Reviews for Longing1: The Road Less Traveled
layla-xd chapter 7 . 3/19/2010

Im relatively new to the Saiyuki fandom, but it still amazes me why there are so few epic Sanzo/Gojyo stories. In my opinion these two are just perfect for each other, and NOT only in a physical but especially in an emotional way. Thats why I was so so happy when I stumbled over this story because it promised all I could ever wanted for a fan fiction. And it definitely fulfilled the promise...

How sad. how absolutely beautiful and how very, very sad. You really managed to draw the reader into the story and I got so emotional while reading it! So congratulations to an amzing, bitter sweet story. Just awesome!
Deinde chapter 6 . 11/4/2008
in traditional Buddhist culture, homosexual relations "didn't count" in the vow of celibacy. It's one of the things that freaked the Europeans out and there is a fair amount of writing on it, all pretty bigoted, but interesting none the less. Sanzo could just say he's being a "true Buddhist" and not letting western pressure change his religon :P
Rosalyn Angel chapter 7 . 12/9/2006
GAH. Two of my favorite fanfic things in one! Post-series with older characters, AND bittersweet angst!

I love how you made the characters mature, especially Sanzo. They're still them, but they're just... /older/.

It pains me, though. D: Stupid monk vows.

I have to see the Longing thread is my favorite of yours. Off to read more...
BoredorBoard chapter 7 . 3/18/2006
Oh my god, this story is beautiful. I've read almost all of your storys, but none of them have touched me like this one has! I seriously cried at the end. I love a good tear-jerker. I hope the others in the Longing arc are as good as this one. You are an excillent wrighter, I only hope I could be half as good as you.

your fan,

Sammy _
Twilight Sunset chapter 1 . 9/9/2005
This is such a sweet, sad fic. I totally loved it! I just hate it that gojyo and sanzo can't be together! It's so sad! I like the parts where gojyo tries to tell sanzo that he loves him but sanzo wouldn't let him. They just have to be together. I hope you write more fics with this pairing.
Santuary of Darkness chapter 7 . 9/5/2005
*sigh* So sad yet so touching...I love it! _

I find it ironic that everyone praises, worships (I guess), and gives affection (in some way)to Sanzo and Gojyo but their're not able to give the same to the one that truly matters the most, each other.

All in all awesome story but I can't help but feel, in the end, pity for Gojyo and pure sadness for Sanzo. Gojyo's going to spend his whole life chasing after something that he -knows- can not be and Sanzo is going to have to live his life with the knowledge of that.

Like I said before great story but, as stated in another review, if you are going to use Japanese words; do so sparingly. Either that or have a little translation guide at the end of the chapter telling the reader what word means what...and make sure that you have the correct Japanese word. Ikozou does not equal Ikuzo. ~_

Keep up the good work! *thumbs up* Now I'm off to read Longings 2! -
Santuary of Darkness chapter 4 . 9/5/2005
Ok ok I know there's more to the story but...but..but that was so sad and yet so...beautiful?

Sanzo telling Gojyo of his promise to himself years ago, him screaming at the gods, Sanzo not letting Gojyo say 'love' made me cry. ;_; *sniffle* Not many stories have been able to do that, but this chapter did and I suppose it's my way of complimenting you on this story so far...
Sorchafyre chapter 2 . 9/4/2005
I know this is finished, and I really shouldn't leave a reveiw before I read the whole thing, but I wanted to say how effective the dramatic convention you used is. The italics to indicate their thoughts, and the conversational flow of that part, we see they know each other deeply enough to pick up on the almost nonexistant cues that let them read each others mind, in effect. This was the highlight of the chapter, the most well-written and, bizarrely given the sentiments, the most in-character feeling.

Very, very well done