Reviews for Zackary Bell
Fire Thief chapter 1 . 10/29/2006
Hey, can I insert 2 mamodo please? Here they are:

Name: Dusty

Age: 18

Looks: She is about 5ft 8 and is an albino. FYi in case you dont know, whit hair, and skin along with red eyes. Wears a tube top that is red, even though she has a small *ahem* chest. She also has shorts that go below her knees and they are frayed at the ends. she has a pouch on one of her belt loops. In the pouch she has some seeds for her spells. she finally wears a yankee's hat. (GO YANKEES!)

Acts: Is real shy, but is the fighter of the year when she's angry. She wasn't chosen for the last battle, but she was this time.

Spell type: Plant control

Book cover: A combo of green and brown.

1: Joruk: gets claws, fox ears, and 2 tails.

2: Rosen: shoots thorns from her hands.

3: Terrashi: Plants come and make a dome-like shield around her and the book owner.

4: Whipparuk: Her arm changes into a whip that can cut thru steel like a hot knife thru butter.

5: Jongmeroya: Makes a titan of plants that's 3 stories high.

6: Zaterruk: fusses some plants together to make a clone of herself, which can also cast her spells. Saddly, when there is a clone, it takes twice as much energy to cast a spell, even if it's a simple one.

7: Gigaro-rosen: bigger thorns shoot from her hands.

8: Spirara: Summons the Goddess of plants to streghten the plant or spell of her choice.

9: Rayshoma: roots immobolize opponent.

10: Gigano-Joruk: She changes into a huge albino fox that kinda looks like Kyubi from Naruto. Has little control over this form. When changing back into her normal self, only a KISS from Jonouchi can bring her to her sanity.

Goal: To create a world wear humans and mamodos can live together. She also hopes that Jonouchi is in love with her 'cause she's got a crush on him!

Book Keeper:

Name: Jonouchi Masuya

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Description: Has blonde hair with light brown highlights. Has left eye is brown and his right eye is green. Talks with a Southern accent, even though he is from Japan. Wears a blue t-shirt with black pants and a black leather jacket and sneakers. Gets around on his motorcycle.

Personality: the klutz, but will do anything for Dusty 'cause he's in love with her, but he doesn't know that. Will be kind of a goof ball at times, but in a battle, is as serious as heck and beyond. Will only burn the books of evil mamodo's. Wants to ask Dusty on a date. (An later on will i hope if she doesn't get the book burned!) Please don't burn her book right away!

Here's another mamodo!

Name: Desu (It means 'Death' in Japanese)

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Looks: Like a cross between a dementor and the grim reapper. Wears a cloak that covers the whole body. But when the cloak is off, he looks like death itself. In short, he had a scary jack-o-lanturn head, long legs of bones and as two long arms that have knife-like fingers.

Goal: To plunge the world into eons of darkness. As far as anyone knows, including him, he has no heart.

Spell type: Ghost/Fear

Partner: Yuurei Kigi

Age: 15

Looks: She was in a plane crash that took both of her legs and parents when she was 10. She walks on prostetic legs now. She has purple hair that goes straight down to her hips. Wears a black trench coat that doesn't listen to the laws of gravity, a black turtleneck shirt (even in the summer) and a long black skirt. For shoes she has knee-high boots.

Acts: She could care less about the world. She is a master of deception.


1: Feasen: sends ghost to attack the enemy from his hands

2: Yuureis: Shoots black fire from his mouth

3: Kyoumania: Summons a sythe to attack opponet

4: Akumasa: Summons Cerberus, the three-headed dog of the underworld.

5: Zetsumei: a dome surround both Desu, Yuurei and the enemy. It shows the enemy whatever they fear the most. Most people are sent to the place with the nice people in white coats.

6: Dimenrudo: summons a hell knight to fight the opponent.

7: Oujouruk: transforms into a giant grim Reapper that also shoots more powerful black fire from his mouth.

8: Gigano Demorudon: Summons a Two-headed demon dragon to attack the opponent.

9: Gigano Yuureis: Shoots Black fire that's hotter than the sun from his mouth.

10: Gigano Dimenrudo Summons the God of Death itself to attack opponent
DSE2010 chapter 4 . 7/11/2006
Wow! Awsome story! Are Hao and Saiyuki going to get mamono? Just asking. Update soon please!
Zeon.10 chapter 3 . 6/8/2006
col please ocmtunie please comtinue! pretty please with a zatch and zeno zaker on top! please 10/10 .
angel61991 chapter 3 . 2/7/2006
interesting please update soon.
Junica chapter 3 . 12/29/2005
who was that mamono that blew up the school(i wish he did that 2 my school),who is he related 2 and who was Zeon arrg i mean abels real mom? please answer and continue
Junica chapter 1 . 12/29/2005
UR story is grate but insted of Zack having a brown cloak it be better if it was green like what sometimes i see on pics. of zb
Peter Kim chapter 3 . 11/17/2005
Is it Zeno again? Since I didn't see the ending either,I think Zeno is plotting to bring back Goren the former king of the mamodos back and steal his poers or something like that and what happened in the past that made Goren lose his kingship in the first place? Is Zeno really working for Goren? Will some of the Millennium Mamodos and their book keepers will be making an apperance in this fic and Zackery isn't ready to face any of the Millennium Mamodos since they are even more powerful then a normal or even above normal mamodos and the four hevenly Kings are even more powerful then the Millennium Mamodos and Zack/Gash can send some of the Millennium Mamodos or the four to aid Zackery.
Emma Iveli chapter 2 . 11/11/2005
Good story, I like it. Please contune.
Peter Kim chapter 2 . 11/10/2005
1 down,99 to go. What does Gash knows about that he isn't telling anyone? Will Gash return back to the human woeld and Gash is very powerful and since I didn't see the ending,he might have a hundred spells.
Rae chapter 1 . 9/2/2005
Love it! and does Brago havea kid in the battle!
anonimize chapter 1 . 9/1/2005
I really liked it. Please continue.