Reviews for Atonement
Hinodeh chapter 1 . 1/31/2008
I can't even begin to describe how much I love this story.

Everything was just perfect:

James' inabilty to forgive himself, Laura's disgust towards him and Maria's mixture of contempt and pity for James.

The dialogue between Maria and James was so IC that I could see the whole scene so vivdly in my mind.

Thank you so much for writing this!
The Flesh of JRB chapter 1 . 8/30/2005
I was very impressed with this fic. It shows an intimate understanding of the more complex points in the game's story. In particular the use of the scene in the apartment building where you see the corpse sitting in a chair by a television that is on. It was slightly altered in this, being that it became the hotel room, but by doing this, we can see this earlier scene, that is in the game, as foreshadowing of what is to be James' ultimate fate. Also Zeal brings up the relationship between the Pyramid head creatures and the darker parts of James' psyche. By having James pity Pyramid head, a manifestation of his own dark acts, James is able to come that much closer to understanding and forgiving himself. Even when he sees the warm and sultry smile of Maria when he is dying, there is still the aura of contempt in her eyes. So even if there is some atonement, the actions that James took earlier, will never be forgotten. Mary may be permanently out of his reach, even if he is dead. So the fate he denied himself by taking Laura out of Silent Hill, that is : to live with this fake version of Mary : Maria, the succubus, is still his ultimate fate when he denies the chance to move is a bleak ending in some ways, but then Silent Hill 2 is a very bleak game. Zeal, you show a great understanding of the game, as well as knowledge of Dan Birlew's( man who wrote the stategy guide) own theories. Top notch writing from someone who has proven themselves as being the cream of the crop time and time again. No, I am not just kissing up. You are that good Zeal. Thank you for writing this.
Gaia Faye chapter 1 . 8/25/2005
Well, that just sucked all the peacefulness out of the Leave ending. Though, it is more realistic.

I couldn't help but laugh when the police thought James was just distraught. I dunno if that would happen in real life, but, damn, that must've been frustrating.

Well-written. Made me sad.
Rodarian chapter 1 . 8/25/2005
A very interesting turn of events. A delayed 'in the water' like ending plus I felt sorr for James. I guess in the end he could never accept forgiveness lest he paid for it. You wrote that payment quite nicely :)