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Bunny Aino Not Logged In chapter 1 . 6/16/2006
XD ficcie you have here! I'd like an OC form please! My e-mail's in my profile. If you can't get to my profile, then just ask Ashli-chan for it!

Kybele chapter 1 . 10/9/2005
This chapter was really cool!

First Name: Eurydice

Last Name: Lyra

Age: 18

Weight: 5 ft 7

Height: 118

Birth Date: May 30th

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: B

Personality: She can be really calm at one moment, and the next she can become really playful and theatrical. She tends to space out, and often lives in the clouds, but she will always speak her mind. Shes easy to get along with and very friendly. Shes very loyal and loves challenges. Shes always eager to learn new things and loves to tease people. Shes really cheerful, can be a bit loud at times and loves to cause mischief

Appearance: she has long wavy purplish blue hair with bangs like Minakos which she almost always wears down with a calypso sash as a hairband or can be up in a messy bun, slim with slightly tanned skin and light blue (almost calypso) eyes which shine with mischief

Background: Shes lead up a pretty much normal life with her family in Athens, where she was born and raised. Her mother is Japanese but married a greek man, and so they established in Athens. Shes kept in touch with her Japanese heritage, and thats why she came to Tokyo to study abroad

Place Of Birth: Greece, in the outskirts of Athens

Outfit: Capri jeans that go a little longer than her knees, a spaghetti black top but with two sets of straps that are orange, with light green, calypso and orange and yellow music notes all around the top. She wears calypso ballet style shoes and aquamarine n dangling earrings in shape of music notes, and her hair down with a calypso sash tied as a hairband

Family: shes distant cousin to Minako (their mothers are related); Meiko (mom), Milo (father), Kanon (older brother)

Likes: listening to music, dancing, hanging out with her friends, reading about ancient civilizations.

Dislikes: people with no sense of humor whatsoever, bullies, moths and bugs in general

Favourite Colour: calypso

Hobbies: acting, disguising, shopping, playing the lyre

Strengths: shes a good observator , she has an ability to disguise and is good deducing things

Weaknesses: can be too harsh when pointing out mistakes, she tends to overreact, she gets carried away when impersonating a character and takes things lightly at first, is utterly scared of bugs, especially moths

Favourite Food: rice

Least Favourite Food: onion soup

Dream: to become an actress or a musician

Love Interest: Malik (not the Yami one), Quatre, Milliardo

Weapons and Descriptions:

- A gold lyre with an aquamarine music note in the center and with carvings on the sides that is normally kept as a lyre charm in a thin (2 inches wide) golden wrist band with an aquamarine music note in the center and whith carvings on the sides.

- a set of golden throwing stars

- a wavy bladed sword with an embeded aquamarine in the hilt

Senshi/Knight Identity: Sailor Orpheus

Transformation Description: Orpheus Harmony Power! Make-Up!

Transformation Item: 2 inches wide) golden wrist band with an aquamarine music note in the center and whith carvings on the sides.

Senshi Fuku/Outfit: a white bodice, with a calypso skirt collar, with the stripes on the collar are dark golden and so are the ribbons her brooch is of a light golden color with an aquamarine music note. Her choker is calypso with a golden music note, the tiara is gold with an aquamarine music note. She has elbow length white fingerless gloves with the edges calypso and on her right arm she has her band. Her shoes are dark golden laced to the leg (greek styled) low heeled sandals, and her aquamarine earrings. she also has a set of transparent calypso tinted faerie wings on her back

Attack Names and Descriptions:

-Sonata of Illusion: the lyre that hangs from her bracelet grows and she plays a melody that will confuse the enemy and make their nightmares come into illusions

-Orpheus Requiem: she throws energy strings at her enemy, which inmovilizes them, and she holds the other end of the energy string. When she plays with those strings she sends waves of pain to the youma tied to it

-Final Song: Amplifies sound with a very destructing result. She forms a diamon with her indexes and thumbs in front of hher mouth and whispers the name of the attack, and the blast comes from the diamond

-Musical strike: music notes appear in her hands, which she throws them at the enemy. When they hit something, they explode with a lot of noise and wreck

Special Items: a pair of dangling earrings that are music shaped aquamarines that help her disguise and change her voice (she can change her voice even if not disguised)

Planet Of Origin: Orpheus; a semi-tropical and very peaceful planet focused mostly on arts, which used illusion based magic as it main means of defense

OC’s Ranking On The Planet: Princess

OC’s Charge: Malik (not the Yami), Quatre or Milliardo

Any Other Information: she doesnt quite master japanese very well, so if she gets angry shell automatically change to greek. Also if she gets really angry, the wings from her fuku might appear on her civilian form
Hoshiko Megami chapter 1 . 9/10/2005
This is a pretty interesting start. I hope my OC will be okay for you to use.



