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Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 22 . 4/29/2009
Oh, an update! Finally, you made me worry!

I'm surprised that Mr. Simmons is so surprised... I thought that it's almost canonical that he knows about Helga's infatuation with Arnold, after all he reads her "anonymous" poetry.

It's a bit confusing that you call Principal Wartz a teacher. Is he? AFAIK the only time he was teaching somebody was during Teachers Strike. Several times I could not understand who was speaking, Wartz or Simmons.

I completely agree with your Simmons-not-gay statements. Being single, gentle, and devoting yourself to children has nothing to do with homesexuality. Presuming these people to be "fags" is one of the most ignorant prejudices. I like the idea that Mr. Simmons loves "his" children, and that's why I support the idea that he's going to transfer to the next grades to remain with them, probably he's even going to adopt (officially or unofficially) somebody of them. Maybe he has a case of "Lewis Carrol syndrom" or something. Or maybe he's just pathologically shy to dare to look at girls... Uh, sounds too much like me.

"Canoodling"? Interesting word, I never heard it before. And "love-bug" is a cool term too. :-)

A little advice about Weekenders: once it's written, don't insert it as a chapter - you'll confuse the readers again, it would be better to append Weekenders content to another chapter. When the story will be completed you'll be able to re-organize the story more optimally without confusing anyone.

Good luck!
The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i chapter 22 . 4/28/2009
Now comes the third degree. Keep going!
PokeshippersShadow1 chapter 21 . 4/22/2009
Very nice. I can't wait for the update!
Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 21 . 4/22/2009
Phoebe suspects body-switching? How could something so ridiculous come into her pretty smart head?

Actually I like the idea that Phoebe's mind just can't process some kinds of thoughts, like that time when she could not write poetry. I guess assuming and admitting supernatural hypotheses falls into this category, I think she would be very resistant to accept the idea of body-switching. Hm... I wonder what Phoebe should be doing now? First of all she should try to confront Helga of course... Or maybe not. She is the one who notices things about Helga, not the one who discusses them with her. At least not directly...

Yes, I know! She should speak to Helga in their secret language! "You know Helga, I have noticed that some people who like ice-cream very much, become somewhat similar to ice-cream themselves" - "Huh? You mean like melting or something...?" - "Yeah, like melting, and covering themselves with chocolate, or even soaking themselves in syrup... But I have discovered a very interesting phenomenon: sometimes ice-cream becomes similar to the people it is liked by." Arnold will be VERY puzzled by the conversation.

Plus, Phoebe should write down into a notebook all the mysterious facts that have to be analyzed and explained (similar to the one she had in "Helga Sleepwalks"). It can be useful, because citing this book you can tell the readers about the events of the Weekenders chapters.

He-he, it was always interesting to me how Helga was going to react to Arnold in her body :-) Is she going to ogle herself? Yeah, let her taste what is like to be a boy around his object of desires!

Who could guess Arnold is such a naughty boy? First he forces himself on Helga in front of her father, now he does it in front of their principal!

Yep Mr. Wartz should have a serious talk with him.
The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i chapter 21 . 4/20/2009
Wow, 8 years? Congratulations! Looks like there's still more to come, too!

And it looks like Helga just got a dose of male adrenaline, he he he... Not quite testosterone, just a lot of adrenaline and frustration from her would-be beau :D
Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 20 . 4/15/2009
Oh, a longer chapter, it's nice. Of course you should not be fixed on making short chapters, this length is just fine. The same goes for the "lack of humor" - a little of fluff instead of laugh never hurt anybody :-)

Helga still calls him Football Head? What a cruel irony the fate has! Now your story looks like a fable with moral: "Don't call 'Football Head' - you end up Football Head yourself". (BTW, is the Fate one of your goddesses? Does she has anything to do with it?)

"'But not here. We have to go somewhere quiet, just us.' - Oh, lord, Helga had waited years to hear those words (in that order) come out of her Beloved's mouth." - Heh, the sentence of the chapter!

"This only made her love her more." - I guess two "her" is a typo, but in this particular case it is not exactly a mistake. :-)

Hm... I wonder if I ever watched "Freaky Friday"... I have heard so many references to it, but I can't remember the movie. For me, all this body-switching subject and related themes make me remember the movie "Wish Upon a Star" - about two sisters. One of the sisters was played by Danielle Harris, who also is the voice of Debbie Thornberry in "The Wild Thornberrys". I was nuts about Debbie, before I fell for Helga.

