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classy broad chapter 50 . 2/11/2011
I was so happy to see this updated. This chapter was so worth the wait. Jude finally got some sort of closure with Tommy and is actually starting to take control of the emotions and life. My favorite part other than the talk with Tommy on the fire escape had to be Jude and Victoria in the bathroom.
lovesummertime chapter 47 . 1/30/2011
OMG, this story is awesome, am I confused or what? because it seems that you have been writing this story for years or maybe I did not understand the dates well, but anyways is a great story, I love it!

I discovered Instant Start about a month ago, and I am totally obssessed with it (and completly infatuated with Tim Rozon je,je).. it was such a great show, I did not like the end very much, but I guess the story ended there because it was cancelled, what a shame by the way.! because of that kind of inconclusive and unsatisfactory end I started looking for fanfiction and found your story, even when is totally different from the shows plot, I totally love it! I have been reading non stop for like a week and half, I read it everytime I have a second free... I am still on chapter 47 and i am hating tommy, hope he change his mind soon and stop hurting jude, I dont review much, but wanted to let you now i like the story very much, and to thank you for it! you are a very good writer, you should write more instant start fics! also because you seems to be around here for a lot of time, wanted to ask you if maybe you can recommend me any other websites, if there are any, about instant start, especially about Tim Rozon, I cannt find anything about him on the website, its tragic because he is so good looking and a very good actor!
tiff8 chapter 49 . 1/26/2011
omg i so love this story plzz post soon
shadylady21 chapter 49 . 1/24/2011
Hey Loren, I just want to start w/ saying how sorry I am that it’s taken me this long to review your update. During the holidays I was working 11 to 14 hrs a day and I was working a 1 1/2 from where I lived so I was staying w/ someone while they worked. They didn’t have internet and when I was home I was busy washing and packing clothes for the upcoming week. Then w/ the new year I had inventory and started school again and have 4 online classes so I was getting acclimated to that, but I finally got the time to sit and read. Before I start my review I was wondering. How’s Russia? Are you still there? And how is school?

So I loved this chapter as always, even though I felt really bad for Travis, but I’ll start from the beginning. I can’t believe that Jude asked Ruby how sex w/ Tommy was. And yet I can, b/c it’s something that she would do. I was totally agreeing w/ Ruby when she said that Jude didn’t want to know. I loved how she told Jude that Tommy was the probably the best she ever had, but it wasn’t the same b/c there was no feelings, it was just sex. I totally agree w/ that, especially when the two people are thinking about different people while they’re doing it. And then Ruby telling her all the ways that Tommy said her name while they were doing it. Definitely awkward. Now I’m just wondering how Ruby’s going to react when she sees the Chaz’ music video and realizes that Jude played her. That should be an interesting conversation.

It was cool to see that there was a friendship between Travis and Chaz and that Travis was being there for him. Plus we got to see Travis be a lil jealous and Jude confused by his reactions. Then there was Chaz’ talk to her about not messing w/ Travis b/c it wasn’t good and what would Tommy thing. Who cares what Tommy thinks, he’s on my shitless right now. I can’t remember if it was this scene or not, I think it was, but everybody’s warning her from Travis and nobody did it w/ Tommy, they encouraged it. Jude mentioned, but I don’t see why it’s ok for her to start something w/ Tommy, but Travis is a no no. Was Chaz just saying that b/c he’s been the older guy, like Jude assumed, or does he really think that Travis is bad news?

Ok the scene between Tommy, Travis, and Jude. First off, jerk move for Travis to antagonize Tommy. I get why now, but still really ticked Jude off. What I don’t get his Tommy’s reaction. He’s definitely acting like a jealous boyfriend and obviously can’t stand Jude interacting w/ other males, but why should that matter to him since he obviously can’t love and doesn’t love her and he’s in a relationship w/ Angie? I’m just glad that Jude’s not taking his shit or Travis’ for that matter. That’s what I love about her, she stands up for herself (the best she can sometimes) and doesn’t take crap.

