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KHB123 chapter 9 . 11/7/2015
In the end, at least Itachi has finally found his conscience, but its sad that he's found it too late: that he loved Sasuke and would now do anything to protect him. However sad the ending is, it also made me glad for Itachi (even though I still resent what he's done), because it's better to end your days loving someone than to live the rest of your life feeling empty and power-hungry.
All and all, still love Itachi and still love Sasuke. This was a powerful story. Good job.
KHB123 chapter 5 . 11/7/2015
Even though I've seen the later episodes and learned the truth of who Itachi really is, THIS Itachi is making me remember what I had previously thought of him before, of what Sasuke and everyone else thought too….A HEARTLESS, EVIL, MONSTROUS, CRAZY SONOFABITCH WHO KILLED HIS CLAN AND KILLED HIS BABY BROTHER'S INNOCENCE BECAUSE HE WANTED TO! It's really painful to recall this type of hatred toward such a person, but this is a good story with a good, certain perspective of how far a person can fall. Poor Sasuke.
jmtothemusic chapter 1 . 9/22/2015
Despite the fact that this is about evil Itachi it is still an incredible take on him; he's creepily intelligent, shaped by the world around him, and his observations about the world, though obviously stemming from a cold-hearted take on him, fit even 'good' Itachi due to their wonderful foundation you established. I could totally see 'good' Itachi seeing the world in this way. Excellent language, too!
time2read chapter 4 . 6/14/2015
hnn well according to the actual anime Danzo is the one who killed shisui. Ugh Itachi is so mental in your fic!
time2read chapter 1 . 6/14/2015
Disturbing indeed. but great take on Itachi!
Ame no Kagaseo chapter 9 . 2/20/2015
This story, is beautiful. The sheer emotion I felt while reading this cannot be described in mere words; for a moment it was as if I saw that colorless world through Itachi's eyes.
Thank you, for writing this.
moneygreen932 chapter 4 . 6/21/2013
i mean this story is pretty good but it had Itachi pegged wrong he wasn't just a heartless monster because he wanted power... he loved his village more than anything more than his own life and he LOVED his brother even at a very young age this is a good story but it trails of the path of the truth a bit
kasia224 chapter 9 . 6/13/2013
Wow.. This is more than good enough to accept as the truth of what Itachi really went through. Chilling.
This is not a story for those who only enjoy fluff. Incredible story - haunting - but incredible all the same. I usually forget stories after I read them since there's so many but this is one that will remain with me forever.
- kasia
tanithlipsky chapter 9 . 3/21/2013
saphirathangel chapter 9 . 12/19/2012
its so hard to find a fanfic that isn't ooc. u're really good at this.
anonymous chapter 9 . 10/13/2011
This is definitely one of the most wonderful fanfics ever, not even counting your exotic kind of writing. Your fanfic explores the deepest of Itachi's emotions, his feelings and linked them together till the very end. Even the last part ties in beautifully with Kishimoto's story, and I couldn't help wishing you had written more.

The only parts that confused me was about Madara wiping his memories; I guessed that's because this story was probably plotted before Kishimoto decided to put a twist into the story, saying that Itachi is really a "good" person. Still, I find it very interesting that you had this point of view instead of making it the same as Kishimoto's.

I will say again that I have never seen any writing as deep as yours, even from well published authors around the world. Your words paint a startling picture and gives a constant chill up my spine. I thank you for this glorious masterpiece.
wingedmercury chapter 9 . 7/24/2011
nice. This was a really great and intelligent fic. Thank you for writing it!

"But my ghosts had followed me down the hall. A familiar voice called my name. My heart clenched. It was as if they all called my name at once. Shisui, my mother, my father. I turned, slowly. Standing there, in the hall, eyesblazing, was the only real ghost of the Uchiha."

I just love that- the only real ghost of the Uchiha. Sent shivers down my spine.

Thanks again for a great fic!
wingedmercury chapter 8 . 7/24/2011
damn, you wrote that bit drunk?

You are good...

"She knew I would. I was a god of death, a double-edged sword. A traitor who had killed his clan to protect his Village." Wow. In just a few lines you cover a lot of ground...!
wingedmercury chapter 7 . 7/23/2011
Freakin brilliant. I'm too tired to wax poetic, but this was amazing. The dream sequence and the sickening lurch of reality- brilliant.
wingedmercury chapter 4 . 7/23/2011
oh hells yes. So beautiful and dark. Oh my god. anything I could write in this review pales before the masterful writing. KUDOS.
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