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Lois H chapter 32 . 12/13/2014
Steelwolf is such an epic baddie :D Its nice to see someone who'll really put Cass's skills and abilities to the test. Great job with all the action and plot details!
Also, judging by the conversation with Barbara, it looks like Cass can speak fluently in English now.
Concerned Reader chapter 32 . 12/7/2014
Well I'm pretty much concern right now where you are taking Cassandra. I just can't believe Cass would willing fire a gun like that. When she said herself in the comics guns are the weapons of cowards, and she follows the strict no gun from Batman.

I hope you are not going to get into the whole violent side of Cass like in the Destruction Daughter Story Arc in the comics. Because that Arc nearly destroyed a well developed characterized of Cass before it.
sol113 chapter 32 . 12/2/2014
The first part of the chapter was a great set up for new readers as to why Cass should be worried about fighting Steelwolf.
I have no idea who Shane Crews is but I get an odd feeling about the scene (also are the law offices named after Jack Kirby and Stan Lee? It’d be great if I got that right).
Cass’s personal thoughts at the school were great as the personality behind the bat costume is the core what makes this story great.
You have done an excellent job of evolving Cassandra as an individual- it feels organic and believable in her thought processes and her interactions with other characters such as Marnie.
The fight with Steelwolf was a highlight; the desert eagle shots to the eyes were unexpected; batman would never have picked up a firearm no matter how outclassed he was.
Heuress chapter 32 . 11/30/2014
This was a great chapter! I'm looking forward to the next one. 10/10, bravo.
Son of Whitebeard chapter 32 . 11/28/2014
looking forward to career day
anon chapter 32 . 11/28/2014
Cassandra Cain is an odd case. David gave her plenty of emotional support and positive reinforcement however shooting her until she learned to get out of the way and preventing her from learning language so that segment of her brain would read bodies instead qualify as abuse under any definition imaginable

Of course Bruce can go from paternal figure second only to Jonathan Kent himself to a monster who does things like lock Dick in the Batcave and force him catch and eat rats to survive, in three issues depending on who's writing him

On the other hand men like David don't define the world in terms of right and wrong but strong and weak, he made Cassandra strong thus to some extent he's a decent human being

Arthur Brown did kill the guy who tried to molest Steph though he never wanted to be a father

Thorne, Maroni, Falcone, Blockbuster, Bruno Manheim, as well as Cobblepot and Black Mask

It works for mighty warriors like them, not so much the average citizen

I'd like to see some villains more insulted they won't kill them

The biggest flaw in Batman's philosophy is that by him refusing to kill off the criminals, many innocent die at the hands of these villians.

Counter Productive much?

The Joker's killed over two thousand people, men, women, children, his henchmen, he once gassed an entire kindergarten class, took out a boy scout troop with poisoned cotton candy

Indeed, Batman doesn't even work as a deterrent to crime as his the is no risk in facing him, even if you raped and killed every child in Gotham Batman would take you in alive, protect you from the capital punishment and probably throw you into Arkham so that you could do it to another city within a day given how well Arkham is guarded.

Batman's code is comic-book fine, real life flawed

Batman is the real fantasy, Clark has a job and a boss, Bruce has a butler and is the boss (of one of the world’s largest corporations), Clark pines for one woman Bruce has a harem of fetish femme fatales who pine for him, even though Supes has his fortress of alien tech, Bruce has even more cool stuff

You want to stop an asteroid call Supes, solve a murder, call Bats, stop a war call Wonder Woman

You put mad dogs down no matter their form or intelligence

You don't put a band-aid on a gunshot wound

I hate status quo of the likes of Joker slaughtering dozens, hundreds, thousands, then Bats effortlessly beats him up, he escapes, slaughters again bats defeats him repeat ad nauseum

What gives them the right to let the monsters live

Some can find redemption some can be reasoned and negotiated or bought though some of those need a gun to their head to do so but some will not stop until they are stopped permanently and it doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to see which are the monsters

What do you offer the loved ones of their future victims flowers on their grave I'm sure the I'm Batman moral and (for the costumed adventurers real) victory is something that may make the heroes pat themselves on the back but it doesn't really do much for the rest of mankind

Maybe that works when they are so much more powerful than the villains see what it's like when their enemies are more powerful than them

I'd like to see maybe some of the Kingdom Come Newbloods my Flashpoint/Epsilon convert to Krieg's way and not take it too far just once and be competent

One mildly powerful telekinetic and Bats is street pizza

Most cancers can't be cured yet, but even without super-tech simply spending money can accomplish a lot against serious illnesses.

The comic book status quo stories about superheroes failing to help people are there to give people excuses for their immorality. "Unrealistically powerful people can't even help, so why should I give my money to charity? Why should I try to help anyone? It's all hopeless, especially for a powerless scrub like me." It's the rallying cry of the lazy and selfish.

