Reviews for The Beast
Possum132 chapter 1 . 1/20/2007
Ha! A sweet story - though I guessed it was a cat stuck up a tree yarn. I did enjoy "I remember hearing a scream, and I think I was the source of it." A lovely line.
Deb-lil chapter 1 . 11/6/2005
That THING is called CUTIE? Wowzah.

Yes, it is I, Deb-lil, coming to bother you with yet another review. I've only watched Xena Warrior Princess once before, and it was last year. (I was apparently sick, or something, and my mom made me stay home. I like school. Wierd, I know.) Anyways, there were about thirty episodes of Xena playing, so I decided to watch. It was pretty good, except kind of violent when some evil guy and his followers beat Xena over the head with stick, and she passed out cold.

Now, onto this story. I wasn't sure if I'd understand it because I've only watched one Xena show. (And I had a temperature of about 38 Celsius, so I didn't even remember much) However, as always, your descriptions were so incredible, I understood EVERYTHING!

The way you portrayed the savage beast Cutie was so vivid. I thought he was really going to bloody up Joxer badly...But then again, pushing him to distant earth, and scratching him kind of qualifies as bloodying up, doesn't it?

And Deneus? I'm not exacty too fond of the boy. You'd think he'd be bothered to say something. Something along the lines of "Hey Joxer, that creature is my sister's pet, and thanks for saving it. To show its gratitude, it'll have to kill you!" But no, he says, "Joxer, look out,". Gr.

When I find a good Swedish to English translater, I will read the others. Until that time, I'll stick with the plain English ones.

Keep writing! Your fight scenes are cool.

~Deb-lil still