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tmi420 chapter 3 . 4/14/2015
I really like the way you wrote this. I especially love Craig and Tweek's relationship. My favorite part's when Kenny asked Damien if he could wake up in Bertha or Bebe's bed. :p Holy cliffhanger, though.
bankgunman chapter 1 . 1/25/2006
This is good. This is very good. Very very good. "The human embodiment of paranoia." I'm a huge Tweek fan, and I'd say that just about sums up his personality...hope to see more!
Leeya chapter 1 . 11/28/2005
OMFG! I wrote the *LONGEST* freaking REVIEW **EVER** for this! O_O *checks the reviews* But it only posted like o.5% of it all! ;_;! NO!
Leeya chapter 3 . 11/28/2005
I FINALLY READ IT! That’s RIGHT! _ I can’t believe I delayed it for so long! _ Gah! It was amazing! O_o

Especially because it included Pip and Damien in it! _!
XxHDMxX chapter 3 . 11/13/2005
I finally got through this chapter haha, omg rocky horror! best damn movie eva! "'So much sex!' he cried every so often" omg poor tweek, he's so damn adorable...his virgin eyes! haha okay I'm done, great job, it's so addicting!
Indiana Beach Bum chapter 3 . 11/13/2005
The last night of its type, eh? Well, I finally got to sit down and read this, as I've been wanting to for quite some time. I have random things to say about it. First off, I like Lazarus. I like that you made a cat up for Damien. Secondly, I like how you singled out Butters as being 'trouble', according to Tweek's mom. Thirdly, I LOVE how Rocky Horror Picture show is Craig's family and favorite movie! Lastly, you can always tell a true South Park fan from someone who just watches it from time to time because of the knowledge the true fan will throw in to their stories. You have a lot of knowledge, I can tell this. I pick up on the nuances here and there that would suggest so.

I really like the take you have on this, the research you did for the first chapter, and the character development. I am beginning to see where this story might go, but then again, I'd rather just read to find out!
sheenagami chapter 3 . 11/11/2005
omg! must kno more! *twitch* I LOVE U!.. And the rocky horror picture show! AHH!.. and tweek and damien!.. and CRAIG!.. omg u should so make a threesome! XD hehe
Abby chapter 3 . 11/10/2005
ugh i hate reviewing..i feel like a fag cuz i dont know what to say..but i will just cuz i love you..poo..ok..well...I LOVE BUTTERS!damn hes so cute i wanna kiss him..hmm that last line sucks ass dude i hate cliffhangers..but love them...i love the rhps part..and..i dunno the whole thing..i wish i was in the story..weird..ok so yeah thats the end, be happy i reviewed:)

-me,the coolest loser ever
Vcorrigan chapter 3 . 11/10/2005
Zaneykins, you know how to turn my crank ;D I nearly wet myself at the insane Rocky Horror in this. I could hardly keep still reading that, tempted just to jump up and break out the moves. You painted their excitement about it perfectl, who doesn't randomly bust to the songs? Awesome. And Pauly Shore! Oh Christ, you rock. He IS TOO funny! xP

Izzy is a cute addition, she spices it up, wraps the bow around hte family package. Her little crush on Tweek is adorable, and it really speaks about her character, and reality in general; I'm sure many of us can relate to crushin' on older siblings friends and/or friends' older siblings.

Boy time, that made me smile. The way you throw them all together into a giant blender and get what you do is amazing. It doesn't just focus on a certain character, but sways out of perspective to get them all in the shot. That's nice. And Conner, whoboy, he's a keeper x3

Damien is love. There's no way to describe the satisfaction of imagining him arguing to get his cat allowed at a threatre. It's Honest rabbithumping love.

As always, you know when to drill the ending lines home and have readers scrambling to stay on the cliff. Definitely the master of enders, but OMG I wants to know what happened x3

You are such a succubus, Zaneykins. Eat my soul? ;D
Qindarka chapter 3 . 11/9/2005
GWAHH. I haven't completely FLIPPED AND FREAKED OUT this violently because of a fanfiction in the longest time. Man, you had me squealing and crying with teh happy and holding my flushed cheeks just to keep my head on straight. I felt like I was going to explode from all mah happy feelings.

First off, congratulations. This shall be the first story in a long time that I am actually putting on my story alert and favorite stories list that is not OMFGTWEEK/CRAIGSEX. And I'm not adding it because Craigy was in there at all (though I will be rambling on about that for a nice chunky paragraph). But's so much more than that! I stick Tweek/Craig's on my favorites list and a majority of the time they're not very good (though there are definite exceptions to that).

But, man, for once I've broadened my horizons to something that not only is not a Tweek/Craig, but isn't even slash, and gone so far as to see its beauty and potential, and am willing to read more. I don't always do that because I'm dumb like that.

In short, I think you've got kickass skills that don't require slash for me to completely adore you. For me, that's pretty incredible. :o

Why do I always decide to read stuff by you geniuses of the South Park category, like, eight million chapters into the story?

But anyway, I like the way you write. It's not too wordy, but there's enough description to paint a vivid enough picture of the setting in every aspect of the word- the physical setting and the mood of each scene. You set up each so subtley and it makes me want to cry because it's such a treat to read. ;-;

I like how you fit in show references. Fanfictions often tend to stray from their subjects and that makes it hard to enjoy. But adding those little detils you bring the South Park-feel more to life and even give it a little flare.

