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TDU chapter 14 . 2/19/2006
The only disappointing thing about this chapter is that it is nearly the end! I particularly liked their coordinating dreams and Sirius trying to get them into bed. As usual you manage to write a serious story where the humour shines through. Thank you for sharing with us.

AGENT LOOCAY chapter 14 . 2/18/2006

are you jk rowling? lol, just playing...

but really, your plot fits just as seamlessly as hers does... it's really quite amazing... *grin*

can't wait for the next chappy! lol. aww... not the end of the story! *sigh* well it's been a great ride. hey, write a new one after this, will ya?

haha. dedicate it to yours truly. no, just kidding. um... i guess betas? lol. ]

horn-head chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
No! Only one more chapter? Will there be a sequel? There had better be, or I will personally see to it that you have a thorough lashing with a wet noodle! I mean it, missy!

Anywho, loved Remus being turned into different people, 'twas great! Although, I think that a night of awesome sex could call up a GOOD patronus, with or without the love. Would make me happy right now... erm, nevermind!

eccentricrabbit chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
Omg GREAT chapter! At first it would only load half the webpage, and i was freaking out.. thinking noO i won't be able to read it all! But i got mad with the computer, and it worked! lol

I loved that they finally slept together, you wrote that part soO well! gj gj!

- Chrissy
SeekerGirl17 chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
Great chapter! I absolutely loved it! I can't decided which was my favorite part. I hope you update soon. But this chapter was so LONG I think I can be content of waiting for a week or two.
Lily Christie chapter 14 . 2/18/2006

Your chapters are great! hehehe!

Each one show what's happening acording to the books but brings really funny and original situations between them!

I'm loving it!

Hey! Please show us more of the lanky girl and the twin brothers! In a fic where Tonks was turned into a 3 year old and Remus is "possesed" (I have no idea if that's the word for it in english? Having another spirit in your body...) It won't be that strange to have a time travel!


Update soon!
Lyra Lupin chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
That was great. I was literally laughing aloud. :) And such a great plot idea to reinforce Tonk's Patronus from HBP.

Just one more chapter? I was (and am) holding out that you'll take it though HBP. I'd love to hear what happens (from yourself) after Tonks confronts him at Hogwart's in front of the everyone and how here hair goes back to pink. :)

Very enjoyable and the s-e-x was well executed.

eleen chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
that whole debt thing has got to be the most weirdest multiple-personalioty disorder ever, only someone like remus could get away with that story. Fleur is redeemed in my mind a bit for her warth“I weel tie Lupin with rope and leave him on zee ground outside the hotel with zee garbage,” said Fleur with confidence. “He deserves no better for making you worry.” Go fluer. Remus' Psyche is a scary place. as is the Scamp, I wouldn't want to run into him! I tonk's little diddy, very angsty. thanks for wishing me good luck on my science exam in your last responce! I had a weird experience when i did take it: i got to the biology section there was a question with 3 pictures that was had to answer questions with, one was vegtables, on was a white rabbit the other was A WOLF! i almost died! i think everyone now believes me crazy for snickering at a science exam. Great chapter! they're always well worth the wait!
Lily Dragon chapter 14 . 2/18/2006

I did spend Valentine's day without my boyfriend, too... u.u But at least he was in Rio de Janeiro, and not in Azkaban :P

I can never imagin Lupin being the Scamp... Made me laugh a lot

Nhai, I just hope you update soon

Cheers, for my boyfriend is comming back in 9 days!

ishandtwofourths chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
simply amazing, as always. honestly, how do you do it? you come up with the most wonderful and original ideas, it's just fabulous.

so. we covered the past, present and future in this chappy, and it was all lovely. i was a bit apprehensive about what remus' ancestors would do while in his body, but it ended up to be quite droll. the scholar was just adorable! the scamp was a bit of a prick, and i was quite worried about what that might prompt tonks to think, but i think she handled it well. i loved the fact that fleur helped out - you don't often see it portrayed this way, but i think her and tonks make good friends. but anyhoo, both of his ancestors seeing their wives in tonks HAS to be a hint! heck, it's no even a hint, it's like a giant flashing neon sign - why doesn't remus realize it? sigh!

but! huzzah, they consummated their relationship, i'm glad. although i can't help but feel a bit like if it wasn't for the situation, of tonks having to face demontors, then remus wouldn't have been swayed to do it, ya know? i mean, there's no doubt he loves her, but i just wonder if he would have expressed it if the situation didn't call for it. hmm. oh well, they did, and that's an important step forward, so i'm happy for them!

