Reviews for Shards
Eva chapter 1 . 4/21/2001
Hey that's good! what happens next? :O)i felt really bad for Behmut for having witnessed his father's death. thanx for the review for Immortal warriors i'll tell ya when i've uploaded more -Eva
Kitsounen chapter 1 . 4/18/2001
*LOL* It was funny because the story wasn't put together very well. The character lines, like: “I come for adventure! I come for a change of pace, for a break in routine, to let go! But there's nothing around town and noone to

take me” and "That bastard would beat me day and night. Come home drunk, beat me, go to bed. Repeat the process from when i was born until

about 17 days ago and that's my life." Tiel shouted, the anger apparent on his pale face." Just make Tiel sound extremely stupid. Work on him, and try to make him sound a bit more intelligent, not some mindless beefcake looking for a fight. I also don't think that in reality Tiel would readily voulunteer that much personal information about himself to a stranger. Try to get what the characters look like in the story to.