Reviews for Not Your Usual Veela Mate
Erimenthe chapter 69 . 9/15
I know that it's been years since this was updated but I am loving this story! I don't have much hope you will continue it but I am going to try to keep some that you will come back to it at some point. It is amazing and I love the interaction between them all and the fact you brought in the veela and elves now.
DarKarma chapter 69 . 8/4
Hi, I love this story a bunch. I was curious if I could continue it on Wattpad and AO3 if I were to pay credit to you. I will most likely continue anyways as it is clearly abandoned. I hope I can continue your story in a good way.
Me chapter 69 . 6/7
I KNOW this story is abandoned, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it.
I seriously do love it though. I wish there was more especially the romance and bonding side (and Harry learning more about the elves)
Kristen chapter 63 . 6/4
I LOVE this story and I’m hooked. I know it’s obviously abandoned at this point, but is there any way you could write a few Snape/Lucius one shots? I love them so much
Max chapter 69 . 6/1
Can I continue this story? On wattpad tho. I have some ideas for an ending. I will give credit of course.
Guest chapter 69 . 5/11
Please continue…its such an awesome fanfic! I’m dying to know if dumbles dies in this lol
Really tho pls continueeee :3
Aathi chapter 69 . 4/14
Wow this is great ! I hope u update
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 69 . 3/3
So, I am sorry you abandoned (after all this time, it's hard to convince people you hadn't!) this fic. Honestly, despite everything I am going to say below, I have thoroughly enjoyed this fic until where it was left off. (And I hope you understand I stopped enjoying it because I realized that there was nothing else left to read for this story.)

The plot was interesting and while I was concerned you were losing sight of your fic a few chapters ago, it had picked up again. But I do understand that life gets in the way, even if it is losing interest or the fire that piloted this strong desire to create. Taking a look at the reviews to see your uploading habits, it was clear that that plot bunny held your interests for a very long while. I read your profile and I got sad because it just made it seem like I was right and this isn't a hiatus.

There were so many frustrating elements while I read and I withheld my fingers from flaming chapter after chapter. I, for some chapters, I did more scrolling than reading. I won't deny that upsetting and alarming fact.

So I'm going to break it down and try to be as gentle as possible.

1. I don't think anyone, over a decade ago, truly understood what a beta was supposed to do. Every chapter that you said was beta'd, I kept screaming bullsh*t. It hurt a lot when you'd even say it was checked for grammar. Like, no, it hadn't and it wasn't a country difference. In one chapter, I literally yelled "pick one!" when a sentence said 'effective affective' as if you were just hoping that because you put one there, you'd be half right? Like... Whatever. But you can't say a chapter had been went through by a beta and then say any mistakes left are your own. That wasn't the point of a beta. Only one chapter was it honestly written that it had been beta read. Then no expectations followed.

2. In the chapters I felt myself scrolling more, it was because you were declaring four characters, but I didn't hear any different voices. I understand that there was this strange love bombing moment going on where Lucius was attempting to do a weird familial bonding thing with Harry, show affection toward Draco, and was pining after Severus. But it was literally the same voice held by Draco and Severus toward Harry and Lucius. Harry had his own voice, sorta, but that coalesced with Draco's when Draco wasn't love bombing Harry who keeps having persecution complexes.

3. "instance"... I think you meant to use 'instant' most of the time you used 'instance'. Majority of the story, you frustratingly used 'has' when it should have been 'have' and then when you finally remembered the word 'have', you really should have used 'has'. A grammar checking beta would have minimally corrected this.

4. Part of the desire to start scrolling through started when I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at the disproportionate laughter as if you were writing a cheesy sitcom. The disproportionate anything and everything, honestly. The reactions for a hefty portion of this story came across as truly immature and I couldn't set aside my belief for the sake of fanfiction. Again, what I wrote at the beginning of this review is true: the story's plot is quite remarkable. That's what made it so interesting and there are so many deep layers of thoughtfulness and awareness. I couldn't set the disproportionate immature cheesy reactions aside because they happened alongside the meat. I know this fanfic is Romance/Humor, but bad comedy is bad because it does what you did. You didn't trust the scene enough to hold its weight even though it was funny. Up until the disproportionate writing. You pulled a less nefarious Albus; you forced this unnatural reaction to overshadow the funny because you wanted to rule over your already lively characters.

5. I am terrified of you updating this fic. I wish you would, but I would rather you not unless you really had your plot bunny. Don't update for the sake of people wanting an update. It'll show and ruin what amazing you have posted. (amazing, in this context, is a noun and is standing in place of story.)

(But seriously, don't think about changing a damn thing because I read through everything and you have majority of positive reviews after all this time. And the salty cretin who complained about Veela only being female clearly doesn't understand fanfiction, the fact that this is NOT the only MALE veela!Draco fanfiction out there, and they were too damn cowardly to use an account to bash your SMART fic.)

I hope you take care and stay safe. And no matter what you're doing, I hope you're happy and doing well.

Ai Neko Yokai chapter 67 . 3/3
Okay, but that was Harry's fault this time. There's a lot of gaslighting faulting Harry that emboldens his persecution complex. But this time, it really was his fault from start to finish.
GothicSlytherin1 chapter 69 . 2/22
Tania Game chapter 69 . 2/10
I love this story so much. I've read it a few times. there's so much awesome stuffHarry's trunk, everything he learned from the Black library, the leather outfits! their forgotten arts class, the horses, and so much more. Really hoping that you get your muse back some day. I'd love to know how Lucius and Severus's removal of the mark goes, and their bonding, and Draco and Harry's bonding, and Dumbles decline and the story of Lily and does Harry have a relationship with his grandfather, and what about the farms and all the other trunks, dying to know what's in them! Even if it doesn't get finished, I still love this story, and will read it again.
moraleslary chapter 69 . 2/5
Great story such a shame it wasn’t finished
jami304 chapter 69 . 1/11
i love it can't wait for more
PurePreet chapter 69 . 1/5
I love this story - and the author, soo much, I've read all the stories multiple times, I just love.
Jennifer Dhue chapter 69 . 12/19/2021
Bugga ! I take it since the last update was over 10 years ago that this story has been abandoned ? I didn't realize it was incomplete as I was reading it. That'll teach me to check for completed status before starting to read. I hate it when this happens because now I want to know what happens. How does the Dark Mark removal go ? How does Harry get along with his Grandfather the King ? How does he manage to defeat Voldy ? How do his farming and sweet shop ventures go ? How does Harry and Dracos bonding go - does everthing go smoothly ? Is Dumbles given his just desserts and locked up in Azkaban ? I neeeeeeed to know these things and so many more !
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