Reviews for Out of the Shadows
TheGrandNil chapter 12 . 7/25/2018
Ahh, sooo... Wait? He shouldn't really care about his father... He just met him... Hmmmm

Ohhhhh, this was written before the TV series! That's why chomper was so out of character!

Well I guess it makes sense now!
TheGrandNil chapter 9 . 7/25/2018
Well... Not to be rude... But was obvious from the start that chomper was the "mysterious" sharptooth
TheGrandNil chapter 5 . 7/25/2018
Chomper would be a school shooter if he was human
Rosescar684Gismo chapter 60 . 10/3/2017
I am saddened that there was no interspecies relationships. Ducky and petrie littlefoot and cera
LFoodeater chapter 11 . 12/21/2016
Chomper became batman
woozworld094 chapter 4 . 11/12/2014
did u ever make a drawing of rex ?
Ultimate Rising Phoenix chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Hi there, look, I don't know if you saw my PM, but if you could answer me I'd be very grateful.
Terminal10 chapter 23 . 11/3/2011
Usually, when someone kill or injures someone else, the person who's friends with the guy who got hurt beats the one responsible up. Some examples:

Open Season film: the bear sees his deer friend shot and ties the hunter up with his own gun.

Predators: the man sees the alien stab his love interest and beats the alien until the alien's head falls off.

Ernest Scared Stupid: troll turns Ernest's dog and Kenny into dolls and Ernest runs him over with a car and then kills him.

Mutt has disgraced the ones who have beaten up bad people by getting killed. He said he would do something about his friend dying and is killed by the one responsible.

He didn't even put up a fight.
DRAGONGHOST chapter 1 . 3/26/2010
I have got to read this
Tamer 0f Light chapter 60 . 4/16/2009
best story ever! but why did you make Littlefoot and know what i mean...

but other than that...great story! can't wait until you make another! please make a topic on this on GOF!
Aspiechild chapter 60 . 11/18/2008
Wow! What can I say, DarkHououmon? This story descriptive I felt I was in it. It is so sad it took me at least a week to read it 'cuz I kept crying, especially when Cera was killed. Ya really have a knack for tragedy. You're an awesome writer and blow my writing out of the water. I really think ya outta consider publishing books. Great job!
Itanu chapter 37 . 4/27/2008
Ugh... slash signs. I hate slash. Well, normally, that would condemn your story in my eyes, but seeing as how awesome the story is coming along, so long as the signs of homosexuality don't get too... intense, I'll keep on reading.
Itanu chapter 31 . 4/27/2008
Dragons, eh? The plot thickens...

In any case, like most of your chapters, this is great! I'll read the next one as soon as I can.
Itanu chapter 29 . 4/27/2008
So, Chomper is having scruples at last? So he isn't a total maniac...

I can hardly wait to read the next chapter!
Itanu chapter 25 . 4/26/2008
Ahh, so Petrie DIDN'T die. That's a little bit more encouraging. I still feel for him for his loss of Pterano, though.

In any case, that was a pretty dirty, foolish thing for Ali to do to Littlefoot, especially when most of the Great Valley is in ruins.

For some reason, I'm wondering where the Rainbow faces are, and what their role will be.

So, this whole massacre is a repetition of the past? and It's "The Eye of the Storm"? This is gonna get even more bloody, I can tell.
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