Reviews for Alone
canuck17 chapter 3 . 8/29/2006
loved it! Update soon! :)
lstconfused chapter 3 . 6/15/2006
Hi Elizabeth Theresa!

Dont know if you got my email anyway pls update your story. I'm dying to find out want happens next. Thanks D
Mari83 chapter 3 . 1/14/2006
Nice new chapter!

So typical for Lilly to run to work, when she’s feeling bad.

That dream seems to be worse than just a normal, meaningless bad dream, more like something triggered by a real event. Now I’m curious. Is there something else that made Lilly such a dissocieted person, apart from her estranged family? (And I actually read the previous chapters again, but didn’t find any hints)

“She was surprised to realize that it felt good to have someone touch her, to have someone worry about her well being. It had been a long time since she had that, since she had allowed herself to have that”

My favourite part, because it has everything in it.

Hoping for more...

PS: Just read your disclaimer in chapter one: “Lilly’s not mine. If she was she wouldn’t have been allowed to leave the show.” Exactly my opinion.
tearofthesungirl chapter 3 . 12/30/2005
Very good it's getting better.

I like this chapter better then the first two there's more to it you get both of them and some one on one talk.

Write more soon please.
emi chapter 2 . 12/16/2005
wow! telling both sides of the story. Original, yet somewhat simple. nice touch. can't wait for chapter 3. update soon.
emily chapter 1 . 12/16/2005
the story is starting out great. I can't wait to see what Lilly does. I can totally relate, keep it up.
Ella chapter 2 . 10/27/2005
Your writing's really good, and the story's great, too! Keep up the good work!
Mari chapter 2 . 9/30/2005
Nice Story!

An exploration of Lily’s character is a good idea and I like the way you explain her seemingly non-caring attitude and portray her background with a rich, cold family just like Kyle’s.

Interesting to see things out of Kyle’s point of view in this chapter. While Heather seems fitting for Kyle’s party-personalitiy, Lily goes well with the more mature (and in my opinion much favorable) of his character.

So, will there be more chapters?
AnnaLangdon chapter 2 . 9/29/2005
Good first two chapters, I really like your writing style!