Reviews for Harry Potter And The Summer Of Change
Guest chapter 19 . 9/14
I'm so glad I decided to re-read this story again, it's one of my favorites! When are you going to write the sequel?
yeah chapter 2 . 9/13
nopeeeee big problem you made petunia sensiblish any woman who was okay with forcing a single digit aged kid to cook for them not allow him to eat it and force him to sleep under a cupboard ,FOR A DECADE mind you ,is just a maniac and nothing more
Clark Thomas Lee Koesy chapter 1 . 9/4
I just noticed that the book written about harry's first through fourth years is by FLD. just guessing but is that Fleur Louise Delaclour? it would make sense..
Crainium9 chapter 9 . 9/3
The only major problem I have with this story is no matter occlumency or not the shit he sees in those is traumatizing there is no way that they wouldn’t have a mandatory psych evaluation after each of those sessions. chapter 19 . 8/29
All this needs is a sequel! Hint-hint.
kieleyboo chapter 19 . 8/24
this story is incredible. I love the idea of Harry as an Unspeakable. I'm so glad I found it
ray-ber chapter 19 . 8/4
Hey really enjoyed this story any plans on a sequel?
DJBenson chapter 1 . 7/16
Great story with a lot of great ideas

Are there plans for the following year.

Reading has been a passion and I really want to write. Found fanfiction l this has enthralled me.
CasperShot chapter 14 . 7/15
That was hilarious when M tried to decline Harry's offer to repair the house with "We do have insurance you know". What could he possibly tell them? "Hello, I'd like to file a claim for property damage. My house was attacked by dark wizards last night." Just see where that gets you
DylanL chapter 17 . 7/13
Idk how i missed it in my other readings of this story, but you got the books wrong. At harry's birthday party hagrid gave him the book they were going to use in care of magical creatures. In this chapter u said he was using the past books.
Lee Worsnop chapter 19 . 7/11
nothing much to say about this other than !READ IT!
EdTheBeast chapter 19 . 7/6
It is a fantastic story. Wish to see the sequel! Will check out the authors other stories!
EdTheBeast chapter 7 . 7/5
Alistor might have seen that!
EdTheBeast chapter 1 . 7/4
This is a fantastic start of a story!
Handers chapter 19 . 6/30
Very nice story!
Thanks for sharing it with us :)
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