AGE: 16


HEIGHT: 5' 0''




HEIGHT: 5' 0''

PERSONALITY: Pretty quiet; intelligent; athletic; kinda naive; very sensitive and cries a bit when people think badly of her; when insulted, it hurts her deeply inside; can get pretty competitive at times; she can get scared pretty easily; despite all this, she's always been caring, loving, friendly, and super optimistic, though there are exceptions to this; she knows when to fight and when not to, and can be very protective of those she cares about


*Hair* Ebony black; goes all the way down to her lower back; slightly wavy; bangs lightly brush her forehead right above her eys; usually worn loose

*Eyes* A sparkling sapphire blue with a silver ring outlining the iris

*Skin* Pale, almost white; a barely noticeable birthmark of a silver wolf is found on the underside of her left wrist

BACKGROUND: Her dad always had her moving around a lot from one place to another, so she never had any place that she could exactly call home; she and her dad had moved to Japan a year ago, in Tokyo specifically, where she had finally managed to convince him not to move anywhere for a while, not even for business; she's been having lots of fun, exploring and getting to know everything about Tokyo, where she can now call it home; she didn't really have any friends though, because of her intelligence, which others made fun of


OUTFIT: A simple midnight blue tank top with a white cotton poncho worn over it; beige shorts that stop at mid-thigh with a silver belt looped around it; a midnight blue pouch w/ silver designs in the shape of waves of water hangs from her side on the belt, holding her deck of Duel Monster Cards; white sneakers with midnight blue and silver streaks running along the side and white socks that are folded over once around her ankles; silver charm bracelet with a wave of water, silver wolf, and a musical note charms hanging from it on her left wrist; there's a small dagger w/ a midnight blue hilt & sheath hidden beneath her poncho and hanging on her belt; her eyes are covered with some midnight blue shades w/ silver frames

FAMILY: A distant cousin of Hotaru Tomoe; her mom, Lily, was the younger sister of Doctor Tomoe, and had died at child birth; her father, Akira, worked as a lawyer

LIKES: Games; music; fantasy books; mint; night sky

DISLIKES: Bugs; being bullied & bullies in general; being called weak; hot days; most candies except mint and maybe some chocolate

FAVORITE COLOR: Midnight blue & silver

HOBBIES: Playing card games, especially Duel Monsters; playing her piccolo; looking at the stars; swimming; reading fantasy books; cooking

STRENGTHS: Her intelligence; good at swimming and the piccolo; nearby water sources helps strengthens her power; good at making her enemy or opponent underestimate her or just plain getting them annoyed with her childish antics; able to change into a silver wolf animal form instead of into her senshi form

WEAKNESSES: Claustrophobic; doesn't like to hear about the reality so she doesn't know what goes on in the world around her; tends to go a bit too far with her childish antics, enraging her enemy enough to seriously injure her without her realizing it; doesn't give up no matter what, even when she's seriously injured; will do anything to protect her loved ones if they're placed in danger



DREAM: To become a musician as a piccolo player

FAMILY: A distant cousin of Hotaru Tomoe; her mom, Lily, was the younger sister of Doctor Tomoe, and had died at child birth; her father, Akira, worked as a lawyer

LOVE INTEREST: Heero, Trowa, or Yami please


1)She has her dagger, which she can use in senshi mode along with when she's not transformed

2)Two bladed fans; one is midnight blue w/ silver designs of waves of water; the other one is the same, but the colors are reversed; these slide out from the bows behind her

3)A midnight blue whip that's disguised as a midnight blue ribbon choker around her neck


TRANSORMATION DESCRIPTION: Her charm bracelet is thrown into the air, where it hovers and turns into a silver ring that lowers itself to the ground around her feet; the charm of a wave of water circles her entire body, forming a wall of water that surrounds her, then disappearing to reveal the bodice w/ the bows, skirt and collar; the charm of the wolf then runs around her feet and arms, creating the shoes and gloves; the musical note charm then flashes around her body and head, creating the extra accessories that are part of her fuku; the bracelet/ring of power then disappears after circling her forehead a bit

TRANSFORMATION ITEM: The silver charm braceelet with a wave of water, silver wolf, and musical note charms

SENSHI FUKU/OUTFIT: White bodice; midnight blue skirt and collar, which has two white stripes running along the edges; silver bows, almost see-through, w/ the ribbons from the back bow stopping at mid-thigh; midnight blue heart brooch in the middle of the front bow; midnight blue lace-up boots w/ a small heel that stops right below the knees; white gloves w/ midnight blue cuffs that stop at the elbows; midnight blue choker w/ a silver star in the midd;e tiara w/ an azurite gem (can the tiara be silver please?); silver studs for earrings


1)Water Crash~Huge waves of water that materialize from her hands and crashes down upon her enemies

2)Mirror Wave~A mirror forms from water in her hands, which is then used to reflect an attack back at the opponent

3)Drowning Oblivion~As she places the palms of her hands on the ground, the surface beneath her enemies disappear to be replaced by a pool of water, in which they drop in and instantly drown

4)Mizu Whirlpool~Water slowly materializes and grows in between her cupped hands; as it grows, it forms a whirlpool and when it's the right size, she launches it right at her opponent

SPECIAL ITEMS: Her own version of the disguise pen; the handle is midnight blue w/ a clear gem on top, w/ what seems to be water washing around inside it; her disguise pen can not only change her appearance, but also her hair, eye, and skin color, along with her voice; the only thing it can't change is her gender (that would be too gross)

PLANET OF ORIGIN: Misuteri; it's a very isolated planet and full of mystery; not even Ayame knows all its secrets; the only thing for sure is that nearly its entire surface is covered in water


OC'S CHARGE: Heero or Trowa or Yami please

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: I think that's all.

