Reviews for Not Your Usual Veela Mate
Darlene chapter 69 . 10/15
This is such an enjoyable read. I'm so glad to ha ave come across it, but I do so wish you could finish it!
ShadowDeath666 chapter 69 . 10/15
What is the title of the rewritten story?
Guest chapter 16 . 10/4
Lucius's mate is Sev, of course... and no I didn't read past this point yet.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/4
A battle of wits between Salazar Slytherin and Albus Dumbledore... Dumbles loses, hands down.

Neil Wodland chapter 69 . 9/30
I love this, story. Harry as an Elf? Totally unexpected. I laughedhysterically at Dumbledore's initial encounter with Smalazar Slytherin's portramit. Love Lucius and Severus. Draco is the best, isn't he?
Guest chapter 69 . 9/24
This is an amazing story with amazing writing but did the author die! I would like to read more it ended with a big cliffhanger! I need more what happened to the author they must have died or something because who doesn't update an amazing story?
Guest chapter 3 . 9/18
Villainizing every other character in the story so that Harry can solely rely on the Malfoys for support. Yep, because isolated relationships are sooo healthy. Who needs friends or mentors or independence. Sweet Harry, when everyone around you is an A-hole, it's more likely than not that you're actually the only A-hole.
You spend wayyy too much time building up Dumbledore as a villain rather than working on interesting conflicts, like internal conflicts, the actual relationship. This story is one sad massive cliche. Please just be conscious of these things in your future writings.
blj.14 chapter 69 . 9/16
Please, are you going to ever finish this? Please, please do! It is a very interesting story and I am just dying to know what they do to Dumbledore.
Passion10298 chapter 69 . 9/5
Omg I just finished this story you have to finish it please
kindesthearts chapter 10 . 8/30
I love how dark Harry is!
kindesthearts chapter 7 . 8/30
Love it.
Lunetta19 chapter 69 . 7/30
I am so upset that there isn't more to this story, please if you get your muse back, don't hesitate to write more.
Cutiepie120048 chapter 69 . 7/29


This makes Dumbledore a Dark Lord, too.

Keep Up The Good Work~!
NekoChan730 chapter 69 . 7/20
Please update! I have waited for an update chapter for a long time! Please don't give up this FanFic!
Kiochii chapter 69 . 7/20
You know I have come to absolutely adore this story especially now that we're getting thicker into the plot. I hope you start working on the story again since it's been six years. I went against my no reading incomplete story policy for this story lol hope you get back to it again sooon
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