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Eternita14 chapter 25 . 3/26/2008
Okay I lied, I'm back. There was just so much in this chapter that I'll forget to mention if I don't review now. I'm skimming though the chapter again as I review so I might not be randomness incarnate this time, then again... Nope this is the first time through this story, unless someones hacking my account?

Jude telling Chaz to picture Tommy naked, disturbing yet funny. I could picture it, Chaz get pissy at Tommy and takes Jude's advice and... I'm go to stop I'm grossing myself out. That theory is just making it worse. Boyz Attack! broke up b/c of T and C were lovers! All the jealously and Chaz asks why he can't be the one who broke Tommy's heart instead of the other way around. Why not a love triangle? :)I loved the part where Jude says, "They picked up the pieces and put each other back together again..." a perfect way to use such a corny line.

Did Tommy seriously say that there was one subject he could help Jude in? After all the freaking out over "sleeping" with her? Oh! I have to go back to a previous chapter, when Tommy was staring at Jude. I'm getting to the specifics. He was talking about how he thought she would different after. I was all huh?, he knew he was going to sleep with Jude? Now I have to go back to the drunken night. He wants Jude to have his kids? Or does he want to have Jude's kids? ;) I'm kinda pushing my own story but anyway.

OOh, the conversations in Jude's head! There I go again. Anyway, how long has Jude been... uh, well, nuts?

I love Chaz and how hw thinks Tommy's in love with Jude. Someone with eyes! Well one eye now. You'd think you're reading my fave IS quotes with all the punching going on.

When they were making out in studio c was it? I kept trying to remember that the was a camera in there. Is there going to be and Tom/Jude sex tape? If they didn't notice the camera then they're definitely not going to notice one when they're... in the moment.

Now I'm back to reading, even though I think some people will hunt me down if I down get to writing.
Eternita14 chapter 24 . 3/25/2008
Shocking! I'm finally reading this! This is how far I've gotten in about two days. And still quite a few chapters laft to go. So where to start? Well when Jude kissed Tommy on stage after the concert I was... I don't know if I was shocked or happy. maybe a little of both. I loved that he'd left Sadie in Italy just to see Jude. I can't believe Jude only broke Sadie's nose. I would've broken her eye socket as well, I watch hockey I know how to do it! hehe.

There's so much I loved about this story, I don't think I have enough room to put it all in. Too Sexy Sadie, I lost it. I could barely read through the tears. I was so glad I was alone, everyone already thinks I'm a bit crazy as it is. All those Jommy moments... too cute for words.

Jamie and Kat, grr, couldn't she have punched Jamie? Or a swift upwards thrust of the knee? :)

Kwest married Portia? They were pretty much married since the party? I could see it, not seeing much of Kwest in the first season.

Sadie was seriously groping Tommy in a live studio audience? It fits her. As you can tell I'm all over the place.

And what's with Quinn? Who stuck a Tommy stick up his butt? Uh, that kinda sounds wrong. Moving on.

I was floored when she told Tommy that they slept together. Tommy's reaction was hilarious, but, yeah.

Oh yeah, after the song she sang about Sadie, the whole Tommy saying who's my sexy Sadie of something to that effect, I wanted to gag so much. I still shudder thinking about it.

I can't wait to read the next few chapters. I'll be reviewing again when I get to the last chapter. Which will probably take a few days. See you then!
pannybaby123 chapter 38 . 3/24/2008
wow is all i can say ive been reading this fic in my spare time for a few weeks now.. and i'm just blown away by it.. i haven't read another fic in weeks since i started this one cause i was determined to finish it. its amazing! your a wonderful writer and i just love what you've done in this fic! i cant wait for the next chapter!
jenn chapter 38 . 2/24/2008
Listen, this is my favorite all time story for instant star ever...and Ive been reading it forever and I know i used to review and Ive been a real loser lately because I havemnt been...and im sorry...

but please please please please update now

its been over two months! I think we deserve the next chapter now./...dont we?
PorcelainChaos chapter 22 . 1/29/2008
Christ on a cracker. i was so sad after i read the thing about Chaz and Ruby...and Charlotte [ it was upsetting, but its really cool how you got into his background, lifestyle, etc. Jude was out of line on what she said to him, hope she apologizes. ]

on to the next chapter! -

PorcelainChaos chapter 19 . 1/26/2008
lmao. okay i am still laughing. i know this whole chapter was emotional, and everything but right when it got super serious you put in a snarky little remark. lmao this chapter was beyond good. i loved the whole Jamie and Tommy getting married, that was gold, i started cracking up, ahhaa.

i loved the part where sh was just thining after she like blew up in his face and said

"He couldn't believe me. But he obeyed. Like a good boy. Good dog, Tom-Tom. Good dog.