This OC is pretty much the same as the one I sent in for Ashleigh Kaiba's and Bunny Aino's story, except for some small changes. I have a small question, and please don't get offended by this. Are you mad at me? I mean, you haven't sent me an OC form for your other story, Everything Changes, but you haven't. I hope you're not, I didn't mean to make you mad or anything. Anyways, I hope you do update soon. If you want, you can use this same OC for your other story. If I need to add some stuff because it's also a Winx Club crossver too, let me know alright? Please?
Spirit of the Dead chapter 1 . 9/9/2005
Very awesome story, it was very well done, and it flowed really well. here's my oc if you want it.

First Name:Kali

Last Name:Seriphim


Weight:116 lbs


Birth Date:Dec 31

Zodiac Sign:Capricorn

Blood Type:A-


Personality: she doesn't like being ordered around unless it's by her leader or team. She loves to break the rules and isn't frightened by their results. She's a dare devil to the end, so can be really fun or nerve wrecking. around new people she puts up sort of a wall and acts tough and bitchy. but around her friends she cuts loose and has fun. she also can sense evil in people's hearts.

Appearance: night blue eyes with hints of silver. Silvery white hair that is wavy and reaches mid back, no bangs, and it's left down left down. when it's hot or she's racing she ties it back with a black ribbon.

Background: lives in an apartment alone. her Father and Mother are achreologists so they travel around alot. usually by winter they are home with her. they keep in touch and she doesn't really mind their absence. they do visit on holidays too. Her older brother is in college and watches after her. he has his own place, but mostly just crashes at her's since it's closer to his school.

Place Of Birth:Germany, in the mountains.

Outfit:white t-shirt with black cargo pants, and boots, has a star shaped necklace that is dark blue. saphire earrings. or a black t-shirt with a silver spider web design on it, dark jeans with same boots and necklace.

Family:Brother-Devon, very lazy, and usually is found sleeping in random places.

Father-Alex (alexander)kind to a fault. he worries about his children way to much

Mother-Keika, basically where Kali gets her wild side. she does worry, but doesn't like to show it. is very close to Kali.

Likes:reading, fortune telling, and racing.

Dislikes:kissups, and egotistical people.

Favourite Colour:night sky blue, and black.

Hobbies:doing anything extreme, like motorcross racing or drag racing.

Strengths:courage to do almost anything

Weaknesses:doesn't know her limits

Favourite Food:Rice candy

Least Favourite Food:canned veggtibles

Dream:to become famous for her stunts, or a proracer.


Love Interest:Yami Bakura, Yami Marik, or Duke(i forgot how to spell his japanese name)

Weapons and Descriptions:bow and arrows. it's one of those new advanced bows, but she also has an old fashoned one. then she has Sais, i believe they're called.(electra's weapons on Dare Devil) with black handles. last are two knives she has in her boots. by taping the back of her heal they slide out at the front.

Senshi/Knight Identity:Sailor Twilight

Transformation Description:her pendant glows and silever and blue strands flow out of it and wrap around her. she has her arms entwined with each other and raised up. the strands cling to her body and begin to turn into her fuku.

Transformation Item:the star necklace she wheres. it begins to glow when she calls out her phrase.

Senshi Fuku/Outfit:night blue skirt, collar, and boots. boot go up to a few inches below her knees. black bows and trimming. in the middle of her front bow is her pendant. a saphire in her tiara.

Attack Names and Descriptions:Twilight Veil-envelopes the area in complete darkness, meant to help them escape if nessicary or perpare heal/prepare themselves for next round.

Dark Reign- a dark wave of energy builds up infront of her and she thrusts it at the enemy. it explodes upon contact.

Night Terror-night blue mist spirals around her then flies over to enemy and becomes solid. it constricts them and after a few moments burns them away. (if you need more please tell me, this is all i can think of at the moment)

Special Items: illusion cloak-when worn it makes her blend into her surrounds. she doesn't go invisible or disappear. it's like a chamilion.

Planet Of Origin: Ortais, a planet thrown into chaos after the King died in a war. the Queen was forced to remarry and the new king was a cold hearless one who hated the people of the planet. He placed strict laws on almost everything, and pretty much wanted to run everyone's lives.

OC’s Ranking On The Planet: Rebel Leader

OC’s Charge: Guardian Angel of either Yami Bakura or Yami Marik.

Any Other Information:not that i can think of, no.

i hope you continue this story, cause it so rocks. please update it as soon as you can. Ja ne

lolerskater chapter 1 . 9/9/2005
OMG thank you so much, I take it that's my OC. I'll send the rest of the form later XD