Reviews for Unlikely Partners
EclecticBonVivant chapter 37 . 7/6/2015
Possibly the most amazing AU hgss I've ever read. Truly a stunning pice of fiction. I'm humbled by your creativity and imagination.
Angelus chapter 21 . 6/30/2015
Sorry, but you threw two more spanners in the works, more than enough for me to not continue reading. Former lovers, Tonks,Fred...not what I was looking for when I decided to read your story about this pairing.
Angelus chapter 9 . 6/29/2015
Not happy with the Lupin fantasy,I prefer to go without it at all. It's like them being trapped together will eventually FORCE her to forget her werewolf attraction, making Severus second best. Besides this is a HG/SS pairing, why would you put that in there in the first place?
Angelus chapter 6 . 6/29/2015
Okay, not too bad at all,I think I'll be able to carry on reading
Angelus chapter 4 . 6/29/2015
This is pretty good so far, I'll even give you the explanation of the Dark mark, however Tonks would never be selfish like this.
hayam chapter 37 . 3/17/2015
All in all that was a glorious ride. I am glad that everything surrounding Fawkes was explained completely.
hayam chapter 25 . 3/17/2015
Thank god you didnt make Harry Snapes child!
hayam chapter 24 . 3/17/2015
Shouldnt there be a portrait of Dumbledore in the headmasters office? As every headmasters portrait appears there automatically once he is dead. That question came up thinking about the missing ring, they could have asked the portrait about its whereabouts. But it seems there is no portrait of Dumbledore. I dont know if that is of any significance in your story, hinting that he is not really dead, which would explain why there is no portrait, for example.
I am a bit surprised that Severus is going to talk about why Dumbledore trusted him completely as does the order just because he had had sex with Hermione. I would have wished that she would a one point of the story have gained some leverage on Severus to "persuade" him to confide that to her. But nevertheless I am curious what he will tell her.
hayam chapter 23 . 3/17/2015
Olivander had asked Dumbledore for feathers from Fawkes, he gave 2 of them willingly ending up in the wands of Voldemort and Harry. Olivander knew that these two had these wands the day Harry purchased his and Dumbledore knew after the priorencantatem after the Triwizard Tournament if not before. He also knew - according to you - the effect killing Fawkes would have on Voldemort. Given his accused sence of sacrifices for the greater good he would have got Fawkes killed the moment Voldemort came back to power.
hayam chapter 21 . 3/17/2015
If the Unspeakables are capable of "everything" even rendering every death eater impotent, so why didnt they use their power to manipulate every death eater to go to Azkaban of their "own free will" for example? Or catch Snape as he is rendered the most wanted criminal?
Coming back again to that issue that Snape can feel nothing but lust, how is it, that he has gone to Dumbledore because of the thread to the Potters? It wouldnt have bothered him.
He also would have endulged in raping for the same reason.
hayam chapter 18 . 3/17/2015
With the pretence of not beeing able to feel nothing but lust because of the dark mark, how is it, that Snape and other death eater do display emotions? According to this statement from Tonks Severus should be a nonfeeling cold bastard. Tonks is also saying that in difference to other death eaters Snape has a heart. But heart emotions. Where is the logic?
hayam chapter 17 . 3/17/2015
I have a problem with scrying. If it is a known spell than the order and the ministry would have used it to capture death eaters and Voldemort a long time ago and presently to find Hermione an the Malfoys. So no, doesnt makes sense.
irononmaiden chapter 25 . 3/7/2015
Whoa. Hey, look, there's an alternate universe right in back of the prime universe! Love these kinds of plots. Though the timing seems a bit off ... didn't the Potters die around age 20? No matter, it's still a fascinating story.
irononmaiden chapter 24 . 3/7/2015
Well, that was definitely worth the slow build!
irononmaiden chapter 10 . 3/7/2015
Loving this fic so far! You've included some things I haven't come across in any other stories-nicely done! I'm really curious how the effects of the Dark Mark are going to bear on the plot.
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