So I’m totally w/ Jude on Chaz’ video making him seem like a creeper. It’s definitely not a good idea to but a video out there that had so many child themes in it. It was kind of sweet and made me feel bad for Chaz though. He was reliving everything and Jude looks so much like Ruby. You could tell how he was acting how much it was bothering him. And of course it set off jealous Tommy. Then him and Jude in the alley where she had to remind him that she wasn’t Ruby. I agree w/ her, those two need to seriously get together and talk about what happened b/c they’re not moving on. They need to get past it together and if it leads to them finally being together good for them, but it leads to them working it out and finally moving on to others then that’s good too. I really don’t know if Chaz should be w/ Sadie or Ruby. I would love to see him and Ruby be able to work it, a whole love conquers all thing, but I don’t know how at this point it’ll be possible. Then w/ Sadie, I haven’t really gotten a lot of them together, w/ Ruby Chaz has history, but w/ Sadie they just started, plus I’m pretty sure that he still didn’t tell her that Jude was going to play his love interest in his video and I don’t think that’s going to make here too happy.

Now Tommy confronting Chaz and Jude in the alley totally pissed me off. Where does he get off? Calling Jude a slut. I can’t believe him and not believing Chaz w/ Chaz told him that he’s the one who kissed Jude and she was just being a good friend. I’m glad that they stood up for themselves and didn’t take his crap. I just wish Jude had given him a swift kick in the balls.

I loved Jude’s impromptu press conference. Mainly b/c she let the press know that she’s tired of them printing false things about her. The part I loved the most though was her saying that she was going to wait for the right person. Someone she loved and who loved her back. Which is how it should be and she should stick to that which brings me back to my fav character Travis. I know that her whole conviction of waiting didn’t last long, but I’m really glad that Travis stopped her and didn’t go through w/ it. Mainly b/c Jude probably would regret b/c right now her heads are in the clouds in Tommyland and she probably would’ve regretted Travis and resented him for taking her virginity. I really don’t want that for Travis. I know I’ve said before that I love Jude and Tommy and I probably always will be, but this Tommy doesn’t deserve Jude. I’ve also mentioned that I wouldn’t mind her and Travis having sex and her losing it to Travis, well, I’m just going to say that I want Travis to be her first. I stand behind him, and I’m totally am going to view this story as Travis and Jude, unless Tommy somehow by a miracle of God gets redeemed, even then I’ll still be rooting for Travis. I just felt so bad for Travis at the end. If I were him I wouldn’t want to have sex w/ her either, especially if I thought she was thinking about my brother and I was just 2nd choice. Then the fact that he told her that he was falling in love w/ her and she just ran away. Seriously Jude. Ok I kinda got how she’d react that way b/c she wasn’t expecting it, but still the man has feelings. Please, tell me that she’s not going to avoid him and that they’re somehow going to work through this. Anyways, loved the chapter as always and can’t wait for the next one. If you’re still in Russia I hope you’re having fun if you’re not too busy w/ school and also good luck in school.

Jessica :)
ISFan23 chapter 49 . 12/3/2010
Awesome chapter! I hated Travis at first but now I totally Love him! I want Jude to just forget about Tom & end up with Trav. You have formed him into this amazing character. Who, although still has a jealous/mean streak, is so deep and real and so caring towards Jude. I want her to start falling in love with him too!

Tommy is such a jerk towards Jude, and it's so frustrating but honestly, what else do we expect? lol Yep, Same ol Tommy.

I'm wanting to see more Tim though. Their last encounter was interesting and I can't wait to find out what the man is like behind the sunglasses. ;)

And as for Chaz & who he should end up with... Geesh, I don't know. I thought Sadie at first, but now I'm leaning towards Ruby. I just feel like it might be nice for them to get their happy ending after all.

Amazing Story! You are a talented writer and I can't wait for the next update!
driver picks the music chapter 49 . 11/24/2010
Wow...So that was a pretty crazy chapter. I loved it.

I have a feeling that note will come into play later on, I could be wrong, but that's my thinking.

You know, I didn't like Travis to begin with, but now I would love to see them really together. If she ended up with him and not Tommy, I would be sooo fine with that, Tommy is kind of a tool.

And then there's Taylor, he's, well...Taylor. I think, right now anyway, out of the three brothers, I would totally pick Travis.

I know it'll prolly be a little while still, but post again as soon as possible please! :o)
ISana55 chapter 49 . 11/16/2010
Hi Loren!

