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FN chapter 161 . 7/25
All I gotta say is that not only is it wonderful to see that you're still alive and writing, but this was Siriusly funny. I'd love to see more if only for the Innocent looking black puppy that was promised.

Still, like always it wasn't what I expected and it was very entertaining!
MNR chapter 117 . 7/24
Um...What just happened? Do you even have the tinyest most smallest itsy bitsy speck of sanity left? Well, if you don't that's ok I don't either. Ha ha just kidding, I was just picking on you I'm sure you plenty of sanity. Anyway You've got some pretty good stuff here, and I think I'll go back to reading now.
Guest chapter 125 . 7/23
i know that this is because of the fact that both use cultural myths and legends, but throughout the thing I firmly imagined the characters from Ayakashibito, a visual novel. Which is a bit... well, it's 18, and the first of such scenes is this weird bit where a newly human formed fox is given help peeing by the main character.

Guest chapter 161 . 7/22
lmao. excellent
TheOneButcher chapter 161 . 7/22
manner of places
Runecutter chapter 161 . 7/22
What a brilliant idea. :D I'd love to see this grow into the mother of all crack fics...

when Sirius starts out this way in first year, by his graduation Voldemort will not have the slightest chance, the guy will be surrounded by a fanatical bodyguard of at least 20 lovesick women, catering to his every whim... and Hufflepuffs in love can be scary... well okay, they do not need to be in love to be scary, but... you get what I meant, don't you? :D

What I did not understand was why Narcissa would hide in the GRYFFINDOR's girls dorms... just because Sirius treats them as of no as off limits to humor James? Why would they hide a Snake in there?

But of course the information about Lucius should get to her anyway and it might have ... interesting consequences... what about Remus and her? :D A small "Conan Arsene Lupin" would be a nice addition to the universe ;) (Conan means wolf in irish-gaelic, Conor is "wolf-lover" or "dog-lover"...)
And there are several more wolf names like Ulric/Ulrica, Lowell or Tala (girl's name)...

Another funny bit could be that Snape and Bella do no longer wish to be recruits of the Dark Lord due to Sirius' intervention and he could do something like WWW with a bit more emphasis on serious potions and potion-effects (akin to the shield hats and so on) a whole generation earlier. He even might... what a fearsome thought ... ENJOY doing stuff like research and development of new potions and to sell them in his own shop.

Innocent looking black puppy? That was a good one... when has Sirius Black EVER managed to look innocent or cute? ;) Of course it would be another good idea to have him running through the castle for his diverse ehh... educational expeditions to the other common rooms ;)) and each time a young Sibyl Trelawney, who's at Hogwarts to intern as mastery student with the old divination Teacher Madam Moira Wentworth (born Nutter... in reference to "Good Omens" by T Pratchett and N Gaiman) to learn the ropes of the trade (slowly... veeeery slowly, after all we know of her lack of both talent and third eye power already :D) and who every time she sees the Grim in form of Lil' Sirius has a seizure or whatever and starts to predict everybody's death coming up... or maybe she just starts drinking to fit the brain damage with the hallucinations already there? There are lots of possibilities open with that...

Anyway... I definitely hope you'll find it in you to continue this storyline it has been... seriously funny. ;)
Jhotenko chapter 161 . 7/21
This concept is wonderfully amusing, and without a doubt this is Sirius' masterpiece prank. Turning Hogwarts and the Black family on their heads with casual ease is both hilarious, and constructive.

Regardless of how serious an author takes the story, there needs to be more time travel fics where someone other than Harry goes back in time.

As always, I look forward to your next post.
Difdi chapter 161 . 7/21
It has been said that the truest of Slytherins would arrange to be sorted ANYWHERE else - since everyone knows Slytherins are cunning and ambitious. Why give fair warning like that?

This Sirius is practically the perfect Slytherin, even if he's doing it just to troll people.
Cocoagirl3 chapter 161 . 7/20
I would love it if you could continue with this chapter into a story or another chapter. It was the funniest thing I've read in a long time.
Snapdraaon chapter 161 . 7/20
This most recent bit with a time traveling Sirius is hilarious! I do hope more keeps coming to you. Sadly, it's probably too late to pull in the fragment about Lord Voldemort deciding to toss that world conquest foolishness and focus on bird conquest via popular music, but you could still use it in the original form as something to troll him/one of the plot coupons with. It would be more up Sirius's alley than Harry's anyway, and might also play into saving Regulus if that part of the plot doesn't change beforehand.
BajaB chapter 161 . 7/19
A very interesting twist, once again. Love it.
Laud de Saturno chapter 161 . 7/19
Probablemente de toda está tanda de fragmentos de Harry Potter este debe ser mi capítulo favorito X3
mad1zel chapter 161 . 7/19
oh this great I laughed so hard
covertpartyhat chapter 161 . 7/19
This is absolutely hilarious!
lazyguy90 chapter 161 . 7/19
Haha, well played Sirius. Well played.
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