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Guest chapter 19 . 11/14
Hello friend, this is a fantastic fic! I spent the entire afternoon hooked on it, and I just love your AU and the whole mythos you created with the Elementals. You've probably been busy for a while, but I sure do hope you update. It'd be a shame not to finish such an amazing story, not that I mean to be demanding or anything. Good luck in life, and with whatever you're doing, and I hope your talents may one day shine in a deserving spotlight! This fic is an honest-to-Mew treasure!
God of Spirits-Spirit Black chapter 19 . 7/23
So good! Is the Draginite wild or tamed I wonder...and if so who does it belong to? I think its tame, I just wonder who it belongs to! Agh! Dont make me wait any longer to find out! Gary and his sick sense. Seriously, he's right in that Ash had a slight hand in all this, but an accidental one! Garys right on one account, like father like son, just the reference isnt for Ash. Please do update sooner!
anjumstar chapter 2 . 6/29
Hey, it's me again! Rereading this story for the I-don't-know-how-many-th time, but this is the first time that I've read it through including the newest chapter all in one go. Not one sitting, but continuous nonetheless. But I'm reviewing it here on the second chapter because you can only review a story once and I've already reviewed a lot of them!

This story just always keeps me coming back for more. The past eight years it's kept me coming back for more, even though there's only been one update in all that time. Mind you, that update was one of the most exciting things that's ever happened in my apparently sad and pathetic life. But I just have to tell you that this story is still basically the best story that I've ever read ever, books included. You just added a couple more elements here at the end, and actually including stuff about Prof. Oak added such a needed layer to it; really amazing. I wanna know why you featured a shiny Dragonite there at the end and I'm so excited that you added Morty. I love him! And Ritchie too. Really, truly good additions. You're right, there's still so much to this story and I literally can't wait to read the next chapter. Anyway, I'm just posting this review so that you know that people from years and years ago are still following it and that it definitely holds up over time. I really hope you update again soon but as long as it's not five years again, I can wait. Heck, I'll even way if it is five years again. This story is so good that it is worth it, I swear. Miss you. And maybe at least try to update the most recent chapter on to your LiveJournal! Just a suggestion for the people that are still reading it there!
Aaml mania chapter 19 . 3/29
Wow ! Amazing !
Unique story of pokeshiping and i really love it..
reppad98 chapter 19 . 3/22
*cracks knuckles* Time to write a review for this. Because, really, you deserve that at the very least after managing to write such an amazing story.

Right. I found this story last night on someone else's favourites list, and I didn't start reading, but I thought it was interesting and noted it down so I could read it later. And this morning I thought 'Ah, I'll give it a try' and man, am I glad I did. I spend this whole Sunday reading this, and it was an amazing ride. Sadly, I knew it wasn't finished yet, and it was with a heavy heart that I saw the number of chapters left for me to read dwindle down. However, the fact that it took you five years to update this story the last time gives me hope - yeah, I know, strange eh? - that even though it's been almost two years, there's still a chance you'll update. So I'm still hopeful :D

I've never seen the movie or the musical Phantom of the Opera, though I did start the book, but put it down because the language was a bit too oldfashioned to keep my attention. Now I'm thinking I should give it a chance again XD

Anyway, onto the true review, and I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but once more can't hurt, can it? I know /I/ never tire from hearing compliments :P

First. The characters. Wow. Just wow. I love them. Even Gary, the major bad guy in this story, actually managed to get my sympathy in this last chapter. It took him a while, I admit, but poor Professor Oak! (I wonder if he tried to tell Gary something with the whole repeating of Raichu Pokédex entry...?) I don't want him to be dead. I know Gary's logic is completely skewed and wrong, and that with all he's done he doesn't deserve a happy ending, but dammit, I don't want him even more screwed up when his grandfather turns out to be dead! And I know I'm probably the only one who thinks of Gary as even the slightest bit sympathetic, and I feel horrible about it too, because he's done so many bad things for Ash and Misty and everyone else, but still, I can't help it!

And Rudi. Rudi, Rudi, Rudi... He's a good guy. I really like that you managed to make him a good guy, but still not the right guy for Misty. He doesn't completely understand her. They just... don't fit. And admittedly, he's going a bit too far with this, but still... He's a good guy. He should just go back to his island and find himself a nice girl and be happy - well, if he survives this. I hope he does. I really hope everyone survives... but I doubt it D:

And Ash. Man. He was so cool. He's so different and yet he's still in character. It's awful he was so shy and unconfident of himself, but it was amazing to see him grow during the story. (Though I'm still a bit confused about his age. In one of the first chapter you say something about him being not a day older than twenty, and later you say he's twenty-two...?) And let's not forget Pikachu. I loved that he has such a big role in your story, and that little mischievous streak of him is so cute!