Helga finally acts like Arnold, and Gerald calms down a little... But now, "Arnold" is playing a hookey! Oh, Arnold and Helga will have to find a good excuse for Gerald, not to mention Phoebe. Or probably they should not bother? "Arnold" can explain Gerald that "he" finally realized that the only thing that matters in the universe is Helga and Her Desires, and why Helga should care about Gerald's reaction?

You're re-organizing your story... Uh, it can be very confusing for readers (including me), especially if you're gonna insert something. So, it's Tuesday today? And the body-switch took place on Friday? I'm afraid I got lost in the timing of this story.

And of course I agree with Nikki Narcissist - It's too soon for Arnold and Helga to return to their bodies. Maybe they should not switch back at all?
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 20 . 4/13/2009
Very good job with all the characters. Great scenes all the way.

Keep the good writing.
Nikki Narcissist chapter 20 . 4/13/2009

Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 19 . 4/8/2009
Hi Bunni!

Whoah, I haven't noticed that you split the previous chapters till you mentioned it. And don't worry I haven't printed all the 19 chapters — I don't have a printer anymore :-( —, what I meant to tell is that the old print-outs are lying under my keyboard for 1.5 years now. At the upper page Helga instructs Arnold how to be Helga, it's too good to be thrown away.

You're gonna post short chapters, but frequently? Yeah, it's a good decision, that's what I call being user-friendly. (Look at Thundercatroar for a negative example - she writes very good stories, but her format... the last chapter was 14,0 words long.) I wish you had more reviews... But too many good stories are published lately (not that I mind). While I'm typing this your story is the seventh in the list already. You have many competitors now. And a 19-chapter story looks too scary for new readers :-(

You're gonna finish Hey Let's Switch Turns? Oh no... I mean this fanfic is almost as old as the fandom. It's *special*, it links several generations of HA! fans. I have this feeling in my guts, that when HLST will be completed, the fandom will be completed as well... BTW, are you going to celebrate this story's 8th anniversary?

"What if BOB figured out it wasn't really her and aliens came and abducted them all and conducted experiments that forced them back in time and space, leading to the Treaty of Vienna in 1606, and then they therefore banded into the rebellistic time traveling mutant group of superheroes determined to fix time wherever they went before" - Yeah! That's what I love you for! And where the heck you know about the Treaty of Vienna from?

Mr. Simmons is calling the roll? For goodness sake, he has just 12 desks in his classroom, does he really have to? Well, it sounds like a Simmons thing to do.

Gerald's suspicious? Heh-heh. She should do something Arnold-like... I wonder what it could be. Giving somebody an advice? Oh, it will end up a disaster.

Great chapter! I think you should try to advertise it. Like launching "I'm back!" campaign on Arnold's Eyes forum and in Hey Arnold community on LiveJournal.



PS. The link to Hey Arnold Wiki is on my profile page.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 19 . 4/7/2009
Very good one.

Keep the good writing.
Nikki Narcissist chapter 12 . 2/25/2008
I love this so far, it's just absolutely hysterical.

Fanfiction Con. Yeah. No words to dexcribe how funny that was, haha.

Update soon.
Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 12 . 10/1/2007
Hi, Bunni.

I wondered whether we lost you again. I missed you; I even dedicated to you my weekly inscription I make with my finger on the fogged mirror in the bathroom in some funny script I invented. (My father thinks I write it's Hebrew for some reason.)

I could complain about that this chapter describes characters with weird names, lunatic behavior, and that I can't distinguish them because I just can't remember them... But I guess it isn't what you want to hear. The chapter is still well written. I like the light mood in which you write about religion(s) - even though I guess it would piss off some people here.

The funny thing is that I have a personal experience of being a god. I started several years ago when I had PE and told the people around that they can't force me to do anything because they exist as creatures of my imagination only and will cease to exist the moment I'll wish it. After that incident I was nicknamed God. I was bugged by them since then. I remember once I had a conversation of that kind:

"Hey God, what you're doing now? Did you create something new lately?"

"Yep, I made America recently."

"America? But it already existed the last time I checked."

