Reviews for Had I Known
See266 chapter 50 . 10/22
It was perfect, thank you
night chapter 50 . 10/9
It's very good. Initially I was frustrated with the chronological trip down memory lane but you spin a dark tale that's well written and an epic tragedy of believing too much in prophecy.. It is a tale of how Harry Potter would have turned out if it's written for adults. Well done.
Night chapter 11 . 10/9
If they're short of time, wouldn't the logical thing to do be to pick and choose memories where the potential spilt happened instead of a sequential slow stroll down memory lane from year 1? Like perhaps begin with the one where Harry was taken out from the prison to be tortured? by Voldy and he defeated him there.. Or pick memories with Voldy in it... Snape shd also discuss and explain what he's looking for.. And why the need for a master occlumens instead of a regular wizard if it's just strolling down memory lane? I find the stroll down memory lane from Dursley days boring. It also drags down the pace of the fiction, making it tedious and tiresome reading when you know it's unlikely that the split happened then. The first few chaps were very good.. But if its going to be a leisurely trip down memory lane I find myself skipping the chapters...
Sid401k chapter 31 . 9/27
What fun! I'm grinning ear to ear at the invasion of Hogwarts. Can't wait to see what happens next...
Pixie8859 chapter 50 . 9/23
I absolutely loved this story. Its going in my top 10 Fanfic list! Thank you xx
SemmelmitKse chapter 50 . 9/19
That was brilliant. Outstanding. Perfectly DARK. Loved, loved, loved it. Hell of a story!
Thank you very much und congratulation to that brain of yours! I know how hard it is to write "evil" and... maybe thats just my problem, but If you have that Problem too... to be able to think of such horror dosen't make you evil, just a more interessting person. And of course: great storys.

More fighting would have been nice, but thats only my personal taste ;o)
Itslikeorange chapter 50 . 9/4
Bit late to the party but I couldn’t read this without leaving a review. Definitely one of the best stories I’ve ever read! You’re a fantastic writer and the characterisation was brilliant. Thanks so much for posting!
DoraLupinTonks chapter 48 . 8/26
"did you hear my heart breaking in thousand pieces..."... too corny? oh well...
Melissabee93 chapter 50 . 8/26
Thank you so much for writing and sharing this incredible story. I couldn’t put it down. It was beautifully and powerfully written, with an addictive storyline and amazingly choreographed scenes. You have such talent, you should be so proud of this masterpiece you’ve created. I will certainly come back to read this againI’m already looking forward to starting it all over from the beginning!
DoraLupinTonks chapter 11 . 8/26
this chapter makes me bawl my eyes out no matter how many times I read this story. this brilliant piece of gem you wrote is so hauntingly beautiful that I come back and re-read it for thousand times. your story is so good for my soul...for someone who has a low EQ...your story makes me cry almost in every chapters.
Guest chapter 31 . 7/23
If only they would just ask.. ask.. not for the sake of curiosity, but for the sake of Harry's well being. What a foolish, foolish peopke they are. *sigh*
love4HP chapter 47 . 7/12
Writing style is so good. Very unique and intriguing. Yet I cannot read through it in entirety. Could only try initial chapters and last three. Turned a beautiful, feel-good, happy story into something too depressing. N even though Harry's ability to emerge from every hurt stronger than before and to go on was shown spot on. (I believe in fan fictions basic character traits should not be tampered with or changed). Yet one thing you failed to capture! Harry despite all his brave, decisive, courageous actions, some times what the will to survive and triumph demanded. Which some might call reckless at times in their mind, always was an alert individual and someone who would even in extreme circumstances would act or use his power in a way that would not even accidentally hurt his friends or harm them! N you showed exact opposite! Cannot say I enjoyed the story because the motive of fan fictions are to keep at least the spirit of original characters and story. You completely changed a story which can still be watched or read and brings a smile on lips still; TO something totally depressing and one which I feel like avoiding.
spicasblack chapter 35 . 7/9
Time to time I come back to read this
An absolute ceremony
pbutterfly chapter 50 . 7/8
I have no words!
One of the best story i ever read.
Magnifique simplement. Tant d'émotions et de développement des personnages.
Bravo mille fois
ur slipper chapter 50 . 6/18
Damn this was awesome, you’re very much talented.
It’s sad reading fics so old, they always make me sad and feel like this place has become a bit of a graveyard of old memories and excitement. (Bit dark that)
Anyway, really really loved your story, made me a little sad but that’s okay; really hope you still read the comments now after all these years !
If so then hope you’re well and happyThanks again and good job!
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