Reviews for The End of Days
SuperSaraMoon chapter 1 . 2/11
This fiction was an absolute delight. Ordinarily I review each chapter of a fic as I read, but I downloaded and read most of it on a 4 hour flight yesterday, so I was not able to review without internet. I felt entranced and content, as if I was experiencing a bit of magic, I literally stayed up until 7AM last night (after my exhausting day of travel) to nearly finish it, because I couldn’t put it down. Wow, I am amazed this was your first story, it was magical and beautiful and haunting and enchanting, my gosh. Impeccable work. The story was beautifully thought out and remained true to the original, I really have nothing negative to say. Also, made props for the lemon chapterI literally read it twice. There are certain paragraphs throughout this fic that were just glorious and I was like ‘god, I wish I could review this chapter to tell her how perfect this sequence is!One of my favorites: mmmm the chilling “...but it seems I cannot guard you in your sleep, and you betray me in your dreamsGod I loved that chapter, the jealous rage was palpable!) Honestly, the dialogue in this fic was on point from start to finish.
This was also my first Labyrinth ficI don’t often venture outside of my Kingdom Hearts fandom, but I wanted to explore. Of course, Labyrinth holds a dear place in my heart as my favorite childhood movie, I’ve seen it countless timesand I know every word. I loved your play with quotes from the movie in this fiction, it made me smile and gave me tingles every time! And my god girl, the last lines ending the epilogue? Sublime. I couldn’t have thought up a more beautiful way to end.
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of your creative mind with the world. I enjoyed it immensely.
Moon Witch '96 chapter 28 . 2/7
Agh. My heart. Wonderfully written!
Ashley0.0maltese chapter 28 . 1/22
Sammylb chapter 28 . 8/1/2017
Im not sure if you still even look at these, but thank you for this beautifully written story. I regret to inform you that you have sort of ruined all other Labyrinth fan fics for me! haha. Yours was the third one I've ever read, and since then I have read many others. I just re-read it and this one is still, by far, my absolute favorite. It's everything I have ever wanted in a labyrinth fan-fic. I also love that you didn't really add new or unnecessary characters, and the ones you did add, complimented the piece perfectly. That's one thing about other fics that has always made me uneasy; sometimes writers stray so far from the original in that sense, to where it feels like a completely different story from the source material. This one just felt like such a believable and natural extension of the original. Very tastefully written, too. Your characterization was so true to everyone we met in the movie, that I easily pictured every single character saying and doing what you wrote. Everything, really, to me was flawless. It was funny, heartwrenching, exciting, and deep. Thank you again for the wonderful journey this story takes readers on! And thanks for not completely tearing my heart out and writing the epilogue! Haha.
DarklyDreamingAngel chapter 28 . 7/12/2017
This story was absolutly enchanting. Some of it was so confusing but in a good way, it was confusing enough that I could feel both Sarah's side and Jareths. Your sentence structure and imagery were exquisite, and I loved the idea of the labrynth having a sort of consciousness of it own even as a way to protect itself. All in all this is a wonderful masterpiece. Thank you for the experience.
Tallulah99 chapter 24 . 5/24/2017
"I love you, Jareth. It always been you. There is no other for me."

*does Chilly Down happy dance*

Within moments the last shreds of his clothing had gone, replaced by linen and lace, elegant breeches and vest in deep blue silk. Dove-colored gloves encased his hands from wrist to fingertip.

And the first thing sir fancy-pants does is a wardrobe change.

a scent that reminded her of starlight over the water.

Perfect description of the way magic would smell. I love it.

Aaaaaand there go the gloves. Now you know it's about to get serious.

Touching was not enough, she wanted to taste him.

I can totally understand this, Sarah. You go get some.

It's squirmy stuff to write, but delicious to read when it's well done, which it totally is here. So the lemon yellow crayon award goes to...
Tallulah99 chapter 23 . 5/24/2017
"You've got it and possession is eleven tenths of goblin law."

You write the silliness of the goblins with such ease that it becomes a natural part of the story without detracting from the more serious parts. That's impressive!

It took forever to break free of the river's hold. Somewhere between the dark and the light, his lips found hers, warm and seeking, his fingers wound in the wet tangle of Sarah's hair. They broke through to the open air, Jareth holding her so tightly to him that he could not be sure if her heart still beat within her breast, or if it was merely his own that he felt. He drank in the sweetness of her mouth, drowned in it with the wet tendrils of her hair wrapped around him. It was exquisite madness, and he wished for it never to end. Jareth was afraid to let her go, fearing to see her eyes forever closed to him.

Now, it's getting goooooood!

Oh yes, thought Sarah. I do want him.

Tallulah99 chapter 22 . 5/24/2017
The Goblin King grimaced. This girl has bewitched me.

Yes she has. *grins happily*

"And from the way you said it, perhaps well acquainted with more than just his name

*singsong* Goblin king is jealous. *rubs hands together*
Tallulah99 chapter 21 . 5/24/2017
She hid a smile and smoothed her own worse-for-wear clothing.

"You're looking well."

And so he was. The Goblin King looked physically stronger than he had the day before, despite his stony expression. At her greeting, he gave her a tight smile.

"Good morning, Sarah. I wish I could say the same for you, but it appears that sleeping out-of-doors doesn't agree with you."

