Reviews for The Voice In The Attic
DramaQueen1103 chapter 1 . 1/11/2009
I know its all one shotish but it would make a great story:)
Deb-lil chapter 1 . 11/8/2005
Okay, I have goosebumps all on my arms. That was one of the best short-fics I've ever read. See, today, I actually bothered to read the summaries (just to make sure I didn't land on any slashy stuff) and I thought this one looked safe. It was so nicely written that there were no extraneous words at all. Each line packed it's own little punch, making this story awesome.

I read your forward and found that Rosie is your character? Nice one. She sounds like such a cute and sweet little kid, but with a few issues that no child should have to deal with. "...When you are strong enough, nothing will ever be able to hurt you again."-That's what did it for me. Man...I'm STILL shivering.

Thinking back on that certain fic you wrote, I have to say, you did give me a good laugh. It was pretty funny. I am (unfortunately) very aware of what nine year olds act like...And seventeen year olds for the matter. There are always six or seven of them running through my house everyday. At times, they bother Deb-lil quite a when she is trying to do homework.

I did like your 'Cutie' fic, but if you want to reccomend your other fics that are safe for me to read, that'd be fine. Until that time, I'll stick with Harry Potter. And I agree with you...we need guestbooks or message boards. Look at me going on and on over here! I've written you a book instead of a review!

Have a happy-er-November 11th.

Queen of the Badgers chapter 1 . 11/3/2005
I'm not into Xena the Warrior Princess, I don't even know who this Rosie is, and yet this fic has already moved me.

This story strikes me as...well, incredibly sad. Even her remembering that there is always hope fail to cheer me up. Reading this fic has left me in a very sombre moof.

*sighs and shakes fist at screen*

A few spelling errors here and there - I could point them out to you, but neither you nor I would want that. Seriously, how boring would that be? You want compliments and constructive criticism in a review, not...corrected spelling mistakes.

Ah well.

Well written story, your description of the girl's attic is very realistic and I can envision it in my mind.

Thank you for reviewing my stories. For the Tom Riddle one, I'm definitely changing it. For a start, I'm keeping the description but shortening the sentences. I have realised that my incredibly long sentences are very hard to read. But you are always encouraging and kind in your reviews, so thank you!