Reviews for Odd Ideas
WBH21C chapter 194 . 2h
LOL! Very well done!
Bubblezmith chapter 194 . 6h
Crys chapter 194 . 13h
*long stare*

Yes. Yes, you did name this "story" appropriately. This was indeed an odd idea.

Funny, though!
tenchifew chapter 194 . 17h
Thank you for a great laugh!
This was hilarious.
Lohoydo chapter 194 . 17h
Masked vigilante in Canada... Animal name and animal named sidekick... Anyone else thinking of The Red Panda?
BMS chapter 194 . 19h
Yea, you been mixing your meds again, haven't you?
Hilarious. 8)
Makarva chapter 194 . 21h
XD jajajajajajajaja
BJH chapter 194 . 22h
Given that Harry’s Godfather is known as the Great Tit, shouldn’t the proper superhero name for his young and smaller sidekick have been the Itty Bitty Titty? I’m sure the committee will be in agreement.

Random Guest chapter 194 . 22h
Too much crack to the point it is not even fun anymore. I miss the Make a Wish days... That is a legendary story.
Guest chapter 194 . 6/18
*'Alastor', not 'Alastair'.

Thanks for the chapter!
Kairan1979 chapter 194 . 6/18
While I hoped to see the new adventures of Harry and Lockhart, the chapter was hillarious.
P.S. I wonder about the possible results of Hermione's research.
CMVreud chapter 194 . 6/18
BlackCashmere chapter 194 . 6/18
Apex Predator? What of Mother Owl or Laser Owl?
PSay chapter 194 . 6/18
This is a fun way to insult Dumbledore. The Masked Woodcock? Quite fitting really. I look forward to more crezyness from you. ps
LeightonWD chapter 194 . 6/18
Thanks for the laughs
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