Jareth is such a dandy. And a complete bald-faced liar.

These two are too much. Riding double, both trying not to touch if they can help it. Nerds. I love them.

Also, your sensory detail is amazing. I love that I can not only see the woods, but hear the birds and the sound of the river, and, for that matter, taste the morning air.

One of my favorite Labyrinth tropes is that the Labyrinth itself likes to take a hand in things when our hero and heroine are t figuring things out for themselves fast enough.

just as you enjoy professing opinions that are not your own in order to provoke people...But I would by no means deny any pleasure of yours."

Recognizing Pride and Prejudice quotes makes me feel smart:) To be sure, this is one of the best, most quotable parts of the book, so.
Tallulah99 chapter 20 . 5/24/2017
"You threw water on me?" she asked in disbelief.

"You required reviving."

It is impossible to not love these two trying not to let on that they love each other.

I am thrilled by the mental image of Jareth daintily trying to eat a bologna sandwich.

The Labyrinth will not long survive with a cripple for a king."

This makes me feel sad feelings.

He was becoming too accustomed to her presence, too used to that indescribable hum of awareness that told him she was near.

Oh how I love this!

Jareth retrieved his cloak from the other side of the fire and with a slight hesitation, covered the sleeping girl. Again, he was struck by the curious blend of fragility and strength in this mere mortal. Her hair was in wild disarray, and there was a smudge of dirt on her cheek and another on her forehead. But she had faced him down like a warrior queen, even thought he could scent the fear she'd tried to hide from him. For her, he had risked the inferno and everlasting darkness. The Goblin King had risked it all.


With one shoulder supporting her head and his arm wrapped firmly around her waist, her hair brushed teasingly against the side of his jaw, the warm skin of her cheek pressed against his collarbone. He never realized that could happen, that two people could inhabit such an intimate space. Jareth had never been more aware of a sensation in his life, the soft weight of her body lying limply in his embrace, the length of her leg measured against his own, so very close- invasion without intrusion. It was as if Sarah was always meant to be there. If the Goblin King was capable of blushing, he would have done so in anger at his own foolishly romantic whim.

This bit just flat out puts me into orbit. Er mah gerd.
Tallulah99 chapter 19 . 5/24/2017
Delicately, so as not to disturb the sleeping Goblin King, Sarah brushed aside a strand of his fair hair

Oh how the turns have tabled...or something.

The spell was broken when Jareth stirred, and he murmured something that might've been her name.

She drew a light line down the curve of his cheekbone and across his jaw, brushing his stubborn chin and ending just under the generous curve of his lower lip. Enough.

I really want to quote like 3/4 of this chapter out of sheer squee.

Jareth cursed loudly and heartily in a language she did not understand.

This I just love to picture.

Sarah backed away a few steps, then a few more until she found herself hard up against the trunk of the crooked little tree. Almost without seeming to shift at all, the Goblin King had matched her every movement. Now he rested one arm against a low branch, head bent to look down upon her with an unsettling intensity.

This hits every little kink I have. Backing her into a tree, trapping her with his arm, towering over her. Shazam.

And then she passes out and I want to ska-reem.
Tallulah99 chapter 18 . 5/24/2017
I keep forgetting to say - I love the name Merandanon. Did you get it from somewhere or make it up? It sounds just like something out of the Underground.

I love the return to the chaos and cacophony of the ballroom scene, but how you made it seem so much more natural and, frankly, fae.

I also love that Jareth and Sarah's first inclination upon running into each other (literally), is to be pissed off.

"If this were my dream, I would hardly be stranded in a forest sitting in a pile of wet leaves with you."

That's right, Jareth. We know what you'd dream. bow-chicka-wow-wow.

"If I choose, at least I make my own path." said Sarah. "I refuse to sit around and wait for the future to come to me."

Gah! I love how you write Sarah.

Her hand slid down his arm to seize his wrist, and her touch on his bare skin set him afire. He could never think when she touched him like that.

More of that excellent bare skin porn!

And so ends another chapter by the cliff-hanger queen. I am SO glad I didn't have to wait on the next chapter!
Tallulah99 chapter 17 . 5/24/2017
She was pulled between fate and destiny, between death for one and life for another. It was a judgement only she could make, there was no other alternative. We always have other choices... a voice whispered in her head.


"My fate is bound to his." she said simply. "I choose him."

*waves my JarethSarah 5-ever banner and cheers*

And a Return of the King reference to boot!
Tallulah99 chapter 16 . 5/24/2017
But not even Jareth could command her any longer. That knowledge surged through her veins like wildfire, she had never felt more alive or more powerful. The door would open, because she willed it. The Labyrinth would live, because she would not let it die.

There is so much epic girl power here, I can't even stand it.

And I love the bromance between Didymus and Hoggle the way you write them.
Tallulah99 chapter 15 . 5/23/2017
Hoggle paused. What would Jareth say at a time like this? Something to motivate his subjects... Ah.

"Snap to it, or I'll crush the lot of you like insects!"

Roflol. So perfect.

Every single touch had left its mark, and if he concentrated he could feel them still. They were all he had left of her.

Omg. Emo Goblin King. Ffs. It's not like I don't know how this ends, but GO TELL HER, YOU OVER DRAMATIC TWATWAFFLE.
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