Reviews for The Cat
Darkana Arez chapter 1 . 9/30/2014
I read this story years ago, it seems, and reread it just now.
And the story is still beautifully written. I love it. Thank you. :)
cirruscastle chapter 1 . 4/7/2006
This is a lovely story and I find it so refreshing in a story about Nooj because it ends happily andf the pace is so calm and slow.

Your writing is impeccable and your dialogue is very well done. I enjoy the subtleties of the scenes that you paint.

Paine's surprise about the coeurl and her initial fears are very believably written. I think that talking about this old pet of Nooj's and encountering it is an excellent way of bringing about a healing in their relationship.

I especially like that Paine herself undergoes a revelation about how she has not entirely forgiven Nooj for what he has done to her.

The way you deal with the subject of Shuyin and his possession of Nooj's body is interesting and I like that Nooj is forced to admit that he was not at fault for everything that occurred in the past. It is wonderful to see him realizing that he can let gfo of some of his hurts.

I love the little details ;like the one spehere Paine could only watch once and how Nooj guesses wrongly about which sphere it was. He assumes that his supposed betrayal would hurt the most when it was his bod for death which most disturbed Paine. That is beautifully done.

I am especially gladdened by Nooj's vow not to be a Deathseeker while paine lives. I think it is wonderful that he only promises it while she is alive. But also that he does so without any great dramatic scene or struggle. He just quietly accepts that he doesn't want to hurt her anymore.

It is perfect that Nooj's surrender to love isn't unconditional. He isn't sure how good he will be at opening up and all of that messy emotional stuff. But he's TRYING. Anyone who was really in love would.

I really enjoy that Paine learns a lesson from the love of the couerl for Nooj. That is quite sweet.

I like the repetition with a difference at the beginning and ending. This is a lovely quiet piece which is full of peace for a change in a story about Nooj. I am pleased to have read it. Thank you so much for recommending it to me.


"He laid his naked body down, and Paine had just a moment to admire him: the metal arm and leg gleaming in the moonlight, the golden muscularity of his right limbs sleek perfection, the twisted and scarred torso bridging the gap between." "Limbs" should be "limb's."
The RyRy chapter 1 . 9/13/2005
The context of the coeurl was a perfect setting for this story. And I can sense the tension that just releases in their conversation with the cat winding around their legs... and yes, you have it very right here. Cats can do the most amazing things.
Yuna-flowering chapter 1 . 9/12/2005
This is sweet. Plenty enough fluff, even for me :) The comparison betwen Nepetu and Paine/Nooj's relationship was particularly clever
Ikonopeiston chapter 1 . 9/11/2005
The smile on my face is the extra-large Halloween jack'o lantern size. What a lovely way to take your (temporary, I hope) leave of these two.

I immediately noted two things in this story. The first was the elegant mirroring of the first and ending scenes. You have composed vignettes which so clearly define them and their relationship. The last one with the image of the three is particularly moving. The imagery is stiking and very beautiful. Nooj leaning against the stone, Paine and Nepetu coiled at his feet, the firelight reflecting on all. Breathtaking!

The second thing is the perfect way you used the kit as a metaphor of how they might come to terms with their lack of trust. The powerful ideal of that creature, after all that time, taking what fate dealt it is a most excellent thought and one I did not see coming.

I would also like to comment that I would be grateful for the protection of a Queen Coeurl were I so impetuous as to disarm and disrobe in the dangerous depths of the Calm Lands.

I shall value this story and take great pleasure in reading it more than once. And I look forward to working with you again.

One minor note: although I am quite sure his title is derived from the word 'maven', in the game Nooj is called 'meyvn' with only one 'e'.