Not to mention, alongside with that, you write the characters so LUVERLY. Gwah, I've never felt this way before, but Mr. demonic-spawn-of-the-devil Damien is deviously sexy in a sadistic kind of way, which is kinda cool for the demonic spawn of the devil. KENNY! You make me love him again. I used to be unhealithily obsessed with him but Craig has me by shackles and chains now, so Kenny isn't as lovely as he used to be. But I just love how you write him; he's so...rawr. :D

...GAH. CRAIG. OMG. SDFHSDJ. I... I'M GOING TO POP A VAIN STRAINING TO KEEP MYSELF FROM SQUEALING EVERYTIME HE SAYS SOMETHING OR EVEN DOES SOMETHING IN THIS STORY. GO~D. I love you. Man, I want to have your babies. Jesus son of mary and joseph, Craigy is an insanely sextastic, walking thing of sex, synonymous with sex, you-can-find-his-picture-under-"sex-fiend"-in-the-dictionary SEXY SEX. sexsexsex Gaah, excuse me for having mental problems when it comes to this boy, but dood. You have completely filled me to the fucking brim with rapture. If I honestly got any happier at this point, it'd make the media. I...adore the way you wrote Craigy. You will never be able to fathom even 3% of how happy he made mee 3 ASKUDH *glomps him till he suffocates*

Plus, I adore his relationship with Tweeky. IT'S SO CUTE x-x I'm so used to OMGLET'SHAVESEX in their relationship, which i don't mind actually ;D But once in awhile it's nice when they're a fluffy, hand-holding type of thing, or even the way you write them with friend slash-less friendly-love Craig's-Tweek's-protector type...thinger. It's a refreshing change, and is absolutely sweet and welcome and you write it in a way that it sits on the borderline between friends and slash in my mind but doesn't exactly touch base on either side and just lets the audience take it as they will. Which I like, because I can make up all kinds of kinky adventures in my head without offending anyone. :D

Okay, that's enough about them. n-n;;

The plot is THICKENING. :o It's like a movie, the way you describe things, dialogue, scene shifts. You could so make this a movie. I'd spend...what...ten dollars to watch that (I haven't watched a movie in awhile, I don't know how much they cost Dx). I like how you've laid the plot out so far. Makes me wanna read more. Curse you for leaving me that with that last line. *shakes fist* And, DAMMIT, the week before I lose computer priveleges for the rest of my weekdays. Man, you gotta put another chapter this weekend or I'll die from lack of Bitter Compund. x-x

Gah, you write gorgeously. That's rare these days, you know? At least where I live it is.

But yeah, you write with the likeness of some...Godly person, which makes me happier than I've been in awhile. The plot is wonderful, the characters are great, the setting is chilling, and I love Craigy even more than imaginably possible.

I love you and I love this. And when Qindarka loves something, she enjoys seeing more of it. IF YOU GET MY DRIFT COUGHCOUGH ;D

You rock, dood.
TVaddictt chapter 3 . 11/9/2005
weeheehee! whoopee! updateupdateupdate, and a really good one too! :D
Yay Ninja Bob chapter 3 . 11/8/2005
tweek... craig... damien... pip... what else could one want in a fic?

everyone's favorite british kid has got a role in this. i didn't expect to see much of him after the little bit at the end of the previous chapter, so hoorah!

"Too bad it would be the last night of it's type." oh noes. what will happen? this is getting more and more interesting. i can't wait to see what's gonna happen. ack!

pelvic thrusts equal gold. XD
Kyuunen chapter 2 . 10/25/2005
Ah! The rabbling! I remember how hard I laughed the first time they did that. Anyway, another good segment, moving faster than the last.

Tweek's in it! SP-style Hooray! This sets a new tone on the fic; each different palette of characters that a writer uses gives distinctive qualities to a fic and I'm wondering whether you'll play up those qualities, or perhaps break tradition. Either way, I'm glad you've got Tweekers in there. I hope it wasn't a random blurb (which I'm sure you wouldn't have done anyway) and that it really does foreshadow that he's someone of significance to your plot.

Then of course there's the main character. Damien encounters Pip in a Brit-in-distress type of situation. And that ending? What will come of that, hmm?

Well, it's good to see this updated. Hope you continue and learn lots in the process!

Keep writing!

Yay Ninja Bob chapter 2 . 10/23/2005
yay. i saw that this was updated yesterday and i was thinking about it all day. grr damn my sisters' bday party for getting in the way!

poor tweek and his nightmares. D: even waking his parents up with his screams. how terrifying. waking up with bruises... ow. poor little guy.

ah, but i love tweeky so much. my favorite line from him was "I don't want to look. It's a number that will determine my grade for this class which will then determine my future which in turn will determine how I die!" ahahaha. that is SO him. lovely characterization, man. good job with craig too. i liked how you described his nasal voice.

and then damien was back! whoo! and he kicked ass! yay!

hahaha... MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. XD love it.
Leeya chapter 2 . 10/23/2005
_! Where to begin! :D


You said this chapter wouldn't be that good and that you were dissapointed with it, NO DAMMIT! *slaps her across the face with a fish* IT WAS AMAZING! It kept me wanting to read it further on because of the way you cleverly put the words together!

...Tweek got to drink Pumpkin Spice flavor... THAT'S *MY* FAVORITE! Now I'm going to be craving it all day, until I get some! _

...I saw that Emily Rose movie, I was kind of dissapointed with me, it wasn't very scary, but my friends sure jumped and got the crap scared out of them. I wonder if Tweek and his little posse with actually go see it! XP I guess I'll have to wait, right? XD

...*GASP* You added PIP INTO IT! :D That makes me SO SENSATIONALLY HAPY! _

Poor Pip getting beat up, then sexy Damien coming to rescue him! *drools* XD

I love how in all your fics you write (2 XD) Craig's always sucha riot-causing rebel badass! I think it's hot! _~

I seriously cannot wait to see what happens next, because you ended at the part with the beloved PIP! :D

EHeheheheehehehe! *squeaks like the retarded fangirl she is*



You have reflected on the character's personality very well! Even more then the actual show itself! XD You're a good observer! _

*big HUGS for you!* XP
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