Reviews for Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
Anushka sharma chapter 28 . 5/7
When are you going to post chapter 29? I am waiting for it! Please post it soom
Weasleys witch chapter 28 . 2/20
That's not fair you know you left it up in the air without a proper conclusion so could yo please write say about three more chapters as Marlene might need that long to finally wake up to
The fact that Sirius is nothing more than a flea bitten lothario but not a stayer yet he's a
Leaver once he's had any witch that comes finally grown up once and for all
But I'm loving you story and I'll be missing your crazy sense of humour that is so much like
The Weasley twins it's contagious thank I do need to get up and ready
For the day ahead so I'll be coming back a bit later hoping for some final chapters from
A great storyteller along the lines of jk Rowling herself. My favourite weasels twin was always
Fred Wesley whom hasn't died in fan fiction hooray and won hermiones heart yes another
Prankster and bookworm Fred's better than weasleys witchloloud
Weasleys witch chapter 27 . 2/20
Marlene's a trashy horny dumb blonde bimbo whom
Deserves the filthy disease Sirius gives to her and
She should writhe in excruciating pain as
Is an absolute man who're and that's all he ever did
At hog is one of the most classiest witches
Around its a pity her friends aren't as smart as she is
Marleneyour going to be treated like dirt which you are
I mean Sirius isn't worth catching a filthy life killing
Sickness from it will kill you serve you
Writing loving weasels witchlol
Weasleys witch chapter 26 . 2/20
Why would lily care what the arrogant toe rag potter
Had to say about anything he's not intelligent all he
Says are revolting garbage and vile insults towards
Lily he can go hang on your
Exams being over you'll be brilliant at whatever you choose to do in life go for can catch
Cancer potter you loathsome filthy little cockroach
Lily deserves better than hi two more pages I'm very sad as I've enjoyed every chapter I've read great weasleys witchlol
Weasels witch chapter 25 . 2/20
So another so called friend betrays Lily's friendship by
Snogging black Zeus going to catch some filthy dirty
Disease from him he's been around the block with
Various trashy witches lily only good friend is snaps
After all Sirius isn't that good looking he's revolting and
He treats women like will deserve in my
Opinion better friends he's one in a trillion that guy
True friendship means being loyal to the person not
Snogging black she's always love your stories
They're really weasels witchloloud
Weasleys witch chapter 24 . 2/20
So because that excuse the expression it's quite foul but potters a man who're and getting
Stupider every page but then blacks his so called best friend whom is born brain dead no
Surprise you don't do that to another wizard it's what death eaters do to people for fun,
They're just as nasty and vile plus humiliating Remus is beneath contempt plus lily will
Be able to talk Remus around she's not an angel alter all redheads aren't supposed to
Be them yet we will always be very honest to anyone we respect of course and Remus
Is a sweetheart unlike the vile rats potter and black should've joined Voldemort as they
Delight in causing extreme pain like losers choose to do,no wonder I've always liked
Regulus better thansirius heknew howtobehave,only four more pages I've got lots of
Hank's close by inches istart crying eloped witch loloud
Weasleys witch chapter 23 . 2/20
I've always thought that potter and black were very
Lucky that Remus was their friend at all firstly lack
Has a younger brother regulus whom is smoking hot
Unlike twerp face plus moony has a soft spot for lily
And would do anything to help her in anyway so
Part two is going to be brilliantly amazing however
Please look after yourself as well all work and no
Play if you know what I mean. But I really loving
This wonderful story although why doesn't James get
Jealous once..weasleys witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 22 . 2/20
Wow James has finally asked lily out on a date and she
Turned him down good on her treat them mean and
Keep them keen which he is yet he's not railing against his emotions well that's strange,Lily's not boring at all
She's just focused as she's a muggleborn in a world
Full of witches and wizards plus she's a redhead so
I'm always going to be on her soda as I'm one also.
I'm hoping your computers working fine right now
As your work is absolutely incredibly brilliant so please
Write some weasels witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 21 . 2/20
What has Marlene done now as in order to fight death
Eaters you need great marks in all your classes like
Lily does remember that potter you lazy dork erosive
I'm loving Marlene she's an absolute gem the perfect
Friend for our gorgeous lily yet potter has to begin
Growing up very soon there's only seven chapters to
Go unfortunately I've loved this exceptional story
Since the first chapter I read a
Great time with your writing I'm a bonafide fan
weasels witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 20 . 2/20
Right away it appears as if he might be becoming more mature yet I'm not that gullible
He's got something planned up his sleeve and as for
Remus he's improving which is great as he's classier
Than the other three, what's up with mcgonagall and
Pomfret they usually know when potters causing
Deliberate trouble towards lily yet he'd getting away
With murder from them it could be an unforgivable
Curse he used bad bad sulky little prat she's your one
And only weasels witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 19 . 2/20
So now James has gone and made sure that lily winds
Up in the hospital wing as he had to annoy her while
She was doing as the fruit cake asked her to that's
Exceedingly bilious of him, I really hoping she does
Make his blood run out all over hog warts many
Corridors he's a jerk whom needs to be kicked where
It hurts again it's 5.49 so I being polite juvenile
She could be seriously hurt because of this and she'll make him sweat all day
And it might be very bad body odour for weeks also what a laugh go for
It lily get him weasels witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 18 . 2/20
So potter sinks to a new low even for that slime bag this
Has gone to far Katy doesn't seem to bright anyway so
She'll get hers very soon but why would gorgeous lily
Be jealous of them, he's not that clever at all or he would've known that even Voldemort could've made out
With you've been missed as your story is funny
Dramatic laughing lots plus crying at the same time yet
Wishing James would grow up as well you
For this wonderfully addictive story that just keeps
Getting so much witch loloud
Weasels witch chapter 17 . 2/20
So lily and her friends found out about the marauders
That's some brilliant blackmail right there even Remus
Is in for it if I can remember rightly revenge is going to
Be just absolutely remarkable they're putty in her hands
When she goes in for the kill yet I'm hoping she won't
Forgive them for if. This is the result of you
Taking your time then please continue on with doing
Exactly that very thing it's no worry at all everything's
Fine I'm sorry to say I cannot help with the revision its
Been awhile for me weasels witch
Weasleys witch chapter 16 . 2/20
Trelawney was an absolute fool of a teacher but Emma was great at being her so no I don't have any problem
At all ,he's being way too nice he must have fever
Right about I'm going to have to leave
Soon and recharge my iPad overnight at least but
In the morning I'll return to this great story maybe
I could go one more chapter if I'm lucky which I'm
Hoping that I it will work oû still in awe of you talent as a wonderful writer this story is very addictive in
Positive way loving witchloloud
Weasels witch chapter 15 . 2/20
I can vaguely recall that song it wasn't bad at all its
Just I'm more backstreet boys yet it was very good
And perfect for lily and James he's insane alright but
Could be saved if he can change. Three months with
Potter I'd turn vegan no that's way too strange yet
He'd better treat lily like the lady she is or lose her
To Severus Remus would've learnt
That James needs to change his attitud e starting
Right now or its curtains for potter and everyone
Loves Harry loving witch lol
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