Reviews for Not Your Usual Veela Mate
Guest chapter 38 . 10/22
i guessed dark elf
Ame's world chapter 69 . 10/19
Such a wonderful fanfic !
I really would love to read more one day ! Please ? Pretty Please with cherry on top ?
Anyway, thanks a lot for this wonderful fanfic and I hope read more one day.
PEACHESandBUNNY 17 chapter 69 . 9/11
I have loved reading this story and I know that it has been a long time since the last update but I hope that you will give it a chance again and update the story because I would love to see where you would take it from here
Guest chapter 69 . 9/4
I love this story I hope you continue with it.
OnyxxRiver chapter 69 . 9/3
God, I love this. It's definitely in my top favourites. But when I came to the end I could've cried. I'd love to read more, it has been wonderful to read. Alas, I am aware how unlikely that is since the last update was so long ago. However, a small part of me will still hope.
BaileyBlu chapter 1 . 8/18
I fell in love with this story/world you've shown us here. I am positive that whenever you can write more on it we will ALL be so thankful for it! Please don't give up on your writing!
Lucy chapter 26 . 8/13
The story is good but the only thing that’s been bothering me in the story is you saying American Indians instead of native Americans. :/
Jaeway chapter 69 . 7/7
Love the story so far!
Keep up the great work!
ElkhansahElizabethLamkhantar chapter 69 . 7/2
this is one of the best drarry stories I've ever read its truly is a masterpiece
can you please continue it
Jaelisha chapter 69 . 6/25
I Love the book so much!
Perlz chapter 69 . 6/22
Ack! I don't want to stop reading! :)
Perlz chapter 68 . 6/22
. "I will never regret that Magic picked you as my mate. And I will not allow that tosser calling himself a Dark Lord to kill you off, so there is no need for you to feel regret, do you understand me?" Draco demanded, continuing his hard"

You tell him Draco! Lol
Perlz chapter 68 . 6/22
? I never expected to live, and then you come and tell me that I am your mate. You really should have picked someone else, Draco, you really should have picked someone else as your mate," Harry murmured.

Ah...Harry never expected to live. No wonder he has contingency plans for draco. It' been 19 days...
Perlz chapter 68 . 6/22
"You know, sometimes I actually wonder if magic rotten people's brains or something. Most of the wizards and witches I meet seem incapable of thinking for themselves, unable to draw conclusions from facts they have seen with their own two eyes,"

...this is literally a human thing. -winces- Harry doesn't know enoghh about muggles if he thinks this is ever going to change. The masses are sheep. But maybe in the elven realm with a good king Harry can make a difference.
Perlz chapter 68 . 6/22
"And from what his Seeker had observed, the Elf possessed the Silver stubborn conviction to do what they felt was right no matter what the cost to themselves"

The devastating part of this was the cost to their loved ones. Did the king deserve to lose his daughter?
And Harry is going to be king! Lol, it great he has a grandfather.
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