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ScarTissueRwrite chapter 1 . 3/11
Dance, dance whoever you maybe - for we have here another dramione quitty!
And we'll hate you, whoever u maybe, and hate this ship for all eternity!
blah blah blah chapter 1 . 3/7
Polite warning: do not fall into the sycophantic lure of the Draco/Hermione trap.
Too many of these vapid works already, they mostly promote unrealistic wish forfiliment or whitewashing of abusive elitest behaviour by a magical fascist criminal. Who was effectively never brought to account for his capital crimes and the death and injuries that resulted.

Your previous works avoid this, so do not start down this dark path. Please.
Ludicrous that JK gets cancelled and yet rot like Dramione is allowed to endure due to brainless Malfoy fans placing him on a non existent pedestal.
Scum is scum.
yeah more crap chapter 1 . 3/3
Please stop posting these type of stories under new fake accounts. You are fooling no one even using a VPN to mask your IL address. Just another demented Draco fan who thinks they can continue this subterfuge and thinks we are idiots.
Dramione is a disproved pairing, it's only "popular" because you and the same 20-30 deluded morons post dozens of ratty little fics under catalogues of pseudonyms. Hilarious really but it does clutter up these Harry Potter pages on fanfiction dot net, so stop.
Amelie Vervox chapter 1 . 3/3
Non trié
A notre honte, il en vient à cela que cet auteur de fumier est aussi un baiseur de moutons!

To our shame, it comes to this that this author of manure is also a fucker of sheep!
In Living Waters chapter 1 . 10/15/2022
Oh yes MsAwesome2u, we'll log in , get spammed, get our legit fics get negative troll reviews in revenge, have hack attempts on our accounts, attacked on on social media, have our home/school/work addresses published online or get swatting attempts like that woman in Atlanta and that poor girl in Canada who attempted suicide.

Yeah. F*** u, f*** the plagiarisist, f*** the FF staff for not intervening and f*** those insane fan girls who believe every word these authors state and will rabidly defend them against all insane reasons.
And f*** dramione c*** supporters on principal!
Thorny Rose chapter 1 . 8/15/2022
After offering Hermione that bunch of blue roses in a condescending manner, Malfoy was firmly to where to go...

He was found dead in Sprout's greenhouse the next day with four dozen vampiric blood roses shoved up his arse!
He got the point in the end ... in fact thousands of them ... pricks for an utter prick ...
LifesPissing chapter 1 . 7/16/2022
2018 Lifespassion is MarissaWalkerWriter and a cunt

Also, I will be posting all the edited chapters for the first book of "Left Behind" here this week. It takes a little while to upload each chapter individually, but it will be up soon. (book 2 and 3 will remain on Wattpad)

Jamie Knight
While trying very hard to be objective, I keep running into 'left behind at Malfoy manor' clichés. I know it's hard to come up with things others haven't posted, but in past thirteen years this must be seventeenth or eighteenth story exploiting this plot device.

Some do it extremely well, others very badly. Yours is firmly in the former but I keep thinking I know what's coming next and often right. Sigh. Too predictable I fear. Like those plot twists on murder she wrote you see from six minutes in.
How about changing it up and having Hermione and Luna left behind together? Just idea among my random ramblings. I'll leave this here for now. Good lock with rewrites.
Aug 13, 2021 c50 1LifesPassion
As the writer, I can delete guest reviews and I debated when I came back to check on my work here, but I decided I would leave the ones posted recently up and simply address them as in some ways I think they are helpful and important

For the AU comment. I really must disagree. This is a "What if" which is cannon from the point where it starts, only taking light liberties in interpretation of internal thought. IT IS cannon in the books that Draco tried to save Hermione's life at the quidditch cup. Therefore, while I do NOT write him having immediate feelings for her romantically I do believe saying he hates her by this point in the series is inaccurate.

I do have a note in my story saying "I have been going through and editing (now up to chapter 29) and have done my best to fix typos, flesh out grammar etc. I have also added extra scenes and there are new chapters adding up to an additional 17,000 words added since I first began this story. I still have a long way to go so you may see this story come up as updated as I continue to add and edit. If you are looking for a continuation of this story I have started a sequel called "After Being Left Behind" so please feel free to go and check it out. ***NEW CHAPTERS AND SCENES - CHAPTER 24/25 (Request/Salve) and 28/29 (Monster/Dragon)"

So to address them saying: " I was originally assuming you lost will with this story" that is simply not the case. The writing isn't as good past chapter 29...not because I gave up but literally because that's the original unedited portion.

The amount my writing has improved over the course of posting this story is drastic and its thanks to positive feedback, gentle criticisms and general love readers have given motivating me to keep working on my craft. So to each of you a big thanks.

If you would like to read a more edited and polished version it is available on Wattpad under marissawalkerwriter which is where I now write full time. You'll find it searching for the "left behind" tag.

Much love to you all. Cheers
Jul 30, 2021 c50Guest
If I will temper my praise a bit, while having shower thoughts I came across two things that would be considered issues of idea and plot and not your ability to convey them before the rewrite.

1 forgive me if I'm wrong for I admit I started skimming the last 20 so chapters, the interactions with Ron and Harry and the damn dreamscape were just uhgh to me. You probably got that from my previous review. But I don't believe how Ron ever learned that curse was addressed.