now, if only remus could get it through his thick head that he can really stick around after the third date! the attitude he has is like he's just waiting for things to come to an end, which tonks obviously isn't thinking about. there haven't really been any terrible complications or reprecussions for them because of their relationship, so logically, why couldn't it continue? remus, remus, remus. but now i have a rather sinking feeling that even if he does realize that things could work out and that they aren't as bad as they think he is, then he'll have to leave anyay, what with being assigned his mission to the werewolves. SIGH! now that would be heartwrenching.

well, i suppose i'll just have to see what you come up with, no? i'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter, as always! but no, the LAST chapter? say it ain't so! what will i do without this fic? then you're just going to have to start a new one. pretty please? what will you be doing next, going back to continue your first series, or continue these characterizations into HBP? or something new altogether? honestly, i wouldn't be able to decide which i'd prefer, since whatever you write will be fabulous. just churn it out and ease all us twitchy, impatient readers! :)
Mee Yah chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
That's a nice chapter

I pity Remus... it must be bad to have spirits invading your body

The Scamp was funny, and i like how Tonks always ruined his plans ;p

Wimples and Fleur are very great characters too

'til next time,

Mee Yah
Oath of Feanor chapter 14 . 2/18/2006
This was excellent as usual. You have incredible ideas and an amazing writing style that keeps me glued to the monitor and I'm constantly wondering: "Now what happens?". And you weave the story like an intricate web, it is so well organised, it just... it practically *flows* if one can use such terms )

I'll be *really* sorry when you finish this \ but we can look out for a sequel yeah? Maybe a post HBP story? Please? )
krumfan chapter 14 . 2/17/2006
Great chapter AS USUAL! Very long too! *sigh* the story is coming to an end? I can't help but feel a little sad!

Wimples was as adorable as ever! I want my own were-bunny now! *sigh* Remus and Tonks did the deed! I totally understand why they did...Nothing like a wonderful memory to keep you warm and toasty on harsh cold nights! Will you write an M OUTAKE?

I love the concepts of the Scamp and Scholar! Are those the only ones that come? I can only imagine how Tonks must have felt with the Scamp. He sounds like a cad!

You really examine and explain the concepts you raise in your story well. You are such a good author!

Thanks for writing this GREAT story...and I await the completion.

PS. Tonks and Remus' kids! *dies a little*...such a perfect foreshadowing to the ending!

raykoRavenclaw chapter 14 . 2/17/2006
""Yes, they finally Did It,"" really write amazing love scenes, u know that?

anyway, before I was always sceptical about how far they had gotten before HP6 when he started rejecting her, but u argue your case well

""But yes, they are now lovers because I thought that part of Tonks' loss in HBP was knowing exactly what Lupin was denying to them.""

it makes a lot of sense, and I can't help but siding with your idea about it...great chapter, but I’m guessing this story is going to be longer then you originally expected, before you had mentioned about 15 chapters...but there's still so much to happen...I sincerely hope it's longer!
BasketKiwi chapter 14 . 2/17/2006
Oh! I loved that! It was so original, I don't think anyone's ever done anything quite... well, it was kind of like "the Wolf" from "Cry Wolf" in your other stories. But that was yours, so it doesn't count. n.n

Anyway, it was really sweet, but funny and interesting. I liked how you conveyed...them...when they "Did It". *muffles giggles* And I really got the feeling that it wasn't about the sex, that it was the fact that she finally knew for sure that he loved her, and... Aw! I swear if this ends with him leaving (I know it won't though... Wait, it won't, will it? WILL IT?), I'll have to... I dunno, draw a picture of him being eaten by a giant octupus or something, to vent my frustration.

Once again, Wimples was adorable. I find myself wishing I could just take him out of the story, pet 'im, and stuff him back into the computer before Tonks notices.

Oh, and the part with Fleur was genius! *evil grin* I was surprised the other girl (heehee... trollop... heehee) was so forward, I mean jeese! You'd think the fact that Fleur was part Veela would be at least a bit intimidating. I can just picture her sneaking in and then flopping around.

I'll be sad to see this story end! I just read the whole thing all over again actually, a few days ago. I think I'll read your other one(s) as well. I've been going over my favorites a lot and reading them lately, and I definitely love your stories. xD I hope you write much more after this, be it novel-length or one-shot. I love how you do Remus and Tonks, but I could understand how you might not want to write them again... but I'll certainly be waiting for whatever you come up with next. xD
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