Tommy sputtered, backing away from me slightly. I might've got some spit in his eye when I was talking. Go figure. It was an accident..."

lmao the spit part got me really going.

and the cow part too. where shes calling eveyone a cow, a fat cow. ahh i love this story. lol and "The Basics of Being Tom Quincy" was extremely funny. lmao

ahh well im gunna kep reading. ]

PorcelainChaos chapter 15 . 1/22/2008
haha, i noe remember reading this chapter for the first time. hahah this chapter was gold. just..perfect. Tommy is incredibly funny when drunk.

these two lines were my abssolute favorite:

"our kids are going to have blue eyes" and of course ;)

"We should have cake like this at our wedding"

lmao ahh that was beautiful!

well i'm hungry so i'm gunna go eat. and then of course, i'll be back to (or at least try to) finish this incredibly great story by tonight. (which i doubt i can do) but hey!

you gota give me some credit, i am doing goodd arent i? mhmm i am. already up to chapter 16 and i just started reading this again last night. skills right here. lol

yea, so im hyped up on a little too much caffein (sp?) as usual, but of course your used to that already;)

anyway onto my dinner. ]

ill be back

-daniela ;)
PorcelainChaos chapter 10 . 1/21/2008
alrighty i just made it to this (the 10th) chapter. and i'm really frickne tired and i still have to finish my term paper.! lol your story is justy that good. and now that i'm reading it i remember more of it. loving it, actually i love it since i've already read it. just re-freshing my memory a bit. anyways

On to me paper! sounds exciting doesnt it? *insert sarcasm* ;)

later biotch ;)

PorcelainChaos chapter 3 . 1/21/2008
lol i ahvent read this in the longest time. but i told you i'd read it.

loved when they sang together, thw whole acting bit was amusing. i laughed, but then again i find evrything amusing, but you know me. ;)

just the though of tommy acting it out on stage looking startled and...haha i dont know.. but i loved it.

i shall keep reading, although now i sorta remember whats happens.

-daniela ;)
Cat chapter 38 . 1/10/2008
Gosh! I just can't describe the 'amazingness' of this story; it's more like a novel now. Every couple of months I check back to find another wonderful chapter to distract me from my ever growing pile of homework. I cant seem to 'put this story down', metaphorically speaking. I always check back for updates and I love learning new words from later chapters. It's wonderful to see how you have grown as an authoress if you compare your first chapters to your later ones. That sounds like something my English teacher would say. Sorry it's a bit trite, but it's true. Happy holidays. Seniors '08. Yay for college.

Best of Luck,

ForbiddenWords chapter 38 . 12/30/2007
OMG omg omg omg omg omg omg omg that was so intirely awesome! i cannot believe she told sadie! and omg! i wonder if Travis is going to be at the whole christmas thinnger.. PMS i loved it

pms pms pms pms

-forbidden words
WhiteLines-HurricaneGirl chapter 38 . 12/28/2007
Hey I'm sorry for reviewing late, but I just couldn't find time, but I'm doing it now. )

I don't think I need to say that I loved the new chappie again. Funny and twisted and intense as always.

Hehe I loved when Jude told Jommy off and referred to R. Kelly. Haha. Or when you refered sparkling to the necklace in Titanic. Who hasn't seen that film a thousand times even when it's pretty sappy. ;-)

Oh and I hate Tyler. First he wore a really bad shiny outfit again and second he just had to jump in in the most exciting smoment when Tommy was about to confess his feelings for Jude to Sadie. Arg!

Oh and by the way, who doesn't want to be in a big crowd pressed against Tommy fucking Q aka Tim Rozon? :D

Hehe, the Oops! I Did It Again comment made me laugh very hard. Brintey just became so shabby. (I love that word.)

You know I loved it. I don't have to say much more.
jommyandluke4ever chapter 38 . 12/27/2007
great chapter as always. but i want jude and tommy togather so bad. but this was an awesome chapter
Miss x Massacre chapter 38 . 12/23/2007
So, seriously I should've started the draft of this review a week ago when I began reading this. But then again, it probably would've been ten times as longer. This, by far, is an amazing story. I love the narration, pun's and jokes. I've been complimented on my writing before, but I could never kick out something this...GREAT.

