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Guest chapter 39 . 7/17
Love the stories could do without the repeats but please keep up the good work
zugrian chapter 1 . 7/17
So, I've read this all the way through a couple of times and love many of these ideas.

I particularly love the way you use Luna. Luna obsessed with seducing or being seduced by Harry is a lot of fun. Luna creating her own harem is a blast too.

But I would really love to see the Luna & Harry from dark future (The Meaning of Fear ch87 & others) developed into a full story.

The other ideas I liked the most were the Harry x Mercy ark and the Harry x Min ark. Both of those are interesting cross over ideas that I haven't really seen before. Love the way Harry & Min interact with the Malfoys in particular, as well as Min training Hermione to be vicious.

Keep up the great work!
ExceleKurokami chapter 5 . 7/15
Aside from making a mistake about Hermione's birthday, she was born on September 19th, 1979 while Harry was born July 31st, 1980, this is a great idea.

I think I'll steal it for my Red Hood idea, where Fem!Harry is a technomage and James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Lily and even Snape arranged marriages for her before even knowing her gender. (Snape engages her to Tonks, because he figures it was time to taint the Potters with intermarriage as revenge for being exposed as a petty bully while at school instead of the budding Dark Lord he deluded himself into thinking he was)

The reason none of the marriage contracts were cancelled, due to the 'groom' being female, was because of the Potters going into hiding and Death Eaters liking the idea of ambushing people fresh out of the bank, to steal their keys and drain their accounts into 'more worthy' accounts and then kill the person so they can't recover their money.

I'm also taking the 'Chosen One gets taken in by Tonks' bit for that idea for Red Hood. Nothing like starting to see someone as your big sister, only to find out she's one of your fiancees. (Fleur takes the role of big sister, especially since they become sisters when Gabrielle insists on the Chosen One being her future wife. Besides, Tonks is only physically older than Harry's group, she's about the same mental age as them)
Reader chapter 167 . 7/15
Why do I picture Sirius' 'celebration dance' as Gangnam Style, but with some pelvic thrusts thrown in?
precious889.pretty chapter 180 . 7/14
Try this.
Ackamarackus chapter 36 . 7/2
that's a case of yes bias if ever i've seen one
Ackamarackus chapter 10 . 7/1
ExceleKurokami chapter 175 . 6/26
Love how putting Spark!Harry in Slytherin would be most beneficial, but you forgot about how Harry would either cause Snape to go mad, resign and follow Peter's example or just be 'volunteered' to be part of an experiment.

Also, Petunia, why not just ask the Potters to break a hole between realities and toss you through to a random world. While they are doing that, Harry can snatch up Min and any other girls he wanted.
Reader chapter 173 . 6/26
Told you, the baddest of the bad are in Hufflepuff. There is a reason that nobody messes with them.
ExceleKurokami chapter 172 . 6/26
The reason why Harry didn't mention Snape is because he's actually, unbelievably, the best head of house Hogwarts has to offer. (which speaks dire things of the quality of teaching staff there when you consider that Snape's rival is a boy less than half his age)

McGonagall may as well not be the Head of Gryffindor, considering the one and only time she stepped up and acted like a 280 pound lioness rather than Dumbledore's 2kg Singapua was more than likely due to her dislike of Umbridge rather than her obligation to Gryffindor. (reinforced by the fact that she went back to being a bookend to Dumbledore until Snape offed him) She also refuses to listen to any council that doesn't smell vaguely of lemons and goat anus.

Sprout has almost no canon appearances, but judging by the fact that Hufflepuff is filled with what appears to be the most well adjusted and least insane people in the magical world, and given the whole style of the house and her willingness to help all students, I'd say that she's leagues better than her colleagues.

Flitwick is another one who had little canon appearance, but considering Luna, and possibly others, were bullied regularly and he did nothing about it, he's either inattentive or as much a sadistic bastard as Dumbledore.

Snape is the best head of house, so long as you are Slytherin. He's quick to protect his snakes, whether they are about to get what is coming to them for being a gathering of the magical world's entire Asshole Victim (in training) population, or someone decided to just attack the little snobs.

So, like you said, when one considers that one of her fellow heads of house is Flitwick, who already sets the bar very low, it is almost unbelievable that the one who says that 'your house is your family' could be, by far, the worst 'parent' of them all. McGonagall makes the Dursleys look like model parents when compared to her.
ExceleKurokami chapter 167 . 6/26
Love that comment about Ron being one of, of not the only boy she can't dig up dirt on, mostly because he's a curly tail away from being a plus sized pig. While the basic idea is rather unusable, because Dark Dork No-Jock wouldn't bother looked up anything that requires what he lacks, and that is genitalia.

As for the fact that Harry is basically screwing about a third of Surrey, I can see that. That comment about daughters wanting to be with the bad boy because daddy says no, and their mother deciding to find out just how dirty Harry is, is completely believable. Same with him banging the french Veela chick, who is easily one of the two hottest girls in HP canon, the other being Tonks, along with just about all the other hotties that followed Fleur in.
Reader chapter 162 . 6/26
I'm more interested in this Olivia Potter girl than Luna becoming the Mistress of Death for JKR-Earth-2.
ExceleKurokami chapter 147 . 6/25
All of a sudden, flawlessly protected memories aren't all that fun, eh, Harry?

Besides, Dumbles is just screwing with him. Well, maybe about Draco and Hermione being half siblings of his. Ginny could very well be his sister, and I even did that in one story. (Someone also did a story where Ginny was Dumbledore's daughter, and one of her and 'Harry's' sons was actually Dumbledore's son)
ExceleKurokami chapter 144 . 6/25
Something every other wizard in Great Britain has done at least once... I thought it was banging close relatives? Well, I guess Narcissa does count.

And I highly doubt that the trouser ferret could fight his way out of a wet paper bag that has been torn to shreds and put under him.
ExceleKurokami chapter 141 . 6/25
About Tom quitting and becoming a tax man/auditor, I think a good replacement for Dark Lord would be Susan Bones. Think about it, nobody suspects a Puff!

Or maybe Pansy or Astoria. I can see Pansy demanding the hot wives or Astoria declaring that the target hadn't changed at all, but the objective had. Capture Harry Potter so that Dark Lady Astoria can have her wicked ways with him. (she needs to avoid Dork Lord Draco "Limp Noodle" Malfoy in some way)
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