Reviews for Odd Ideas
aarabdht chapter 148 . 9/20
You get a cookie for this one. Badass!Harry is very sparse these days.
Reader chapter 125 . 8/31
Great concept, but you made a mistake in the mythology of a kitsune. It isn't age, but wisdom that makes a fox a kitsune. It is nekomata who are really old and have their tail split, turning them into demons, not foxes.

A kitsune is a fox that gains wisdom, gaining more tails the closer it comes to enlightenment. Once it has nine, attaining full enlightenment, it can assume human form and has become a powerful being, not necessarily a demon.
Reader chapter 109 . 8/30
I take it the 'howler' was a sample of what Narcissa could expect from servitude to one Harry James Potter, courtesy of Hermione Granger's screaming. And wasn't Hermione's wand something like a foot long?
burnnotice chapter 44 . 8/28
how do good stories end up as one shots and not longer stories? these are really interesting how does someone get bored with some of the stories?
rvg0318 chapter 8 . 8/27
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fridelain chapter 149 . 8/27
Re AN: Not to mention Godric himself carried a (Goblin made, presumably enchanted, definitely gaudy) sword. With how the founders are revered you would expect Griffindors would find it a cool thing to have.
rvg0318 chapter 8 . 8/27
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Reader chapter 167 . 8/23
I preferred the 'slow and painful' death of Snape version better, but I guess he needed to live in order for the reveal. Would have been nice if he keeled over after that. Only the Snape wives would cry over that, and nobody cares about deluded, crazy people who honestly believe a fictional person is real.
Reader chapter 129 . 8/22
Hey look, Snape finally got some! Granted, he did mind rape himself, but at least he still got some action.
Reader chapter 91 . 8/21
"James pushed down an irrational surge of jealousy, when he was Harry's age, he was happy to get a grope through three layers of clothing."

Wow, so at the age of 36, you aren't allowed to grope your wife? Man, guess that not all redheads are wild in bed. I mean, I didn't expect Lily to be a wild cat or anything, but to be such a high level prude... How did James ever get her pregnant once, forget twice?

Yeah, guess James obviously forgot that 'sixteen year old' Harry pointed out that he was twenty years older than he appeared to be after the summoning.
Reader chapter 87 . 8/20
The biggest problem with 'Meaning of Fear' is that the prophecy would have completed itself and become invalid after Harry's death, thus freeing Voldemort of the prophecy in all ways, including his 'invulnerability' to everyone not named Harry Potter. After all, the prophecy requires 'Harry Potter' to kill 'Voldemort,' or vice versa. Since Voldemort succeeded in killing Harry Potter, he fulfilled the prophecy and it was rendered invalid.

Of further note, the prophecy is BS because a Seer, and Fate, would be able to know that 'Voldemort' was an assumed name, and not a Lord, so it would involve 'Harry James Potter and Tom Marvollo Riddle.' There would also not be a (?) after Harry's name. While not an exact science, it is more accurate than portrayed in canon. Besides, the biggest issue is that Seers don't remember their trances, but Trelawney did, and for her to come out of it and notice Snape being dragged away means that he heard a lot more than just the first part. Rowling is a great writer, no doubt about that, but her fact checking is absolute garbage, and it was her own material to boot.
Reader chapter 77 . 8/20
Absolutely love Snape's 'nope out' moment. Not even he could stand a new Potter being shagged by the child of his nemesis, especially since it means that Harry had far more sex than Snape ever will. (his right and left hands both got restraining orders on his 'stirring rod' before Snape even hit puberty)
ReaderBot791 chapter 174 . 8/19

Why do I ahve caps lok on?
ReaderBot791 chapter 42 . 8/19
Licking the Eyebrows WTF HAHAHA
ExceleKurokami chapter 47 . 8/18
The reason why Luna strikes people as a harem builder is because she seems like the type to be a bisexual minx, kind of like people see Gabrielle as being a very crude little girl who could make an Amsterdam whore blush if they could understand french as well as making a harem for Harry because he is too much for even a Veela.

Quick note: there are a handful of good stories out there where Hermione and Luna are in a (normally sexual) relationship and Harry gets added in by one or both of them because they decide they need a thicker and longer wand, or they want to find out the 'benefits' of a parseltongue, or both.
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