Reviews for Harry Potter And The Summer Of Change
readermind chapter 19 . 11/26
good story :D
ironhair chapter 1 . 11/16
Storsone chapter 19 . 11/5
So far I've read the entire story three times and am sure that I'll be back again. Considering that the last update was almost 10 years ago I am quite sure you won't surprise us with a sequel but... PLEASE bless us with a sequel!
Specky Clarke chapter 19 . 10/31
An excellent, brilliant story.
Guest chapter 19 . 10/30
I like it but it does need that edit that's "in-progress"—it is plagued by homophone mistakes.
MeganCappa chapter 19 . 10/29
Just reread the whole story again and I think I like it even more than the first time. Absolutely amazing job on this!
raven spotter chapter 19 . 10/12
Great story
Jameson of Jameson chapter 19 . 10/6
This is a brilliant story.
Martin Blue chapter 19 . 9/29
I hope this gets a sequal
daithi4377 chapter 4 . 9/23
They should stop worrying about Tonks and start worrying about how they are going to handle Harry once he figures out all the info he is missing and really gets his act together.
daithi4377 chapter 2 . 9/13
Harry is definitely older than his years. The thing with Piers and Malcolm is going to come to a head and it's not going to be Harry that is hurt.
daithi4377 chapter 1 . 9/13
I'm glad someone is finally caring forHarry. Tonks employer eh, why did she go to the Department of Mysteries and not the DMLE?
DaveC chapter 14 . 9/9
I would tell that Hermione to stop being so nosey, I just would not take what she thinks is a right to know, anymore questions from her.

kauthreader chapter 19 . 9/4
oh no... cliffhanger with nothing to follow it up with :**(
guess that means i can imagine my own?
:harry gets the malfoy family locked up, voldy-balls tries to out-maneuver harry and finds a newly-practiced curse in the face the year after harry graduates:
YaY harry wins :D
ljgmlg2 chapter 19 . 9/3
Fantastic story! Loved every minute of it. Excellent plot and character development. Shame there wasn't a sequel or two!
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