For the past week I've laughed, cried, bit my nails, laughed some more, hell I even encouraged the characters from my computer chair. All which failed of course. Things were turned in soo many directions, but I enjoy that. Not knowing where a story is going to go. Because, really, if you knew or could expect what was going to happen where is the fun in the story? no where, exactly.

Jude, scarily on my part, thinks a lot like I do and I swear after the third chapter I thought she was verging bipolar disorder, or at least manic depression. lol. I have disreguarded all of my other favorite stories the past week to read this, and to tell you the truth it was well worth it. I thought about this story when I wasn't reading it, analyzing what was said trying to decipher what was going to happen. And I was always surprised.

I hate hate hate Travis and would casterate (among many other horrible, blood curdling, screeching things) him. Maybe even feed him to the dogs. He is probably my least favorite character, except for the times when Tommy was being a retard. Joan, is my favorite character and I picture her sort of an Audrey Kitching-ish. Minus the funky clothing. Ha. I don't like Sadie that much either, so I was litterally cheering when her and Tom were dishing it out in the alley. I loove that Darius never got because, ew..just yeah, ew. I was surprised when Portia and kwest showed up to be married. They'd be cute as a couple.

Needless to say, I el-oh-vee-ee this story. I cannot wait until your next post, and I am not one for patience though everyone tells me I am. You're a great writer and deserve tons and tons of Kudos. Hope you have a merry christmas.



Miss Massacre.
soundfanatic chapter 38 . 12/23/2007
Dearest Loren,

Oh. My. God.

Where do I start? Um... I think the beginning sounds lovely. Ok, so here it goes:

I'm pretty much baffled at how I didn't find this fanfic sooner. I'm in LOVE with this story like you won't believe. Seriously, I've stayed up to insane hours just so I could read as much of it as I could before exhaustion took over and my eyes dried up and fell out of my head. (Ew.) It's crazy how I can feel what everyone else is feeling! (But in a good way...) I'm insanely jealous of your mad skill and talent and your obvious way with words. (Kinda like Travis, don't you think? LoL. Except I'm 110% sure that you're not all creepy like him.) Which reminds me! Oh! I have some theories I would like to run by you! Ok, you're probably gonna laugh at me for totally being all 'crazed-fangirl-conspiracy-theorist' over your amazing piece of literature, but here it goes! (And you don't have to tell me if I'm right or not, because even if I was right, I would be hanging off every word you wrote just to see how it all played out.)

Okay! Theory number one: Tommy is Tim just like Jude is Julia. It totally matches up and fits! I realize that there are some holes, like the matching tatoos... I mean, they've seen eachother naked, right? Why wouldn't they notice them? Unless they were too busy looking elsewhere... ;]

Theory number two: Travis is Tommy's and Taylor's older brother. Totally matches up! Oh, and the whole 'last name' thing, Travis shortened 'Quincy' to 'Quinn' and added an extra 'n' (just like magic!) as to not identify himself with the family. Oh, and I still don't know how I feel about Travis/Joan. It could just be a Tommy/Jude thing all over again. And I'm guessing that Jude was the 'Sadie' in the little plot. Travis still going after Jude because she was the next best thing... thing. I mean, after he started to go after her for revenge...? Honestly, Travis is one of the most confusing characters ever, but I guess that's why I love/hate him. Ah! I digress... back to the theories.

Theory number three: Jude and Tommy will end up together by the end of this fic. I'm keeping the faith, which is something Jude seems to be having trouble with doing when she should just stop tormenting herself and give in to Tommy! It wouldn't be that bad, would it? Giving into Tommy sounds like the best thing to do right now. I mean, come on! He's just so... Tommy! Need I say more? But Jude sure does like to torture herself, doesn't she? Besides, if they don't end up together, I'm pretty sure you would have at least a few pissed and (dare I say it?) murderous readers after you. LoL.

Um... I can't think of any more good theories right now because I've been so fixated on these from the beginning, and because my brain is starting to hurt from all the thinking. (I honestly don't know how your brain doesn't implode from all that hardcore planning and plotting you do. Mad kudos.) I can't wait to see how everything unravels and I hope that you keep up the phenomenal work.


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