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Persephone Riddle-Lokisan chapter 28 . 8/14
I've read this a trillion times yet I still love it.


Yes that includes me.
hana1.hano chapter 28 . 3/25
This was amazing and certainly enjoyable. I'm really hoping you update soon.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/9/2016
Wow. Uhhh... That was...unexpected?

Honestly, half this chapter I just thought 'obliviate him' a much easier charm that you learned about 4 years ago. Seems a bit extreme to jump to murder for being discovered(?). And yes, there is a question mark there since harry didn't know exactly what was found out. Pretty unrealistic actually.
cztelnik chapter 5 . 11/30/2016
Ahh, yes. Now I remember reading this. The snake kills someone.
cztelnik chapter 3 . 11/30/2016
A fun fic so far. Harry is being very open and relaxed with Tom, not majorly angsting(is that a word?) like most HP time travel stories but I expect that could change. Looking forward to finding out what happens.
Carottal chapter 28 . 11/20/2016
Will Draco learn about Snape's tasteful nickname?

So here we are, I finally reached the last published chapter. I told you many things in my previous reviews, which I'm grateful for because if not for that, my night would be way, way too short for comfort (I mean, it's past 2:30am right now, who knows what time it'll be when I finish this review!).

I've insisted a lot on the mysteries because they are what I enjoy the most about this story. All those intricate plots mixed together, waiting to be unravelled.
I just love them. The scar, the dreams, the influence of Harry's presence, the plotting against others and power struggles, the mysterious third heir, the reason for Harry being there, the way it was rendered possible (this card is supposed to be made by the marauders. Why can it send Harry to a time it didn't exist? Is the marauders' will in it or is it another kind of magic?), the implications of Harry being in the past right now...

With all those questions, I find myself wondering how you could make this story about 35 chapters long as you announced at some point. Then I remember you also talked about a sequel. If your plans for this story didn't change, I sure hope you'll have the energy, inspiration and will to write that sequel because I want all those mysteries solved. Damn it.

So I talked a lot about the mysteries, and as I reached a resting point, I decided I'd talk about other things (though I'm pretty sure mystery is a word that will reappear in this review. Nope than once.)

First, the way you write. I mentioned the grammar, or more so typos and missing or not erased words. I stand to that point and wish you all the luck and courage you'll need for editing everything. So let's talk about something else.
The point of view jumps. Because those are nicely sadistically teasing. You really enjoy feeding suspense don't you? Well, it works. In this last chapter, you didn't always tell what year we were or whose point of view we were following. It works, you're clear enough for us to understand what is the situation we are reading.
The overall style. Well, I won't say it's outstanding. It's not the kind of style that has me stop and read a sentence twice just to revel in the music of it. However, you have a sense of details that serves your style very well. Meaning you get into detail. You describe the sensations, the looks, the thoughts process. For such a thriller story, it works very well because it makes us feel the visceral danger Harry is in, but even more, it makes it possible for us to overlook clues that you would oh so kindly hide within your sentences. I love that! And I must say that the description of proximity works very very well when you focus on different senses (that scene in which Harry hears Tom sitting... Well, and smirking, a fit I still try to understand the mechanics of!, or that scene when Tom and Harry test the mark. I still wonder if Tom did something else. Is Harry really free of it?).

Now, about the characters. So they are hard to really get because, all in their ways are wrapped in secrets and, guess what, mystery.

Tom is ominous. You don't know if he can be trusted, you want to second guess everything he does, and it's hard to define his relation with Harry. But that's what make him interesting. His curiosity, authority, interest... Yeah, I think it's easy to feel that charisma.

Harry, though he can act stupidly rash, I mostly understand him and what leads him to the path he's on. I love reading him plot, fall apart but keep some morality. I kind of hope he doesn't lose it. I find him much more interesting as someone who acts but may regret what he does and second guess his own actions. I mean, we only need one Dark Lord. Let Harry be the Grey Lord, the Shadow Lord, the Neutral Lord, or the Dark Lord's remains of humanity. Or well, the friendly lord or the underrated honorary right hand to the Dark Lord. Or the Free One. Or Tom's friend. Yeah, that last one is nice. I love following this story through his green eyes and grey soul. However, I'm sad that he'd use mudblood and be so easily angered by Allen. The former is the one thing that felt like a treason, the latter is just because it's getting old and I'd like to see other sides to Allen than his antagonist side.

Malfoy is not as interesting. And I just can't remember his name. He's fun though and what he brings is interesting because he is involved in much of the side mysteries.

Lestrange is more interesting to me, because he seems less plotting, less intelligent, but ruthless in what he does, and surprisingly crafty to get what he wants. Well, that's what I gathered from the way he plays games. He seems less likely to win a confrontation against Harry, but I think he has one or two tricks that may hurt. A lot. Because as opposed to Malfoy, he is on coward.

