Reviews for Learning to Breathe
Guest chapter 21 . 11/3
Well now I need those two chapters and epilogue you promised! Please tell me they are written?
Dobby99 chapter 21 . 10/12
Uhm, I know it's been 6 years, but can you please update? I love this story, it's awesome! :3 Harry and Ginny are so sweet :3
natalieeannee chapter 20 . 9/1

I just thought I would like to share this, "fun", piece of information.

[1. basically, I never read Authors notes]

2 - When I read, I often think of the gender of the author writing. (I don't know, I suppose I like to read in a masculine or feminine voice/ know where the story is coming from). Often - more often than I'd really think - I guess the gender wrong.

This story, as I was reading, was screaming "a male wrote this" "this has just got to be written by a boy" "only a man would write like this/plot like this". The gender of the author has never stood out to be so much before (and I have read literally hundreds of fanfictions.)

So there you have it, there was no doubt it my mind, and it turns out as your name is "Ben" you appear to be male. You write in a fashion that is so male. (just could NOT be a woman). in my opinion.

And yes, your writing style was significant enough for this to be significant enough for me to share this with you.

natalieeannee chapter 21 . 9/1
What a unique story!

Thank you for writing!

I really enjoyed reading this - reading this Harry with very different and defined characteristics!

I love that it ended positively; everything right down to the Longbottoms being healed.

Action/Adventure/Romance is my favourite genre combination, and you nailed it. The action/adventure was spot on and there was definitely a focus on Ginny/Harry.

Seems from the last sentence that Harry finally realized/made Ginny his "girlfriend" eh? (title and all). I'd have liked to read a bit about them - officially as a couple, etc.

Thank you again! You write very well
goldensnitch0423 chapter 21 . 7/25
I love it so much. It's been six years and I might not've understood correctly but aren't there supposed to be two more chapters? Or is there a sequel?
kristinegene chapter 21 . 7/13
Great story! ️
janefanatic chapter 21 . 6/24
I just finished reading your story, and it was a doozy! Thanks for sharing it! I thought the fight scene was great, and I'm so very happy about Neville's parents!
janefanatic chapter 14 . 6/24
I think Harry's painfully awkward way of speaking is adorable.
fireguy0922 chapter 21 . 6/15
This was an amazing story. Thanks for writing. I'll be reading your other stories as well.

Hoping to see if you'll ever finish the story the way your AN says, but I think it's already good enough. Drill instructor Harry is helluva funny. and badass.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/29
I just read the whole story in one day, and I loved it. I don't know when you published it or if you will ever read this, but that was excellent.
Ijustwantyoutoknow chapter 21 . 5/23
This has been amazing. One of the best AU's I have read, and it kept me on my toes. Beautiful writing, and if you have come out with original writings I am confident that your readers would love to know about them.
stoffersjason chapter 21 . 4/21
loved the story. thank you so much for writing it. look forward to your other work. you have a great way with words
Guest chapter 1 . 4/20
HPFanfictionIsGreat chapter 21 . 3/25
This was an excellent and interesting story.
AaronD1 chapter 21 . 3/12
Amazing! No epilogue, but I'm not sure that it needed one. I do miss lemons though...
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