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riverrat chapter 3 . 5/15/2012
Another great story, nice and steamy. Just enough to get peoples imagination going. You really have a way with words. Too bad Tonks said the wrong thing. I guess she isn't only clumsy when it comes to things. Btw, I love Sev in muggle clothes - definitely my kind of guy ;-)
Vincent Severus Mycroft chapter 3 . 3/2/2009
Another great story. I really love how you described Snape in muggle clothes. I can really see him as some sort of artist or something.
zeralda viperia chapter 3 . 6/24/2008
If there were to be any tonks/snape this is the only and exact way i could see it happening... good job!
snarky Beth chapter 3 . 2/6/2008
Oh my God, those poor people! Tonks, you said the wrong thing, it's a shame. You know, I never really thought of Severus and Tonks as a pairing, I tend to stick with cannon pairings, but I'm begining to see them as a cute possible couple. It'd be sweet. Well, I'm going to read the other sequels to 'Snape never eat's here, thank God', because I really enjoy these stories of yours. This one was very anghsty I must say, kept me interested in it. The end was sad though!
SuGaRLiLy chapter 3 . 3/12/2007
Goodness, I'm starting to get hooked on your writing now.

I love this stream of consciousness thing you've got going on. Your tone is fabulous and on point throughout the entire story.

I really love your characterization of Snape. You don't paint him solidly one color or attempt to categorize him. He is a very dynamic character and I think you portray this extremely well.

I liked the way you wrote Remus' internal struggle. He's just the way I've always imagined him to be. That detail about Bella and him was a nice complement to this chapter. I could see Bella doing something like that.

Unfortunately, I have some homework to be getting on with, but I will definitely be back to read the rest of the series.
Prieda Solo chapter 3 . 2/28/2007
oh yes. you're characters are perfect. bellatrix is perfect. that is just what she's like. That is just how I imagine her. Bet she did get remus too.

i'm just loving this. Not too sure about tonks and snape (tonks seems a wee bit OOC to be shoving men down back alleys) but within your universe it works. And your universe is amazing.
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
Hm. Interesting

''black jeans, black shirt and black leather jacket''

Severus snape: only wearing black til they invent a darker colour ;)
Mariag Brie chapter 3 . 1/31/2007
Oh Tonks, she just wanted to have a wild little night and she almost get raped. Snape surprised me with that muggle outfit and the young motorcyclist feeling but I knew since the beginning that would lead to a nasty part. And the fact that Snape had seen rape scenes and ignored them make him a double bastard, if possible.

And the poor Remus...I don't think he's the kind that would go out "haunting" in muggle bars so I guess his only consolation is masturbation.

banana phone chapter 2 . 7/22/2006
this characterization is absolute genius, and the writing is positively lyrical. amazing-i'm totally blown away.
bundlesojoy chapter 3 . 7/21/2006
now that...was art.

seriously. if this style is meant to be what it is, you've got the makings of a great writer. a really great one. these are the characters, in flesh and blood. absolutely stunning work.
Derannimer chapter 3 . 7/11/2006
For some reason, I have this curious, half-hearted antipathy to Lupin. I can't really explain it - there's nothing much actually *wrong* with him, but he's just... kinda... eh. I mean, rationally, I know he's one of the better adult characters in the books, but instinctively, I agree with Snape: he's *weak.* He's not very courageous in some ways, and I suspect that he lies to himself out of fear, that he mentally fudges situations so he won't have to deal with them in their full awfulness. (Well, look what he says in POA: he persuaded himself that Sirius found another way in so he didn't have to 'fess up about his past to Dumbledore.) And that just makes me... I dunno. I don't dislike him, but I do mildly despise him. But I still enjoy this chapter: the artful representation of unpleasing things can itself be pleasing, and all that.

And I actually do feel sorry for him at the end.

Congratulate yourself! You've made me feel bad for Lupin! This is a feat, I assure you.

But seriously, I really do love your characterization of him; I think you've got his number: "and Tonks smells like a … she smells like a very desirable female." I mean, that's nice and gentlemanly, and also very slightly a cop-out. "'Severus is a very suspicious person.' Mentally, he substitutes 'paranoid'." Also very nice and gentlemanly, and also something of a cop-out. He's constantly euphemistic. But he's also very perceptive - he knows exactly what's going on with Snape. He's very good at recognizing the truth, and not always very good at telling it, to others or to himself. At least, that's how I've read him here. I hope it's not too far from your intent - like I said, I have trouble with Lupin.
Derannimer chapter 2 . 7/11/2006
The contrast between Tonks' POV and the Snape POV which immediately follows it is very effective. Shifting from Tonks - again, so young, and so easily excited, and so basically innocent, for all she's an Auror - to Snape, who's just seething with malice towards Sirius and Lupin, and jealousy about Dumbledore's relationships with them, and unending war thoughts... it's like being doused with cold water. Every time I read this chapter, all I can think is: Tonks, honey, you are *so* in over your head.