Nobody will say that out loud, but it's the lesson this sort of story teaches. Accept the status quo, the way things are, don't try to make things better

Most Batman stories have the silent lesson "You can't trust people, they'll only hurt you. So you'd better find a way to hurt them first. I'm Batman”

A superior hero doesn't just save lives he finds a way to make them better, sexier, and healthier, like Superior Iron Man app but shouldn't be that expensive or addictive and should be given to the poor for free

It’s a concept that, on the surface, shouldn’t be so revolutionary. What good is saving the lives of the innocent if those lives don’t considerably improve? That’s like giving CPR to a deer that’s in the process of bleeding to death

I can think of several people who would probably be thrilled to be 'uplifted' into superhumans perhaps with exobytes though more like Amazo from Luthor's Everyman Project or at least like Batman, or at least widespread advanced technology, at least power armor like every person suffering from a terminal disease, or people engaged in dangerous and/or life-threatening jobs, or even people who are just sick and tired of being the helpless victims of the supervillain of the week. But no, we need to preserve 'the natural progression of humanity', despite that argument flying right out the window the second humanity collectively decided to let an alien from another planet become their greatest hero and fight crime for them

Haven't seen Connor in a while maybe he come pick Cass up after school or something
Anonymous Rex chapter 32 . 11/28/2014
What can I say? Excellent work as always. Looking forward to what happens next!
Keep writing!
Guest chapter 31 . 11/26/2014
Great story, simply amazing, looking forwards for more.
Ranglar chapter 31 . 11/12/2014
Great story, and I find it impressive that you've continued to update it since 2005.
Ranglar chapter 2 . 11/10/2014
It's not that difficult to look up heights, you know. Cassandra Cain is 5'5", not 5'10".
For Spite chapter 31 . 11/5/2014
I don't know about describing Stahlnovik as 'elderly'. Sure, he's in his eighties at least, but he only looks like he's in his fifties, which is more upper middle-aged. Then again, Cassandra is a teenager.
Pivitor chapter 31 . 11/3/2014
Hey, haven't checked in in a while, so just wanted to say that I'm still digging the story and that I especially liked this chapter. Gort's a great way to test Cassandra's skills, and while her future is something I had never considered before, it's actually the perfect question to ask of her; can the girl who has only ever thought of being the Bat be something else, and if so, then what? Definitely looking forward to more, as always
Reti4 chapter 31 . 10/31/2014
As always another fantastic issue, just wish it never had to end. Thankyou for keeping alive one of my all time favourite comic book characters. 'Looking forward to more on career day. I personally always thought she'd be one to stay as Batgirl even off the job, training the likes of the Titans and heroes without teams to better their physical training and martial skill. It'd do wonders for her social skills , instill some of the Bat Family ethos in less resolute and disciplined heroes, and keep her in her chosen role in life; defender of justice. I agree that she needs time to be Cassandra, but I don't she'd use her Cassandra time for a career, not when she doesn't need the money, she enjoys being batgirl, and can actually do some real good without one.
anon chapter 31 . 10/27/2014
Gotham City Impostors

As you know we are dedicated to honoring batmans nobility through our words and deeds. Of course just as Batman can afford fancier and more expensive gear and gadgets then us. So too can he afford a more honorable approach to crime fighting. His is the rightous path of blunt trauma and painful but non leathal contusions. Ours is the more efficacious path of guns and home brewed explosives.

And besides if you read the actual comics that this game is based on you would know that gotham descended into total anarchy and batman was no where to be found. The citizens of gotham had no other choice but to gear up and fight back.

Why fight crime when you can kill it

Steel Wolf cool
sol113 chapter 31 . 10/27/2014
Like the new equipment, I got a real Arkham City vibe from the gadget action and shows nice evolution in character in that she uses more than fisticuffs.

The interplay between Cass and the other characters was effective; it surprised me that Tatsu called her mother Cass’s grandmother. I really liked Marnies scenes with Cass talking about her future, the bit about the dance instructor reminded me of a picture I saw once on Deviant Art with Cass as a balleriner in a super flexible pose, all options you suggested are great though.

“Flaming Flemingo”? Not subtle but Victor Babkin’s status is socially relevant and gives the character extra depth. Cassandra’s view on love was thought provoking as well while Barbara’s guilt over Cass’s situation was well written.

I didn’t know who SteelWolf was so I looked him up on Wikipedia- both in this story and wiki material he comes across as a badass and I am wondering why he didn’t appear in Arkham Origins. In this story he is both powerful and very smart so he is a credible threat.

Always great to see more Batgirl and I am looking forward to more career day!
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