Misty. Our main female character, and dammit, you've written her so amazingly. Wonderful! It was so confusing for her, being torn between Rudi and Ash, and it's really really refreshing to have a female lead who takes some action herself. But then again, it's Misty. Sitting there and waiting wouldn't have done at all. Of course there were some chapters in which she was just stressed and crying and unsure what to do because she messed up again and everything was so confusing, but after that she always bounces back up again.

I loved the more minor characters as well. You got me really intrigued about Delia and Cypress's story, and with old Professor Oak and Drake, so if you ever finish this story and feel like writing a sequel, you got me as a reader :) And Brock. (Brock-oli is a joke I won't ever forget, haha.) I love him, his big brother attitude, and I especially loved his conversation with Ash and how he tried to figure out what Misty had done to Ash that he was so upset. That was really one of my favorite parts of this story. Lance and Duplica and May (whatever are you planning with her?) and Max (I was really shocked he was actually /killed/ it seemed so harsh and serious in a story that, well, wasn't really all that dark yet, although it quickly turned more serious after that) and Ritchie and Morty (he was a surprise, I admit) and so many others! Amazing work, seriously.

So. That was my first point. Let's hope my other points aren't all that long or this will be a late night again. Onto the second one.

Background. I'd feel bad if I started to repeat the whole 'Wow' statement again, but it's what I actually want to say haha. It's really wow. If you ever write some more information about this whole world you made up, I want to read it. It seems really well worked out, and the information was scattered just perfectly through the story - enough to know the world was different from the Pokémon world we all know, enough to be able to keep up, and each time a bit more is revealed to keep us want to keep reading to find out more. At least, it was that way for me.

The Elementals. The War. Pokémon, animals, angels, demons. The Stadium. Oak-Delia-Cypress. Drake and Lance. I know not all of those names have to do with worldbuilding, but then at least with plotbuilding. I can't wait to read more about all of this.

Which brings me to my third point. The plot. Oh my God, the plot. I never expected, in my wildest dreams, that Pokémon and Phantom of the Opera would create such an amazing AU. You truly are a superb writer, and, on an unrelated note, reading this has been really inspirational - I can't wait to start on my own stories again :D But back to the plot. I'm so excited about it. It's the climax right now and I can /feel/ it. I still don't know how this will end though, not even a vague idea, and it's so exciting! (I don't think that Misty will end up with Rudi, but there are still so many ways this could end sadly, or bittersweet, instead of the happy ending I want as the mushy romantic fangirl that I am.) It was truly a treat to see this story develop, to gain more and more information, to connect the dots, to form suspicions and to have them confirmed or thrown out of the window, to feel the adrenaline racing through my body during the big action scenes (Misty's last battle, saving Ash when he was captured, the romantic confrontations between Ash and Misty), to squeal in excitement when some progress was finally made between them, to bite my fist or hug myself when I could feel it was going the wrong way- This story has given me so many feelings that right now I'm sitting with tears in my eyes as I type this. Seriously. That is really one of the biggest compliments I can give you, but you deserve it. Dammit, this was just great.

Your writing style is great. It's descriptive and emotional and I can definitely see you put a lot of thought, effort and time in this story. There are hardly any mistakes - and if there are, it's a small typo or a missed letter, nothing big - and it's just so eloquent. It inspires me and it was wonderful to read. By the way, the titles are from the book, aren't they? They seem familiar... (Or I'm just going crazy, it's late at night, after all XD)

Right. Wow. Okay. Long review. I think those were my points... I'm sure I'll think of some more things when I press the post review button, but how about I tell you those when you update, eh? *hint hint* No, but seriously, thank you so much for writing this story. Of course, as all the other readers, I would really like to know if you have the intention of finishing this... And the possibility, too? Because I truly, really enjoyed this story so very much. I completely understand though, if you've lost the motivation to write, or the inspiration, or you don't have time... Real life can be tough XD But anyway, it would be really awesome if you managed to finish this epic beast of a story. So... yeah... Please?

