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maxthehobbit chapter 40 . 2/22/2012
This was much more to my liking than the first story. Plenty of action although not very explicit. I liked it except that Buffy was eliminated early on, but I still read the rest. From the epilogue I see I'll like the next story a lot. I like your writing style, it flows so easily. I'm not much for the lovey/dovey parts, but it's part of the story. I still wish Buffy tortured/killed Eliza's father. Peter got off way too easy being a rat and Sirius ... looks like the good guys are almost all dead, so much for doing good, just gets you killed, in your stories anyway ... similar to real life.

Thanks for posting - on to the next story.
Shaybo27 chapter 40 . 10/12/2011
This while thing made me laugh and cry-which was expected. Gah! So good! Off to the next one! ;D
LordNemesis chapter 32 . 1/22/2011
Sorry but your storys just got put on the do not read list. I hate when the bad guys alwas win and you pertray the heros as dummys. Where the blank is the common knowage O will. Another story not worth reading.
Mordanyes chapter 40 . 7/26/2010
Another fantastic story! Amazing job!
volleyballplayer14 chapter 16 . 4/30/2010
This chapter had me crying, and the worst thing about it was that I already have a headache. Haha. Lots of love for the story. I bowed my head for Gideon and Fabian. Two pranking twins who were killed saving Molly Weasley's twins... Ctill crying.
Wildfury chapter 1 . 8/3/2009
ShayleeAlf chapter 40 . 11/29/2008
OMG OMG OMG! i cant believe i havnt read this sequel sooner. aw even though i knew it was bound to happen i still cried like a baby when lilly & james died. and poor sirius. oh i soo hope you take Remus & Buffy back to their own world. and ive had waay to much caffine to stay up reading this so im gonna stop typing before i embaress myself anymore. lol. i cant wait to read the next one. Cheers!
Turn.Me.On chapter 40 . 4/8/2008
Great sequel! I absolutely love this series!
spikehalliwellpotter chapter 40 . 9/3/2007
love it

serenitysmalfoy chapter 40 . 10/2/2006
YAY! *Rushes to sequal*
Superfan chapter 40 . 6/2/2006
One word: LOL!
finkpishnets chapter 40 . 6/1/2006
I've actually skipped the epilogue in majority (although I saw that they had kids) because I really truly cannot wait for the sequal. You know me; obsessed much ;) I just really want Buffy to be OK - the Scoobies aren't her soulmates, the Marauders are and I just hope that at least somethings go right. So happy that Remus has gone to be with her. I just can't help but want Buffy and him to have some sort of moral high ground over the Scoobies lol. Excellent as always!
rei0kitsune chapter 40 . 5/31/2006
OMG! BUFFY AND REMUS HAD KIDS! How cute! Can't wait for your sequel! _
CallaRose4ever chapter 40 . 5/31/2006
How funny the Father Christmas question was excellent. How many kids did she have? Was it 3? at first I thought it was two but then there was another name but I wasn't sure if it was a nickname or not. I wonder if their kids are going to be going to Hogwarts with Buffy and Lupin in the sequel? (Big D must be really desperate for a defense against the dark arts teacher to come to another dimension. LOL)
Icekitsune4ever chapter 40 . 5/31/2006
lol I liked the last line "is that father chirstmas?"

so when's the sequel coming out?

Im going to miss u!

*starts crying*
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