Reviews for Behind Blue Eyes
A.A.wasker chapter 18 . 9/15
That made laugh so hard , I really like clumsy drunk seto but I dont think Joey would have handled a depressed drunk seto .
And the most amazing thing in this chapter was the discovery of Joey that he looks like satoshi , that was a lightning strok to him *laughs hard * but I really was proud of joey for resisting his temptation
A.A.wasker chapter 17 . 9/15
Well I give ÿôú that , you trully surprised me that it was mokuba but to be honest this wasn't your best chapter , it was some what disapointing to me ...but love the part if him finding that suicide note , but really I dont know your to text ÿôú though I want it badly now
A.A.wasker chapter 16 . 9/14
Omg poor seto ! That fucker dosent give it a rest dosent he , but I have a feeling that seto was kidnapped by someone else not saki ...I dont know why I'm feeling this but it's a guess , and they way joey slapped his ass and him yelping was so amusing , I really want to see more pained seto memories , and I'm abit disappointed cause you made me feel it will be so anguish , don't get me wrong this painful but not that much
A.A.wasker chapter 15 . 9/14
AHHHH! That's fucking cute a lot and so emotional , finally joey is getting better and I really feel so passtionate for poor seto , so much but god I guess the drama will be fucking saki , right ? I so want to kill him so bad
A.A.wasker chapter 14 . 9/14
Who the hell is satoshi? Omg just when I thought he had it bad , you came and showed me more madness! Girl I love you and that scene was amazing , and can’t wait to see what will happen next
A.A.wasker chapter 13 . 9/14
THE FUCK ! I want to punch that bitch so bad ! Let me at him but you really were creative in Joey’s gift demand , so he wants to fuck him but he sometimes haves logical moments just like this , but god I’m still pissed at that saki dude ! I noticed your not mentioning anything about mokuba and that’s not normal of Seto to not check in his only family why ?
A.A.wasker chapter 12 . 9/14
...I just can’t forgive joey for wanting to fuck him constantly all the time ! Even if he is a horny teenager, but what I hate more is that he is all protective on him yet he wants to fuck him ...
Then he gets guilty for wanting that , saying he was no different then these people and yet he is back at it ... this mutt needs training
But no one pisses me more then this bitch saki ! Aghhhh I want to punch him real hard !
A.A.wasker chapter 5 . 9/12
I was gonna ask but that means the kissing scene was also a past event right ?
If so girl that fucking amazing ! And the whole ÿôú are unpredictable thing , if ÿôú really do that then you have truly earned my time and excitement cause I rarely to never have a wrong guess cause usually it's that obvious , so let's see what you can do
Yours truly ,
A.A.wasker chapter 4 . 9/12
That was fucking amazing I loved this chapter so much ! I just loved how kaiba was crying and in so much pain , it was so amazing but man that pup is such a perv ! Can't ÿôú see the king is in pain * glares * bad boy !
Can't wait for the other chapter
A.A.wasker chapter 3 . 9/12
Loved how you did this cute little bet of smiling , brilliant !
But what I loved more ÿôú cresting that best friend issue out of the blue , can't wait to see more of it but I have to disagree with ÿôú on somthing , seto is the CEO of the best gaming company out there , so he is a super geek at heart , he should have been good at the arcade and even super good !
Over all it's amazing and I get your pain cause i took the nerve out of my wisdom teeth and then took them off COMPLETLY * sighs * it was hell ...
Hope you send me your email cause I want to talk to you more
Your truly ,
A. Wasker
A.A.wasker chapter 2 . 9/12
Wow a lot is reveled in just there first day and girl you think so much like me about seto’s family past ...they do say great minds think alike , by the way you said to text you in your email but I didn’t find it , so can you send it to me so we c
A.A.wasker chapter 1 . 9/12
I just liked how you showed the story from the pup’s point of view , but what made me laugh and get me so amused was the way all see Seto Kaiba but i have to say that scene of Seto falling wasn’t clear that much
Though over all the story so far is fucking amazing ! Keep it up

Yours truly ,
MadeInJapan87 chapter 33 . 4/11
Wow u.u
2018 and... i need more! please!
MadeInJapan87 chapter 31 . 4/11
It's been 7 years that you do not update a new chapter. Please, that the inspiration does not vanish from your life ... I know that we all have lives outside and that we do not earn money writing fanfiction, but a great story does NOT deserve that it has no end and that many readers are left wanting to know the end.
Greetings from Chile
SeaWeedHead chapter 6 . 2/13/2017
So I know this story is super old, but I find the way you loosely throw the term 'rape' around is very unsettling. Granted I know society and fics have come a long way since you started writing this back in the early 2000's and I imagine you have grown intellectually on a personal level as well, so I know no harm was meant in this type of writing. I understand, and I'm not here to 'call you out' or whatever people claim they're doing these days when they harass authors/artists about controversial subjects. But I do think it's worth asking for a warning, whether in the beginning of the story, the beginning of each chapter, or in the summary of the story itself, as a courtesy for those who may not like these kinds of topics.

Due to the extent of Jou's 'lust' I won't be reading any further, but I did enjoy the way you wrote Kaiba, making him seem just as attractive as he is in canon lol. So kudos for that!
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