Reviews for Not Only a Granger
Severus the doe chapter 37 . 10/2
I love this. You're brilliant
Severus the doe chapter 22 . 9/30
Harry is so damn annoying
Trippin' Pretty chapter 37 . 9/19
Absolutely brill story! Thanks for making it a pleasure to read!
Jurassikuh chapter 37 . 8/10
I've read this three times already, but I'm not tired of it. So sad when you get to the end of a good fanfiction!
girlyb chapter 37 . 7/13
This story will forever be one of my absolute favorites. Such beautiful characterizations. Believable, too. Very true to character which I love so much! Thank you!
nif-ravenpuff chapter 37 . 6/25
Loved this story; missed sleep to finish it. Can’t stand the too-easily-forgiven a-hole Snape (but that’s not the writer’s faultthis felt sooo true to characters)
bethb1973 chapter 37 . 6/1
Absolutely wonderful! I laughed and I cried throughout this story. It kept me from sleeping or doing other things...awesome!
hermione-is-my-hero55 chapter 7 . 5/6
Great story so far! Love it!
GinnyW 31 chapter 37 . 3/22
I just reread this story from start to finish and the story definitely held up over time. I love Nathan. When I think of fanfic OCs it’s definitely down to Nathan and Septimius (from The Lioness Prophecies) as to my all-time favorites. So, one more time, my dear. Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing it with everyone. 3
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 25 . 1/26
This chapter, for all its emotion, is hilarious!
"A Hufflepuff would have been touched." Lol!
And the bit at the end, “you’ve got crying over a sleeping boy covered” Hahahahahaha love the snark!
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 9 . 1/26
I’m revisiting this fic and loving as much as before. You approach the whole thing sensitively. I love the angst too!
alannalove1990 chapter 25 . 1/1
Oh Nathan!
alannalove1990 chapter 24 . 12/31/2019
This story is surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable. The characters are a little OOC but I’m loving reading the progression. I’m so sorry I haven’t made reviews on the previous 24 chapters. I got caught up on binge reading the story!
the other witch chapter 19 . 12/13/2019
Figures that Snape reveals it in a pissing contest. So dissappointed in him.
Wizzette chapter 37 . 12/13/2019
I've started to read the french version before to finish the story with this English version. The story is very good. Nathan is a nice character.
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