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soooofija chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
greeeat story!
gibrelina chapter 9 . 10/15/2010
I have no idea how this doesn't have MANY MORE reviews. Hands down to the perfect OC story, seriously. Seth's POV was just dead on, his wit, his guilt and the jumble of thoughts you created just fit.

I loved every little thing about this fic. Wow.
secret eternal dreams chapter 9 . 6/27/2009
aw , seth .

tbh ; i never thought of what he went through between s two and three .

but you showed it perfectly !

amazing amazing amazing ;D

x 9849375893745 !
snapsparagus chapter 9 . 3/23/2008
Just read it for the first time - new here and new to reviewing - but wanted to let you know this was an awesome, awesome story. Really great stuff.
Get Real Or Die chapter 9 . 2/18/2007
This was such a great story. I liked the fact that it was Seth's POV and the humor. Great story.

Marissa 'Dead Eye' Cooper.

Erin Kaye Hashet chapter 9 . 2/14/2007
What a great story. I think you really nailed the Seth characterization, and he's a difficult character to write- I just get the feeling he has such a complicated thought process, and you captured it very well. You got that sarcastic, emo voice down, and I love that he thinks everything so strongly he's afraid he's saying it out loud. You touch on a lot of great Seth issues, too- he struggles with his selfish instincts, but he's also very insightful about the people in his life, and sees things that others don't. Outstanding job.
ChaseII chapter 9 . 8/17/2006
I just found this story - this is brilliant, muchtvs! Amazing Seth POV. Excellent from start to finish - so realistic and gritty and filled with heart and pain and finally hope.

Seth's multi-layered inner dialogue juxtaposed against what he said - so much in character for this kid, and such a perfect vehicle to show the depth of guilt and fear and love for a friend and family that are flawed and fragile and yet capable of finding inner strength and pulling each other through these very desperate times.

Loved Sandy here - and Seth's complex views of Sandy. And your sleepless Seth, with the gunshots and the anger toward Hailey, and the chair! I loved the chair (is it too insane to *really* understand that one?)...

I read this all in one go, tonight - fabulous! Thanks so much!
dirtyprettything chapter 9 . 8/12/2006
the only thing missing in this story was some ryan/seth slash.

ok, ignore that, i'll give you a proper review when its not 2.30 in the morning

pm153 chapter 9 . 5/10/2006
I read this story a while ago, I skimmed it a little after that, and now I decided to reread the entire thing again.

But seriously, wow. This probably has to be the best OC fic I have ever seen written. The 2:24 aftermath can be handled in so many different ways and you did this in a very unique one. It is so interesting to see how the people not the most direcly affected react to this. And I think it was a great choice to choose a Seth POV.

I think that Seth is the hardest character to write in fan fic. Making diolague for him is pretty hard and if I ever attempted it, it would come out completely not funny. Very few authors can capture Seth's wit and while he was not particularly witty in this story, he still was. This is EXACTLY what would go on in Seth's mind. Something tragic happens to Ryan and of course, he wonders how it is going to affect him and everything else. It's just who he is. I could totally see Seth hating how this has changed everything and blaming himself. I could see him feeling lost in knowing how to comfort Ryan when he is so broken, and not being able to cope since his sarcasm and humor is no longer appropriate. You got Seth dead on. I have never seen him characterized this well. Really, this is such an exact interpretation of his reaction.

And I also love how you characterized the other characters from Seth's POV. Sandy and the way he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Ryan and the way he keeps everything bottled in. The description of Ryan's injuries and how weak he was, was a really nice touch. The bruises, the strangled voice, the cast, the stiches in the back were all such smart things to include. And I love how you went more into depth with Hailey, something that is rarely done. And the way you expressed Seth's hate/gratitude for Marissa and how she expects Ryan to comfort her for "his own brother being dead". Also his affection for Summer and how she is the only thing keeping him sane. You characterized everyone so accurately and it really is amazing how you were able to describe them in Seth's mind.

Your language is also so great. From all of the metaphors and Seth's snarkiness combined with the chaos inside his head. There are so many great technqiues used and every line was creative and interesting to read.

