Reviews for Renagade Mentality
Windborn chapter 1 . 10/25/2009
One massive review is about my limit for the day, so I won't bog you down with another. However, I do love this and wanted to say so in the proper place. The way you portray these two and the interaction between them is fantastic. Initially, I thought you contradicted Botta's parentage, though looking now I notice that the beginning doesn't actually state which was human and which half-elven. The fact that he physically resembled his father made me assume the father was human, though later it's revealed that his mother was. That's my only story-driven critique. lol This fic is a pleasure, and one I'll probably revisit often.

So...Botta doesn't get his pay back until he gives Yuan the paper shredder, eh? _ Or so I guess.

Splendid, as always!
koholint chapter 1 . 4/24/2008
I haven't read a fic this good in a long time, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been discovered by others yet. So few reviews...

But that aside, I was just amazed by your characterization of everyone, especially Yuan. You're just spot-on with his mood and manner - it's wonderful. I've never read such a good characterization of Yuan, although there were a few other good ones that I can remember. Of course, this one tops them all - Cruxis Crystals fascinate me, especially their pyschological and physical effects upon their wearer, and the way you made Yuan in this fic was just... perfect. That's the only way I can describe it - PERFECT. I especially liked how you said, "Part of Botta’s duty as being Yuan’s Second was to understand the existence of his superior, to look past the horror stories and see the true horror. Yuan could not sleep, could rarely eat, and could sometimes drink."

Wonderful! I love the "true horror" bit!

Your character development of Botta was also wonderful; I think that he's a great character, and it's terribly sad that he didn't get more screentime in the game. I actually cried when he died, and I just love reading about him. He's not very popular for whatever reason, and I'm so happy to have discovered this wonderful fic of yours.

The Renegades equal love, and you have great insight as to their personalities and the way the bases work. You've drawn some great conclusions, (such as the Sylvarant base being inferior to the Tethe'alla base, and the difference of clothing styles, the way Sylvarant gets gipped supply-wise, and etc.), and I just loved the way you portrayed their inner workings. It's not something I often think about, but now I will definately spend more time musing about the bases.

Near the end of the story the text seemed wonky, but I don't know if that's a formatting thing Fanfiction has caused or not. It does some strange things at times... so I wouldn't be too surprised.

Well, before this gets too long, (although I'm sure you'd appreciate a nice long review!), I just wish to restate how much I enjoyed this fic. Again, it's one of the best I've read in a while, and in fact one of the best I've EVER read, and I want to thank you so much for writing this. It's definately going as one of my faves.

Rereading some passages I notice some more clever things... such as the paper shredder, and Botta's convenient taking of the last one. And while I'm off topic, I also want to say that the way you portrayed Yuan to the rest of the Renegades was excellent too - and a bit amusing as well. But it's true that the Renegades would think of Yuan as a "soul-sucking fallen angel", and address him in their minds as *him*. It's little things like that that I just love to find in fics, and another reason why I enjoyed yours so much.

Heehee, okay, this really is getting long. But just to say it again, I loved the fic. ;) I would love for you to write more about Yuan and Botta!
CallidiorQuamTu chapter 1 . 7/16/2007
Why have so few people reviewed this? It's an excellent fic, with wonderful development of both characters. I love the way you've portrayed Yuan in all your fics...I find that I like him in-game a lot better now! I really enjoyed reading it, and although the typos (mostly at the end) were distracting, they did not detract from the wonderful story. I only have one question...did Botta win his bet? :)
hyliansage chapter 1 . 2/14/2006
The sheer amount of fics you have amazes me. And not just that... the sheer amount of chapters you have on some of them scares me as well! o_0 I applaud your dedication (or complete boredom/procrastination skills if you're like me. XD), really, I do.

But m... I was wondering why this one doesn't have that many reviews! I really enjoyed how you characterized ALL of the characters (including the Random Renegades. XD) and even if some of my theories regarding the formation of the Renegades and the whole organic/inorganic thing that the angels (w/Key Crests, I'm assuming) seem to capable of switching between don't really match up to what you have in this... I still really liked this! (But hey. They don't really explain those things well enough in-game. To each his/her own. XD)

...I'm still amazed by the sheer amount of writing that you've done... You must have at least 150 chapters! *jaw drops* XD A little nitpicky but sometimes I think the formatting goes kinda screwy and it doesn't look as pretty aesthetically. I think that's easily fixed though if you just go through and edit all of the apostrophes since they seem to be the cause of the problem... But that's just me really. :D

Umm... but yes! Do keep on writing! (And I hope you don't mind if I skip out on reading/reviewing the rest of them... I'd love to go back and give you pretty reviews on them all but... wow... *is still amazed* XD) And did I mention that I love you for writing Yuan fics? There don't seem to be enough of them out there. :D

(And just going by um... what you currently have, I'm guessing/hoping that you'll also write Tales of Phantasia stuff when they FINALLY release an official English version, eh? XDD Don't forget the Chester-love! Heehee.)
C.Jye chapter 1 . 10/24/2005
Wow! There's some really stuffy language there! But it great, really intresting about the relationship with Yuan and Botta. I guess the problem was it was too long... my eyes are quite sore...

Hope you can up date soon! I'll be waiting!

Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date! Up date!
GameCubeGirl1 chapter 1 . 9/7/2005
Thats one long one-shot o_o, though a very interesting insight to Yuan and Botta's friendship, I still wonder how Yuan felt when Botta and those other 2 renegades drowned in the base. Ah well, maybe he mourned in his own...quiet and lifeless way, lol. Yuan was actually my fave enemy strangely enough, even though he became good later, he was cool to fight with that massive sword. Ahem, nive job as always Kasan