And then there's this: "A dalliance with Tonks could have an unexpected bonus – like really twisting Lupin up." OUCH! But perfectly realistic and IC.

But then, even though he's so awful, and I know he's about to hurt her, there's that marvelously painful, poignant moment where he *wants more than this,* and I remember what Dumbledore thinks in the first story, about how much Severus needs love. And then that ending, "and he can’t imagine what it would be like if Dumbledore stopped trusting him, it’s just a void, empty and desolate." He's so lost. And this is also perfectly realistic and IC (especially remembering his fury in GOF when Fake!Moody claims Dumbledore gave him permission to search Snape's office... Dumbledore's trust is *everything* to Snape).

This is what you do so well, time and time again: you *never* pull your punches with Snape, you don't hesitate to make him as unpleasant as he is, but at the same time you show how much pain he is in himself. And his nastiness doesn't make his pain unimportant, and his pain isn't allowed to excuse his nastiness. I can't like your Snape, and I can't not pity him.

It's a very clear-eyed and *just* characterization, and it must be incredibly different to pull off. ::Derannimer bows::
Derannimer chapter 1 . 7/11/2006
Gosh, I love this one so much! I don't know whether there ever really was any Snape/Tonks interest, but canon certainly leaves room to speculate about it ("malice in his voice" is intriguing, you're right), and this is *such* a plausible scenario. I think you've got all the personalities and the interactions between them just right.

A few random thoughts:

Tonks is great here - she's so *young.* Dangerous guys with massive emotional baggage hot; nice guys (with, to be fair, emotional baggage of their own) dull! "come on, Remus is a darling but he’s not my type. He’s too sweet for me, even if he is a werewolf. And he’s so scruffy … I like guys with style." Meanwhile, Snape "looks like a cool guy." Ergo, let's go out on the town with him!

And she's so confident about all of this. And she's so almost-disastrously *wrong.* Yep, this is what we call a learning experience; and you've got the arc from naive enthusiasm to misery just right.

But the best thing, the thing that really makes me sympathize with her, is this: even though it becomes plain that she really has made an immature judgment, at the same time you can see *why* she makes it. Snape *is* hot. (Newsflash, I know.) So we can simultaneously share her interest *and* see that it's probably not the best idea. Nice balance.
Jobey in Error chapter 3 . 6/1/2006
I have a serious question - not that you need to answer me. But if you did what I'm suggesting you did below on purpose, then it was an incredible bit of talent and inspiration. If you didn't do it on purpose, then it's simply some mildly sloppy writing.

I noticed at the end of Snape's chapter that the action and his thoughts started moving very fast and choppily after he and Tonks started leaving - in contradistinction to a long, leisurely build-up. And I notice in this chapter that there isn't a lot of consistency to Lupin's thoughts. In fact, it's hilarious (not entirely in a good way) how as regards Tonks he's always a little ahead of himself and backtracking. Obviously both of these *could* just be very accurate reflections of their mindsets - Snape's instability reflected in the stream-of-consciousness narrative, Lupin's hedging reflected in some very illogical shifts in what he thinks of as regards Tonks. But I have to say, I noticed the choppiness and inconsistency first. The idea that it served a purpose came afterward.

Anyway, this was definitely the cute antidote to the last chapter, just as the last chapter was the dark antidote to the first. All of Lupin's mental edits (or, rather, all his verbal edits of what he's actually thinking) are pretty funny, and sometimes dead-on with the reader's reaction: Severus is a very suspicious person.” Mentally, he substitutes “paranoid”. Also, "I think he’s probably very lonely.” Mentally, he adds “and frustrated”. And Tonks wiping her nose on the edge of Lupin's cloak was startlingly adorable, coming from you!
Jobey in Error chapter 2 . 6/1/2006
Snape's horribly, dirtily well done - as per your goals, both nasty and pathetic. I want to lobotomize him as an act of mercy. It's terrific. His paranoia about Tonks's REAL intentions (and she's not one for ulterior motives; with her what you see is what yo get, and only someone as oversensitive as Snape could construe anythign else) is practically stunning - and it makes you feel just awful. Especially when he suddenly breaks into his tender side: "Suddenly, he’s angry, what an idiot he’s been, for thinking she might want more than sex, might actually want to spend some time with him." I take it this is half what set it up - Tonks's remark might not have caused half the furor if Snape hadn't suddenly been feeling insecure and vulnerable even beforehand.

"and although he doesn’t join in, he doesn’t do anything to stop it."

Sounds familiar. Where have we heard this tune before...

And the great trim to all this woodwork comes at the end. Of course it all goes back to Dumbledore! Argh! And good thing, too, or else this all might have been too much to take.
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