chapter 1 . 8/23/2005
Hey, good story. Keep writing.

I think there has been about 15-20 fanfics in Gamera category, but a few years ago, one day the category was gone. Why, I don't know, but it was.

Today, when I was looking at the different categories in the movie section, I was surprised to see Gamera. Too bad that there's only 1 Gamera-fic in the right category. I have seen some Gamera-fics in the Godzilla category. Maybe their writers should be informed, that there's a Gamera category now...

Looking at your profile, I see you like Godzilla. Would you mind reading and reviewing my Godzilla-fic? It is a "bit" unusual, being a General/Romance-fic. (I'm currently writing the 7th chapter in Finnish.) I even have some pictures related to the fic in my profile.