"Of course it existed. What you think, it would just suddenly appear in the middle of the Great Ocean? I had to rewrite the history, redesign the Earth's geology, make some changes in biology... I thought the Earth looks kinda dull. So, I reduced Asia in twice, shifted the Great Ocean westward and created new continent in the cleared place. There was some redundant population though, I temporarily located them in China. So, how you like America? Neat huh?"

"I hate Americans."

"Oh don't worry, they are the first draft only. I have to design them thoroughly yet. Believe me, they will be quite a nice people. Just now I'm drawing the interstate boundaries - no matter how I try I always get squares. It drives me nuts."

Ah well... I'm waiting for a new chapter. A real HA! chapter.

BTW, I wonder whether the Olympian gods and muses have access to the Web.

Take care.
BadWolfBitca chapter 12 . 9/30/2007
wow, this is an amazing story! i luv the personalities u gave to all the Gods and Goddeses, and the part with the dream and the cows doing the Marcarena was just priceless! i was laughing at that for literally 5 minutes straight. i was also wondering if you still excepting people for ur 'be a god or goddess' contest. if u r, plez PM me. and plz update soon!
Hellerick Ferlibay chapter 11 . 8/27/2007
What the heck you think you're doing? I was reading your fic at work you know... at least I tried. But instead of pretending to work all I could do was hysterical snickering. Now all my co-workers will think that I was on high (or whatever it is in English), and I'll have serious troubles. Gr-r... I swear you'll regret this!

BTW, I printed a very nice little 12-page brochure out of your this chapter... I'm in my "brochuring period" just now, I convert everything into brochures. Everything looks very good... except your bold, capitalized etc. text - it's okay on the screen, but terrible on paper. (You wrote that you write this way because you're a five-year-old at heart... Sheesh, I'm twelve at least!)

You suggested to me to skip your "Olympic" chapters... come on, they aren't THAT bad. Actually I'm reading everything posted in HA! section (including stories in Spanish and one story in Portuguese), at least I'm trying to - some authors managed to piss me off.

Still looking for a beta-reader? Okay, I tried to check this chapter, what about this?:

- "outloud" "out loud" (occurs two times)

- "excusde" "excuse"

- "adament" "adamant"

- "softed" "softened"

- "hyperventiliating" "hyperventilating"

- it's better to spell "namecalling" and "mindreading" with a hyphen.

- "many other conspicious objects" - did you mean "conspicuous" or "suspicious"?

- "sci fi" "sci-fi"

- "curiousity" "curiosity"

- an ellipsis symbol should have at least three dots you know (you tend to use just two).

- "her-er" doesn't look right. Kinda citizen of Herland or something. I guess you meant to use the 'mumbling' dash here. Also you leave hyphens instead dashes at the end of paragraphs etc. The same goes for "just-wait".

- "Macarena" should be capitalized even when it's danced by a cow.

- "Arnold simply laid on the floor" - should be "lay" here.

- "Miriam was obviously have second doubts" - should be "having".

- Formally speaking, "martian" always should be capitalized, even when it's used in a figurative sense.

- "silenting" "silencing"

- "It was rather intriguing that a ten year old would have any", "EVERY ten year old he knew" - Here "ten-year-olds" are nouns, and should be written with hyphens.

- I'm not sure how to spell "lala land"... "Lala-land"? "Lalaland?", "The Republic of Lalaland"? In fact it's a very interesting academic question.

What I feel about you after this chapter? A little - very little in love, but mostly deeply envious. Damn, I wanna write the same way to... I think I would agree to murder anybody just to learn to express myself as well as you do. Alas it's much easier to murder than to learn to write. Everyone is so much in character (except Miriam, but it sure was worth of it!), so much creativity...; and considering the fact that you write yet one completely different and yet great story... it just leaves me speechless.

- Illuminating adoration,

Planning deadly revenge,

Sincerely yours

Hellerick Cleham Ferlibay

PS. I was leafing through the Old English dictionary recently. You know what was the word for "brain" back then? "Bragen". It looks like Brainy and Bragi really are connected - both have names consisting of word for "Brain" plus suffix -i.

PPS. But I wish I was leafing through the manual of "How To Be Helga" instead.
X-IrishChic-X chapter 11 . 8/25/2007
I am the 2lazy2login person, I was... Too lazy to login. Anyway, the alien scene was hilarious, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.
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