Reviews for Not Your Usual Veela Mate
Guest chapter 69 . 6/25
Please update soon.
ShadowVD chapter 69 . 6/25
Good! . . .and simply divine! :)
Kitty-Twin89 chapter 69 . 6/16
I have, after starting this story at least seven or more times, finished the entire thing. Maybe putting it off for so long was a good idea! Please continue this story, because after my sister continuously pestered me about it, I finished and want more!
Guest chapter 57 . 6/16
Do you plan on continuing this story anytime soon? This is my favorite fanfiction, I love it. :)
Guest chapter 69 . 6/13
Nooooooooooooooooooo! Please finish it, it's so good, amazing even, this should really continue.
Calmzone1 chapter 20 . 6/1
Thank you for the laugh about Foghorn Pansy, and the leathers, and the Rock for Mr. I-Suck-at-Transfiguration...Your dialogue with them in the common room was so perfect, even Snape's reaction/response. I am glad that you are writing for yourself again. I don't like reading stories where the author is holding chapters hostage, or rather holding readers hostage, making people wait until they get enough reviews.

You have a real talent here. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. This is my second or third time reading through this and I still laugh every time.
swayrabbit chapter 69 . 5/27
Love it. Please continue this story I'd like to see how it ends.
krafty writer chapter 69 . 5/25
Oh my I love this story I know it's been years since you've written more to this but I would love if you continue please
Anonymous chapter 69 . 5/17
Please write more!
If uninspired - how about writing scenes of Snape and Lucius in the past? Either of them sharing it or reminiscing. Or completely disregard my stupid idea. :(
MrsSilverusSnape chapter 69 . 5/14
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK! I need to know how this ends!

thehpfan123 chapter 69 . 5/13
Wonderful fic! Please update soon
Keena3105 chapter 69 . 5/9
Why do you do this to me... I'm completely addicted to this story, staying up till ridiculous hours to continue reading and now there isn't any more to read! *sob*
Will you be updating this story again or have you abandoned it?
EmotionalMotive chapter 69 . 4/26
This is an amazing story, I love it! Do you plan on continuing it?
Minnesota Fireball Wolf chapter 69 . 4/26
This is an amazing story!I've really enjoyed reading it! I hope you find your spark and continue it at some point.
Jenica chapter 69 . 4/13
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful love story with me and I would love to continue to read. I realize you are no longer writing but i do not care what it is you write for this story as long as you are happy. If you happen to update the story I would love to hear it :)
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