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Tolling chapter 6 . 1/23/2007
YAYAYA!And,you got it right the first time you typed her 's ,kinda curiouse,how are you going to make her react to the characters?Ya know,bandit keith,weevil, and all the others.!I just rememberd sumthin...I actually made friends with Rex Raptor on a game just hated me,but bonez also liked ,both kaiba brothers were okay with must I be friendly enough for it to radiate and affect my games!(hits her head)BTW,I wanted to tell you something...Their is a little peice of everyone's past in the game,exept for reeve/cait sith,but they play a big part by sacrificing themselves and switichng ,I thoght that maybe their could be another stop,for Tolea,and she tells them , they're running from the turks in Zack's village,and she leads them to her old hideout in the trees from her days as a Midgar Fox,and a item there takes them to a peice of her past,like a magic , maybe it should be at a time later in the game...maybe after rocket town,and it's a hut on the ,here's a few memories:

Leanna and Toby fighting over who had "big sibling" rights when Tolea's mom was still alive, and Leanna was 4.("Im the brother,so I get to protect you and Tolea!""Whell, Im the oldest,so I get tp protect YOU and Tolea!"You two,calm sister's sleeping."Sorry momma(whispers to Toby)I win."(yelling)"NU-UH!"Toby!"Giggle."(silence for 3 seconds"...DADDY'S HOME!"(Tol always giggle when 'daddy came home')

Father training them to defend themselves("Okay,Tolea,hold your weapon up like this,and DO NOT move the saftey"Okay,Daddy."I wanna duel with her first!"NU-UH!"Toby,Leanna already 'called dibs' this ,speak more of 'Nu-uh', say 'I do' or something along those lines."yes sir."Okay, you take this part off and pull tihs thing!"Okay!"NO TOLEA!LEANNA!"What!I was teachin her!"(boom goes a birdy)"...(starts wailing)WHA!"Oh,Tolea...It's okay baby..."(death was too much,espetially only after 2 mounths after mommy died))

right after Dad died(they all go back and grab thhe body and buried him near Cosmo canyon,next to Mother)"...Sniff..."Tolea,you have cried enough today."But...(starts crying more)You and Leanna havent cried all day,and Leanna is not speaking, and she's all scary, and your all quiet, and,and-(starts crying hugs her)"It's corse things wont be the same,but we will ,we are going back to cosmo and Nanaki will take care of us...(mutters)at least...Till we can find a solid job...(Leanna comes back, and has the glare on she had on all day)"...Leanna...(grabs her and pulls her into the starts crying)"I want to Kill Shinra!Look what they did to you and Tolea and-(starts crying more,while Toby holds her closer)"We'll be alright!And...(takes out his gun and cocks it)I'll make sure you both'll be fine!If I fall, Nanaki will take my place!(puts away his gun,grabs them and holds them closer)"I promise you...(cries one single tear)I wont see ether of you cry because of Shinra anymore...I WONT HAVE IT!(Turns into a winged black wolf and roars, while a purple winged fox and a giant blue eagle join him)

and,finally,just before they get captured away from Tolea,on the very forenight("Hey,Leanna,Tolea.(eating a burrito Tolea made)When we get out of our theives gig, whaddia think we can do?"Um...I wanna support you 2, make sure Leanna gets married, and make sure YOU dont."(Toby and Leanna do a spit take,dousing each other)"TOLEA!"What?Leanna can marry a weak guy,and make me a aunt,and be a working mommy, and Toby can work his butt off and support us while I'll cook and sell art."Nice try,but men are ikcy!(toung stick out)"Yeah,besides,you'd make a great mom,not Leanna!"WHAT WAS THAT GOTH BOY!"Crap!Mad Leanna dsease!"(him and Tolea laugh and run into the waters nearby Rocket Town,while their'men are ikcy' sister tries to kill them)

Though they'd be good memories for Tolea to see again.

Arashii the black bird chapter 6 . 1/15/2007
Nice, so someone of Tolea's is there? huh. This doesn't bode well for kelly... Keep it up!
AnimeCrazy88 chapter 6 . 11/29/2006
Uhoh This can't be good. Hmm I wonder Yugi and gang and Seto is going to find about the truth about Kelly. Please hurry up with the next chapter!
Tolling chapter 5 . 10/25/2006
Okay,3&4 are switched ,can Leanna Bahnwhick be in this one?The 3rd bahnwhick child!Gold cat eyes,dark blue hair,down&long,and her deck contains:

all 3 sphinxes

both dark magitian(red and purple)

3 harpies brother

all three harpies sisters by 2(3x26,2 of each one)

1 harpies dragon

2 harpies girl

4 fox fire

*2 Ninja foxes(8made up)(at:1800 df:1300 4stars,foxes standing on 2 legs and a ninja outfit thats black,fire element,warrior)

*3 phoinex women(at:1500 df20 4 stars,really tan women with red dresses on and fire for hair that gose to the ground and firey wings,fire element,fairy)

*2 hawk men (at 1600 df 1400 4 stars,brown hawks standing on their claws, and arms,with wings on their backs,wearing black shirts and pants and a spear with them,wind element,warrior)

*gift from Tolea*White Fox spirit( at 20,df 2500 6 stars,big white fox&purple markings on her head and tail,god element,divine creature)

*gift from toby*Black Wolf spirit(at 2300,df 2200,6 stars,big black wolf with gold markings where the foxes are,god element,divine creature)

*her favorite card*Gold eagle spirit(at30,df30,8 stars,big gold eagle with blue marks on its wings,head and tail feathers,god element,divine creature)

2 moonya curry

2 graceful charity

2 harpies hunting ground

*4 magical portals(takes a monster on the opponets field and makes it hers,a colorful portal)

4 trap holes

2 acid trap holes

*1 divin play(if a spirit card is on the field, she can take the other 2 and put them on the field)

There!40 total!Woot!Sorry,been a long time since I play or seen Yu gi ,she also,if you allow it,could fall in love with Yugi,because she loves sensitive guys...and being taller than her bfs!Yup,she is even taller than Seto,and she is actually a eagul demon,getting demon but divin genes from her other 2 ended up being foxes because of...I DONT NEED TO EXPLAIN THAT!Anyway,she has wings, and claws,and can hear and see ,DONE!

Mekanizumu no kiki yari chapter 6 . 8/28/2006
hey the chapters are all f*ed up can you fix it?
AnimeCrazy88 chapter 9 . 8/26/2006
This is maybe going to be a stupid question. but way did you post those 4 first chapters again when they already was there?

Anyway, chapter 5 was awsome!_Please hurry up with the next chapter!
AnimeCrazy88 chapter 4 . 3/24/2006
Awsome story! Please come up with the next chapter soon!-
Midsummer'sQueen chapter 2 . 3/15/2006
Battle City..Battle City..Battle City..Battle City..BATTLE CITY!
Mekanizumu no kiki yari chapter 4 . 2/10/2006
Kuragari75 chapter 3 . 12/16/2005
YYAY! GOOD CHAPPIE! (that sums it up ;)) KK,

Plutobaby494 chapter 2 . 11/12/2005
Funny stuff, Please update soon!
Kuragari75 chapter 2 . 10/13/2005
I think duelist Kingdom... but I'm probably not the person to ask seeing as I only remember what the Battle City one was! I really like it though! I want to read more... I'm updating black wolf soon... LOVE THE STORY! Talk to you tomorrow! ME*
Midsummer'sQueen chapter 1 . 8/17/2005
Bad? Are you frippin' KIDDING! THAT WAS AWSOME! Dude, please make the next one soon! That ruled for a first chapter! n_n