I don't normally review and when I do they are never this long but this story really deserves it. This is incredible and reading it a second time made me realize it was even greater than I thought it was the first time I read it. You should be very proud of yourself for being able to create something so original and well-written. You really are very talented. You could give Josh Schwartz a run for him money. An aftermath like this would have been highly more fullfilling than what we really got on the show. But bravo. Sorry if this sounds excessive but I am in awe in how fabulous this is. Truly amazing, you should be very proud of yourself for producing something like this. :)
newportbeachbabe chapter 9 . 4/1/2006
Holy fing crap. This story was absolutely, hands down, the best OC fanfic I have ever read. It was fing amazing.

You had Seth down fantastically but in a cyincal way, a way I have never seen Seth written before. Everything was so jumbled and crazy and insane and realistic and

You are an incredible writer. Thank you for a GREAT read.
Soph chapter 9 . 2/23/2006
Quite possibly the best O.C story I've ever read, certainly the best 'dealing with the end of season two' story...thanks for writing it, you made my week!
SixtiesChic chapter 1 . 11/27/2005
Ok, much-I either read this already or I'm going nuts...but I swear it was in another form. Did you post it on LJ too? B/c if it's the one I remember, Seth goes seriously more insane than this in the version I read.
arualms chapter 9 . 11/27/2005
This is one of the best, most heartbreaking stories I have ever read. Your insight into Seths mind is amazing and the way you describr everyones actions from his point of view creates a unique kind of reality. I love the way he is torn- between being mad at everyone and feeling the need to apologize to everyone; between wanting his father to take care of Ryan and needing to be taken care of himself; between being the old and being the new Seth.

I love how you sneak in little bits of Seths humor, even though every laugh got stuck in my throat as I remembered the circumstances.

The way Seth tries to reassure Summer because he needs the two of them to be normal is both understandable and painfull to read, as nothing will remain as it was before.

Seths breakdown is described perfectly and you really convey his shock, confusion and helplessness witha very compelling imagery. The talking to the chair, the fact that he keeps hearing nonexistend gunshots and his need to permanently clean his nails combined give a very clear picture of the boy who tries in vain to keep it together.

Even though your story deals with such a horrible event, you manage to allow room for light at the end of the tunnel, which becomes visible in Seths revelation that the old Ryan is not completely gone and needs the old Seth.

The end is perfect, you not only bring the broken-glass-metaphor full circle but also show how Seth has managed to grow due to this experience. When he tells the window: "Hi, Im Seth Cohen.", it seems as if he has reached a new understanding of himself and is able to accept who he is.

This whole fic is just brilliant.

(In case you had not yet noticed, thanks to the rec for BoI, I found all of your fic and read it. You are an incredibly gifted writer!)
josh chapter 9 . 9/24/2005
hi i just wanted to say this is a great story you did a really good job. :)

so well done i could really see some one going through this kind of stuff in real life.

your a very talented writer...

so keep writing ;)
famous99 chapter 9 . 9/10/2005
I had never read the end of this here on fanfic or on LJ and I've been busy with the beginning of the school year and other stuff, and only got a chance to read the last three chapters tonight/this morning. As I started to read chapter 7, knowing it was the third to last I wondered how and when you were going to make Seth better. It didn't seem like it was going to happen and I was worried about the structure of the story (you know, climax resolution and all that garbage), but I was obviously very wrong. And I love how you finally made Seth realize that things would be okay. "Talk about what, Ryan?" I ask, not wanting to lose him, not wanting him to shut down. I think this is maybe the first conversation, if you want to call what we are having a conversation, that he has initiated since Trey's death.

Ryan opens his eyes, rolls his head in my direction and says, slow, like he's in a different dimension than me and his words have to travel slowly and bumpy on a cosmic conveyor belt just to reach me, "Everything is so fucked up, Seth. Just talk."

And that was the beginning of the end for me. Well, that and Seth getting some sleep and his mom coming home from a brief rehab break. (Did I mention that I love that line about getting an online rehab degree? You write Seth's wit and sarcasm so well, better than the writers sometimes.)

The analogy at the end of the fixed glass was just so perfect and of course brought the story full circle. This story was wonderful and painful and perfect to read. Thank you.
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