Okay. Time to wrap things up. Thank you so, so, so very much for writing this story. It was one of the best fanfics I've read, it made my weekend (and probably the rest of the coming week as well) and it really has inspired me as well. Please, please, please don't let this story be unfinished, it truly would be a shame (though, I'd understand if you can't/don't want to). And if you're ever stuck, or need inspiration, or just want to chat, or whatever, feel free to message me. (And maybe, if you've got a teensy tiny bit of time, a small message to let me know you're still alive would be very much appreciated as well...? *hopeful smile*)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I'm looking forward to the next installment, good luck with whatever you're doing, and keep writing! ! !
Guest chapter 19 . 1/16
I know it's been like two years, and you obviously have a life of your own, but won't you please please consider finishing this story?
You are an amazing writer, and your story has SO much potential. I would seriously hate to see it end here and never be resolved.
You probably are really busy and have your own things to do, but someday, when you find a bit of spare time, please finish this story. Even if it's 5 years from now, please do so. Maybe you think people have lost interest in your story, but that's clearly not so, or I wouldn't be reviewing this right now, would I?
Or maybe you have lost interest? If that's the case, unfortunately, then I suppose it's ultimately your choice. But as a fan, I am begging you, if you ever find that spark again, however tiny it is, don't hesitate. Just write.
It is my dear hope that you intend to finish this beautiful work. Again, it doesn't have to be now, but eventually. I really really hope that one day you'll find the passion for it again.
If you don't.. I'll be disappointed of course, along with many others. But I'd like to thank you for sharing your writing this far, and allowing fellow fans to read it. Truly, thank you.
wildcat chapter 19 . 1/2
When on earth will you update?! You seriously need to conclude this story and please don't wait til another 5 yes.
Eragon32150 chapter 19 . 11/21/2014
I first want to start by saying that I stumbled across this story literally a day go and was not able to stop. Gen 3 remakes couldn't even slow me down. This story is great from beginning to ..well...almost end. I know I have no room to talk as I have noticed followers from 2006 but this story has really grasped me like very few have. I can't wait till it is finished as I have every confidence it will be, fore a masterpiece such as this can not go unfinished.
We'reAllMad chapter 19 . 9/14/2014
I love how creative this story's been - I hope you update!
acpeters chapter 19 . 9/11/2014
So I have not actually read this story for a couple years, only for the fact that I loved it so much and it is very hard to go back and read something that's not finished and hasn't been updated in a long time. This is the first story I ever read on this website and the first one I was ever really captivated by. This was in 2006 I believe and I apologize for not reviewing each chapter as I read them. Since then I have read this story a couple of more times and enjoyed it every occurrence just the same. I just wanted to review to say that I really enjoyed the story and hope for an update in the near future, even if it does mean I have to spend the time reading this over again. If I do at least it is something as entertaining as this.
Hope to see an update soon,
Guest chapter 19 . 7/3/2014
update soon! hopefully...
kitsu012 chapter 19 . 7/1/2014
This story is so awesome! Beautiful, wonderful, amazing and all kinds of incredible! 3 Reading your work made me feel so many different kinds of emotions. It's like I've been riding a roller coaster ride, feeling so angry at one point and then apprehensive and then surprised and then ecstatic. And the characters! They were written so nicely and felt very real. I especially liked how you handled different character interactions and relationships. What I love the most about this story, though, is that you've developed such a rich and vibrant background for it, with the right touches of lightness and darkness here and there, basing it on the Phantom of the Opera and then incorporating elements like ancient legends and Elementals and a war taking place below a school, right underneath the noses of modern day students. This truly is a work of art to be proud of.

I'm hoping that you update soon, but I do know how it feels like to try writing something and feel like the story isn't going in the right direction. With all the writing, editing and polishing, sometimes it's just nice to wind back and put the story aside for awhile. But anyway, a lot of people, myself included, are looking forward to reading more :)
AsherKetchum chapter 19 . 6/15/2014
Look, I'm writing a song based on this, so I need to know the end. You haven't updated in 1 year, two months, and nine days on the day I post this review. I really want to know how this ends; I read up to chapter 19 in three days. This really is an excellent story; I look forward to seeing it finished.
AsherKetchum chapter 12 . 6/13/2014
Honestly, this has sent ME reeling... I better go get some Asprin
guest chapter 19 . 5/30/2014
So, if my calendar's correct, it's been after next fall! :P


I'm dying to know how this story ends and for the prequel! Don't stop writing!

That would totally suck giant Wailord genitals.

New chapter soon, yeah? :)
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