Reviews for The Raven
Anonymous chapter 1 . 7/19/2006
Despite what other reviewers have said, I truly enjoyed this story! It's very nice to see something from the Harry Potter universe that doesn't completely revolve around Hogwarts or its students. It's simply a cutesy little story that involves regular wizarding folk.

You seem to have a good grasp on spelling and punctuation - another rare attribute you rarely find in HP fanfiction.

It's a very good story. It would be profitable, however, to trim the fat a bit on the first half of the story. For instance:

"Kimberly Wood turned around and stared at the tree, chewing on her tongue as she thought about her problem. The bird was up there. The stealer had her treasure. Therefore, she had to find a way to get up there and get it back."

This entire paragraph could be cut and the story would still flow well. I appreciate good storytelling, but allow the reader to think for themselves - you don't have to baby them by explaining every single thought process.

This was a very enjoyable story! Keep it up, you have talent.
Ravenwood240 chapter 1 . 5/17/2006

Allow me to correct your impressions, since you wish to be quite rude.

The review posted above was read, and I had a question or two that I attempted to get the padfeet to answer.

I asked them to explain why they thought it was boring. Was it not flowing well? Did the subject simply not interest them? Was my grammar stilted, or less than clear? Any of these things can be boring, and in an effort to improve my writing, I PMed the penname and asked them to clarify their review.

This is the reply I received three days later:

You have received a private message from:

penname: PadfootxMoony6



We thought that 'boring' was pretty to the point. Meaning that we were SLEEPING

while reading your story. Maybe you don't know the meaning of the word, however

we find it insulting that you tried to insult US for YOUR ignorance! If you feel

like talking in a complicated, tedious, pointless manner please do so ELSEWHERE.


Do not reply to this email. Visit member's profile to reply back.

You can disable the private messaging feature via account settings.

Messaging Service

OK... My PM was polite and they decided that they would reply with insults and sarcasm. If this is the type of response they give to polite questions, then I shall no longer worry about their review. I will however, make a couple of points.

"Boring" is a description, but it lacks in several ways. There is a reason that a person becomes bored, and that was what I was looking for.

If you were sleeping during the story, how ever did you reach the review button?

I asked you to clarify your position as regards my story, you call this an insult. Far be it for me to point fingers, but you might want to look up the meaning of insult and ignorance before you use either word again.

I wrote you a clear concise note, asking you for information. If you found it tedious, or a mere two thousand words long, then don't bother reading anything else I wrote, as two thousand words is quite short for me.

Also, "Talking" is a vocal thing, "Writing" is the art of applying words to ink or the net. I have never talked to any of the three of you, and given that when asked for more information, you respond with insults, I never will.

As for me, I shall go on about my merry way, writing what I wish and I have one wee bit of advice for you, Paddie.

Grow up.
PadfootxMoony666 chapter 1 . 5/12/2006
Okay... this was extremely long... and rather boring. I'm not surprised you have no reviews. I'd understand if you had written a SHORT fanfiction about yourself getting stuck in a tree, (with miniscule reference to Harry Potter) instead of a 2,0 word drabble and how you got your nickname. And got yourself stuck in a tree.