It's been a long time since Allen. I'd be happy to see him with another attitude than confronting. I find him fun. Loved who Rufus is to become too.

Myrtle is fun. She also brings interesting elements. As is Alphard (is Harry still supposed to lunch with him?) and Slughorn.

Dumbledore. The old one is a bit too lost. I'm sure I'd can put in motion other ways to get the reassurance he wants. The young one, I'd like to see him more. He's been pretty absent.

We didn't see enough of Hermione and Ron for me to have an opinion. For now, to me, they are accessory to the plot so that Draco gets his hand on the map (because it's thanks to them he got acquainted with it, and retrieved it). Nothing more, nothing less.

Draco. I love him. He brings a new view on things, and I love the way he researches. And well, his rivalry with Harry will always be fun to read, won't it?

The other characters are cool I guess, but not that important to me.

Now, I'll just add that I like the threat and double meanings and careful dialogues you crafted. And I will end this review. Thank you for the story, and the impressive work you did for it. And good luck for the work that is yet to do. With this addictive, mystery filled plot, I'm sure many people are faithfully awaiting your next chapter, and I'm glad to add myself to them.
Carottal chapter 26 . 11/20/2016
The irony if Harry gets the mark, and the paradox when he gets back.

I love Draco. I hope to see more of his bewilderment when he gets back to 1949! Hey, maybe he is responsible for the snake's death?! He could sit on the chair after all. But yeah, it would be fun if he and Harry became the closest death eaters. Fun, but not necessarily the most interesting outcome... What about Draco finding a way to get Harry back to the present, and obliviating everybody while doing so?
Carottal chapter 25 . 11/20/2016
Looks like it is the past... Unless Harry got into the mind of a strange look alike whose name is Harry Pooter. Or something else.

But that asks one question though. Why would Dumbledore not remember? He didn't forget about Tom, why not Harry? Is there a reason? Did someone obliviate any memory of Harry? Is there still something we don't know yet about how Harry influenced that period? I love it when what looks like answers bring more questions. But I have to say I'd be more than happy if this is indeed the past. But if it is, did every body forget about Harry or only selected few? Asked differently, does Tom remember? Does it explain why he'd attack Harry Potter and not Neville Longbottom on that fateful night? Because he already recognises this baby as a future threat? Ooooh you don't know how exciting this all is for me. You don't see my finger frantically typing this review on my phone. I've been on an adrenaline high for some chapters now! I am dreading the last chapter.

On another note, now the date was 1945 instead of 1949. Are you changing the dates and didn't reach that part yet or is it a mistake? Or some mystery yet to be tackled? Well, I have to say I'm noticing more and more typos and missing words or ones that should have been erased. I don't mind because what has me on edge is the plot, not the grammar. And that's way better! But I do hope you'll see them in your big edit.
Carottal chapter 24 . 11/20/2016
In case you didn't guess with the way I've been spamming your mail box for a day now, the last review was also from me. I don't know why but suddenly I wasn't logged in any longer. I do hope I didn't leave all my reviews till now as a guest. Well, you know now!

I can't wait to read the answer to Draco's letter. Well, unless Dumbledore hijacked the owl me course. I can't wait because it may give us an answer as to whether Harry is in the past or in a virtual reality. Well, his grandfather may still have done all those things without Harry. Tom is also a half blood after all. But still, I can't wait!
Guest chapter 22 . 11/20/2016
You learn something new everyday. So, where does the word prat comes from? Damn in curious about that too now!

I loved Dumbledore's train of thoughts, and laughed at how they lead him to Draco. Damn that was fun. Technically though, if Draco wishes to see Harry in utter confusion and dismay, how could he come to see him as that's not exactly the state Harry is in?

I thought about the dream. It's been a long time since I last read Harry Potter, and if I loved the first books, I have to confess I read the 6th and the 7th only once. And it was a long, long time ago. And I have an awful memory of names. All the more when it's not even sure the names were the same when I read the books. I only read the last book in English. For instance, this Frank may be a character Tom killed at some point. Or it could be Frank Longbottom. Or someone else. And the door that wakes Harry up could be related to some secret he shouldn't be aware of, or could be related to his Horcrux side. (the part of him that knows parseltongue, thus the hissing.) It could be related to the necklace as well (I assume Harry is still wearing it and that it will come into play later.)

One thing I should look into if I wasn't so curious about the other chapters, is the poem again. Would I see some link to Harry's past when I read it? If this is a manifestation of his mind I mean. Although it seems less and less likely seeing as Harry's body disappeared as well.

I have so many questions that I just forget half of them when writing those review. I start reading and think "Shit, I forgot to talk about that one!" it's a bit frustrating.