Amazing chapter by the way, first i kinda understand more the situation of Tommy and Angie, I feel that in one hand he never had the chance to see it what could happen in that relationship because she had died, and this is like a second chance to continue or get closure,i dont like it but i undestand.

I like that Jude is dealing better with the situation, is difficult and Tommy makes it more difficult for her, because one moment he is indifferent and another seems interested in Jude, but this is our typical Tommy i guess ..when he doesnt have her she want her..and is so hypocritical because he is with Angie, He must give her space and not pop in her life like stalker and maker feel like a slut.

My favorite part in the whole chapter is with Travis, seriously when he said to Jude that hes i falling in love i literally scream YES! and when Jude run after i kinda yell ohh stupid Jude!, She really has to figure out what she wants , and stop running hot and cold with Travis, i hope with the confession of Travis she revalue their pseudo relationship and take him more seriously , because although I think he is complex character he have an interesting personality because it is a romantic...she can teach Jude one or two things about life, and I would like to see how the relationship between develop, hell if i have to read about Tommy and Angie, i would like to read about Travis and Jude, i dont know but im rooting for Travis right know because for me he is so open and real with Jude and i think that something really good could happen, and make Tommy open his eyes and see that Jude is not going to be waiting for him until he is ready and have his fun, sounds like cliché, but when in the past this type of situation happen is when Tommy reacts.

I cant wait for the next chapter and what your amazing mind have in store for us, have fun in Russia!:)
brandnewx3 chapter 49 . 11/15/2010
My god, how long has it been!

Like always, it took me about, I don't know maybe 4 hours to read or less.

Very entertaining. But I kept telepathically trying to influence Jude to punch Tommy in the face. He needs a good punch in the mouth or a black eye.

Jude, that girl has so many problems, I wouldn't blame her if she went on a rampage or something. She is taking on too much stress than what would me legal for a girl her age.

And Tommy, god, he is so annoying. Returning to that jealousy seriously, if you are suppose to be over her and happy with your formerly dead girlfriend, stop trying to interfere with her life.

But I guess I understand. I mean I even felt sorry for him briefly there when Jude was verbally castrating him. (Though I hoped that she had done more, he needs a little of his own medicine)

Oh an that video with Chaz? Very creepy, who comes up with the idea to make him out to be some kinda pedophile for a music video? But it was heartbreaking to see him blubbering over Ruby when she clearly still misses him too.

Oh and that confession about Ruby and Tommy. It seemed like so much a shock that Jude barely even processed it. But she seems to have so much going on that I think my head would have already exploded with the overload of everything going on.

Anywho. Loved the update though. I definitely want to see more physical assualt on Tommy's dumbass.

And wow, this story has been going on for over 5 years. Damn. Kinda makes me feel old. lol Oh and hows Russia? Took four years of high school russian and thought it'd be an interesting place to visit atleast once in my life. What part of Russia are you in?
TimeToBeYour21 chapter 49 . 11/15/2010
As always, I love love love loved it! It was incredible! There were just so many points in this chapter that captivated me. I laughed out loud, and of course got a little angry -because let's face it, Consequences tends to get the blood flowing, but that's all the more reason for me to adore it :)

I'm not really sure who Chaz should end up with... I'd like to say Sadie, but with the Ruby history and the obvious love shared between the two, it's hard for me to think that Sadie and Chaz could realistically end up together, you know? You've done such amazing things with this story though, so I have complete faith that in the end, whoever Chaz ends up with will be a match made in heaven :)

As for Tommy... well I just get increasingly pissed off at his behavior as time goes on. He's so incredibly frustrating! He just makes me want to rip my hair out! His feelings for Jude obviously run deeper than he's willing to admit, but I've had enough of his back-and-forth possessive behavior! I almost wish Jude would leave him in the dust because let me tell you... I sure as hell would not stick around and wait on a guy like that! Especially now that Angie is back in the picture! Please. Get real. Haha :)

And Jude... well Jude needs to make up her mind as well. She's pretty back-and-fourth about everything too. What Jude really needs to do is dump Taylor -and dump him quickly. She obviously has relatively no feelings for the kid, and to be honest, I'm not too fond of him. I just think she needs to cut the cord... That ship has sailed. Haha :)