2 Draco and Hermione should both be piping f****** hot mad at Ron. Draco I get is has resigned himself to death at this point but I think he would be f****** lashing out at Ron condemning him from the moment he got there for killing her blaming him because he's the one that cast the curse. And Hermione she knows Ron cast the curse on him. Aside from that he blatantly refuses to listen to her side while claiming to love her, lacking the one thing all relationships need which is trust. This guy also has the gall to say that he loves her and she should be with him and she doesn't know what she's talking about, there was no romance not really anyway before the very end of deathly hallows. What? We had the bird scene that's it. The sheer pretension of this man in her eyes to kill someone who maybe she's not willing to admit she loves at that point but she cares very much for and then say that he loves her and he did it for her. She might understand on a higher level that he didn't know but at the same time I don't think she should care, again.
Neither of them should be rational about something like this. You've made these two fools so sappy and lovesick I refuse to believe they wouldn't lash out at him. Even if they might know the reasons why "objectively" they "shouldn't" necessarily blame him. Which itself is debatable.
Jul 29, 2021 c15Guest
So her thoughts, at least this is consistent with canon, Hermione being a hypocrite. Literally what hermione said, "it's okay that I did that to my parents since they didn't find out" the only thing in question is will you let Hermione get away with it like Rowling.
Jul 29, 2021 c13Guest
It's good. Don't forget that

But this story is not point of divergence, it's a full blown AU regarding everything about how Draco interpreted Hermione
And it's certainly not fucking slowburn, what a joke.

I hope you don't let the obliviate go, that needs to come back and be relevant. I'm kinda expecting continued use of it every time they enter a situation he feels it needed. But she also is ever more aware of it, small details Draco doesn't know to conceal and the like. I'm torn on how I'd want her to react. Idk I'm hoping she's understanding, but I'd be furious even if I understood the reason. Then again, again she has done it herself so she might not see it as such a no-no.
Jul 29, 2021 c1Guest
Look, I'm gonna read this. Because its well written enough. But it's riddled with the stupid tropes the Draco/Hermione pairing has that has made me avoid it for so long. He cares about her already? No draco was genuinely racist, for lack of a better word, up until recently. By now Draco should dislike Greyback touching her because he's finally seeing her as a human in her own right and objects to her lack of consent. Not because, "I'm protective of her but don't know why, and Im not a tsundere!" His affection of a romantic nature does not, should not exist yet. And the whole purpose of your story should be, by nature of what canon was before here (your point of divergence) and the fact that it's slowburn is creating the affection from nothing. Other shit like them having a rivalry? Really, he considered her subhuman and was (apparently) beaten for lagging behind her, he wouldn't relish the challenge!

Hi, I just want to make it very clear to everyone that my old handle was "LifesPassion" Someone commented that I was stealing...MY OWN STORY as I re-posted it as MarissaWalkerWriter. If you check the original date on the publication of this fiction it is back from 2018. I'm still writing and definitely trying to make a go of it writing original work now, but yes. Lifespassion and MarissaWalkerWriter are both me. I'm not stealing anyone's work. I'm just re-posting and updating my old work. Thanks.

Also, I will be posting all the edited chapters for the first book of "Left Behind" here this week. It takes a little while to upload each chapter individually, but it will be up soon. (book 2 and 3 will remain on Wattpad)

Still a lying plagiarist bitch
Dramione Doesn't chapter 1 . 1/24/2022
Ron and Hermione for life bitchs!
Header: upthehillart
avatar: aliferousdreamer

I see you dramione shippers whinning to one another about how your ship is getting ton of hate each and everywhere .. And calling people who don’t ship dramione ‘trolls’
Oh honey! you are shipping dramione in 2022 and legit asking for validity? Guess who are the real trolls here are?
Also dramione shippers’ tears are delicious man!
#draco malfoy #hermione granger #anti dramione #may this ship get 10000 more hates in the coming days #thank god the number of sensible people in the HP fandom is gradually increasing #harry potter fandom #harry potter

On side note, it's a bit rich labeling Ron a murderous, abusive potential rapist but if any one dare say anything against poisoner, unforgivable using, violent, verbally abusive precious Draco they lose their shit totally! It works both ways amigos!
Craft Rose chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
Fucking awful short fic
Phantom of Stark Tower chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
I love it
CheshireTears chapter 1 . 9/17/2009
Aww, so sweet! I've had to deal with something like that... sort of... With dating... All that happened was my parents ground me for a month, which, let me tell you, was torture in and of itself.

Anyway, that was really good. I think I'm gonna check out your other stories, even.


P.S. Teehe, I'm in a Dramione obsession right now too.
nonhalema chapter 1 . 11/28/2007
A bit too short maybe, but still good work
Yellow Shoelaces chapter 1 . 4/6/2007
o.o; That was...good? Yeah I guess so. It's sorta sad cuz Draco is gonna be murdered sometime after or before their wedding... (Laughs) He deserves it -
chibi angelle chapter 1 . 4/15/2006
aww..thats really cuute/swett
lord-sesshomaru-the-mage chapter 1 . 9/24/2005
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