I wonder, if someone came upon Harry when he's having those attic dreams, what would they see? And all those times Harry loses conscious, what would they see? Sometimes, it seems his scar reacts to him falling more and more into darkness but I didn't pay enough attention to it in the beginning. Some other times, it seems it's when something Tom related happens. To the point that at one point, I wonder if this happened when Tom or something Voldemort related would try to take over Harry's mind. After all, when Harry asked Dumbledore, Dumbledore's answer was interesting. When I read it, I thought it seemed Dumbledore believed Harry to have a hand into things but not being responsible. He didn't say I think you're innocent. He said he thought he wasn't responsible. That's a huge difference. One that can imply many different things. That Harry didn't act on purpose for one, or that Harry helped by not talking,...

But I always think about the same thing. Harry asked for his own secret or truth (I wonder to what word the map reacted). That's why I talk so much about him being a Horcrux. That's one of his big secrets. The other one, according to the books, is that he is linked to the Peverell brothers. But as we see nothing close to the hallows, and as it seems common idea in the fandom (but I can't remember if that's canon), being related to Goldric Gryffindor could also be Harry's secret. Hehe, maybe Frank is the fat friar for all I know! And that attic house is somehow related to the founders. But with the lilies and the hissing, the colours... It could easily be a representation of Harry's mind. As it could be a house Voldemort is in. So many possibilities... The voice could even be from one of the marauders!

I wonder if the talk Slughorn wanted with Dumbledore may involve some missing potions. Though I guess he's kept busy with the antidote to the petrified students.

On to the next chapter!
Carottal chapter 20 . 11/20/2016
Soooo, so much happened I can't remember all I wanted to tell you. That being said, as I saw you were editing the whole thing, I think there's a mistake with the date at the beginning of the chapter.

And I loved the idea of using a house elf but I have to wonder about two things. First the obliviate. Harry is finally confident in it or he just left a void in the elf's memories. If it's the latter, although I guess they wouldn't interrogate house elves immediately, it's still some kind of sign. Same with the potion. Sure, Harry stole it. But it means there are two potions missing now. And, if Slughorne noticed before the end of the holidays, it would have shortened the suspect list a lot. People that were there during the holidays. People that knew to enter Slughorne's reserve. That's a lot, isn't it? Gosh, prudence really isn't Harry's best quality. I'm afraid he'll doom himself with his carelessness. Well, not that his situation looks good right now.

I wonder what will happen next, I'm hooked you know. I'm still wondering if Tom would benefit from Harry being accused.
And then there's the Allen and Myrtle mystery. Are they the ones who killed the snake. I wonder if they're in cahoot. Or maybe it's something else. Maybe one of them has some dirt over the other? If there were no more chapter to read, I'm sure I'd ponder over everything. But there are 8 more chapters, and I plan on reading them as soon as possible. So without further ado, I'll end this review! (too bad if I regret not trying to guess for myself!)
Carottal chapter 19 . 11/20/2016
That scene with the one sighing reminded me of As You Like It. You know, when the heroine is sad, and sigh besides her friend and says something such as "No, don't talk to me, I want to cry." well, as I didn't learn this scene in English, I can't tell you the exact quote. But I immediately thought about that scene when reading this moment.

I had other things to say I'm sure, but then I clicked to read the next chapter and remembered about that thought I had had and wanted to tell you. So other remarks will wait for me finishing the next chapter.
Carottal chapter 16 . 11/20/2016
Did I say this was dangerous for Harry's perceptions and values? Because I repeat it now.

And that the files may very well be in the chamber, with the corpse, is not so reassuring think, knowing who else can go there. I'm surprised Harry isn't worried about it, but maybe I missed something.

Glad to finally have the answer to one of my mysteries. Harry had forgotten. Well, now I know!
Carottal chapter 15 . 11/20/2016
Dangerous that Tom knows. Because now Harry is someone even more convenient to pin the whole debacle on. Unless Tom doesn't want the location of the chamber to be revealed as Harry would be able to. I'm sure it must be surprising to hear about someone's disappearing on the night you did your evil deed. Even more surprising would it be to hear a snake talk about an unexpected meal or to see the corpse of a man who was alive the night before in the cave. Just saying.

I wonder if Tom is feeding Harry's paranoia.
Carottal chapter 14 . 11/20/2016
Yep, I understand clearly that Harry doesn't think he killed anyone. And maybe he's right but now he knows he can cast this spell. He even knows how it feels to cast them. And that is very, very dangerous because even if he is right and Harry is in a virtual word, even if he'll come back to a reality in which he didn't do any of those things, if he gets used to act this way, what will make him go back to how it was before he entered the map? And what happens if he starts even doubting he is back in reality? That's the thing I've been thinking for sometime. The flaw in Harry's thought is that: none of this is real but him. Harry is real and it feels real so this adventure, if it doesn't change history man change him.

I wonder now, if we were manipulating real people when playing the Sims, would we have such fun killing them?

Anyway, a great chapter, though I think you could have shown even more how trapped Harry felt, and maybe less thoughts, though very clear ones before he casts the killing spell. Because it seems to me he didn't have that much to think about it. Oh well, that's me being picky!
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