I sort of would like to see how things progress with Travis... I think it might be good for her to give him a chance. He's really grown on me! I think he's quite complex and he's definitely got baggage, but at the heart of the matter, I think he's a good guy. I think Jude might be doing herself a favor if she gave him a real shot. I'd like to see it :)

And lastly... What about Tim? I'm still wondering about him. I'd like to hear a little more from him potentially... :)

Fabulous work, Loren! I always love when alerts pop up from you. Can't wait for the next piece of the story. Update when you can... I know perfection takes awhile to achieve :) And on a quick little side note that has nothing to do with Consequences... Do you plan to finish Wilted? I really loved where you were headed with that one as well, and I would love to see you finish it :)

Well anyways... Hope you're having a ball in Russia! :)

Rae :)
xXPlayedByLifeXx chapter 49 . 11/15/2010
Wow. This story really always captivates me. I kind of really hope that she gives Travis a chance and doesn't push him away or something, because even though I never thought it possibly, I think Travis would be good with and to her xD

Plus I really dislike this Tommy and I'd love to see how he reacts when he realizes he's lost her - for good.

For the Chaz-Sadie/Ruby thing. Though both has a certain appeal, I'm kinda voting for Ruby, cause otherwise it would just suck so much for her. Real life sucks enough ;)

Enjoy Russia and update soooon, please! ;)
JennyWooWoo chapter 27 . 8/24/2010
So I was reading the authors note at the end, and in my somewhat delious state of sleep deprivation my mind kind of fell into the gutter... Patsy's lyrics, I'm pretty sure that there's a c word that would fit where thumb is, but it's not so nice, if you get my drift. It also happens to be shakespearian. And very, very Patsy. Don't think it would have been allowed on a show like instant star, though haha, so maybe I'm wrong. Anyways, great chapter! It looks like you're done with the story, but since I'm supposed to offer constructive criticism, I have to say that so far the story has had a lot of problems as far as continuity goes. You repeat things or have the characters behaving/thinking conflictingly to a statement previously made a bit more frequently than would be desired. For instance, a few chapters ago Jude reflected on how she hardly ever gets nervous and has rarely experienced more that a few butterflies in terms of stage fright and then in later chapters she talks about being full of nerves on several occasions and even throwing up because of them before a performance. Another frequent offender is peoples movements or tones and their level of drunkeness; Travis has ran at Jude in anger and them immediately walked toward her predatorily slow (I believe you used a tiger similie, but you get the idea), and people often appear to have directly conflicting facial expressions or styles of speech in the same sentence or a paragraph later. The drunkeness issue has appeared at least twice and seems to exist because when you originally wrote the section you were torn between the characters being drunk versus merely buzzed (and thus how many drinks they had consumed), or decided you wanted them to behave more or less intoxicated when you were editing it, and simply forgot to delete the conflicting statement - the result is that jude and whatever character she's with go from stumbling drunk and giggling/fumbling/getting frisky after a few too many to being barely buzzed a few moments later because they only one drink. These mistakes are most common in the longer scenes of the really long chapters, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume that your eyes started to skip over sentences the fifth or so time you were reading through, but you know, it's something to work towards. Now, on to the next chapter!
Sara chapter 15 . 8/20/2010
So I'm in the midst of rereading this, because I got a bit behind for more than a few months and I wanted a refresher course, when I realized something about your a/n. You said that "time to be your 21" originally had the "way to young" line but I remember vaguely her singing/writing something along the lines of "your only one" when she was trying to write for Shay, and then she realized that she was having an emotional affair with Tommy and the song was more about him, so she chaned it... I think. It been a long time.
667 chapter 48 . 6/1/2010
please finish this! its awesome!
Lunne Lunnaris chapter 48 . 3/30/2010
Wow your story is absolutelly awesome! I've been it this hole week non-stop and I must tell you, you're incredible! So please, I'm looking for your next chapter soon, xoxo
driver picks the music chapter 48 . 3/9/2010
I surprise myself when I think this, but I was sad the Travis didn't get to finish that sentence.

In the beginning of this story(or when I started reading it anyway) I never would have thought that I would come to like him, but I do, I actually like Travis.

So looking forward to the next chapter. I'm glad to know that you're going to finish this story, even if it is over the next ten years(I really hope it doesn't take that long though. lol) I'll still be reading it.

I can't wait to read more. pms please! :o)
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