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Cardfighter By Maple chapter 14 . 10/19/2012
up-date damn it!
DrummerDancer chapter 14 . 7/28/2012
This story is incredibly unique and compelling. I read this story years ago, and I'm extremely happy I was able to find it again. Kari and Matt's relationship is SO interesting because of all the lines that have to be crossed between characters. I'm surprised there arent more stories about them. Keep writing. You're very good at it.
rainbowdragongirl101 chapter 14 . 4/18/2012
You haven't updated yet in THREE YEARS! Please, have mercy on this (my) poor soul and give me a conclusion!




Takouji Lover chapter 14 . 12/16/2011
Hmm...while I like this story being a huge Matt/Kari fan myself the main problem is OOCness. Matt is in character, so are Tai and T.K., but Kari's outbursts and her bitchy attitude was not in character, considering how she was shown in the series so you might wanna be a little careful there considering we fell in love with the characters like they were in the show, not them acting out of that character. Otherwise good fic, Yakari forever _
Jeabird chapter 14 . 9/12/2011
I love this story i would love it if you updated! No offense but its 2011 and the last time u updated was 2009... again no offense. :)
can't think chapter 14 . 3/4/2011
Dang! These two really messed up everything between everyone, didn’t they? Lol, okay, so they’re not evil or anything they just fell in love and wanted to be together. But the main problem was sneaking around and probably getting together way too soon after the TK/Kari split. They probably should have, after the accidental kiss, talk things out and agree to give it some time before getting together. Let TK kinda get used to the idea of not having Kari as a gf, and then talk to him and Tai and say “hey, we like each other and want to be together.” Not necessarily to ask permish but just to let them know BEFORE getting together so it’s not flat out betrayal. I mean if they couldn’t date out in the open then it obviously wasn’t the right time to get together. And sure, TK and Tai might still have been mad but the situation might have been much more forgivable…eventually.

But of course, people – good people – do what they WANT and not always want they SHOULD. And if they didn’t do all that this story wouldn’t have been the same. It was honest, and bittersweet and a real tearjerker. Not some fake “happily ever after, we’re all okay” thing. But an honest portrayal of life and people making mistakes and learning from them.

Anyway, I finished reading this last night, so sorry for not reviewing til today. I guess this review is sorta for the last 2 chapters.

I felt bad for poor Mimi and Tai. Their engagement party was ruined! :( and then there was a strain between them! Great going Matt and Kari! Haha. But glad to see they’re okay.

When TK’s mom called I choked up a little. That’s what he needed to do, was talk to his mommy. Lol. aw, poor Teeks!

My heart kinda went out to Ally when she said "I actually like him. He's nice to me, and not just because he thinks I'm hot. Or cute. Or whatever."

Well at least somebody sees how great TK is! KARI!

Stupid Matt for telling Kari he didn’t love her! Way to mess things up even more! Maybe if he said he loved her she might have actually not even considered going to Hokkaido. I’m not sure how I feel about her going so far. I mean, I think it’s cool that she kinda just wants to have some freedom away from everyone and figure herself out. That’s cool, learn some independence and all that jazz. And I’m not saying she’s just running away from everything. But I do think she’s kinda leaving a lot of loose ends untied. Kinda like she said, she needs to make amends. Then again, it’s probably mostly just TK she needs to patch things up with. And he’s leaving so…yeah.

I can’t blame TK for leaving. I think it will be good for him. HE definitely needs to get away, if just for a little while. Then maybe after some time away, meet new friends and some new girls, he can come back and things can start patching up too. I hope he finds a nice girl or something. And, eh, Ally’s kind of earned a few points with me.

Kari’s talk with her mom was sweet. Mom was right. Poor Kari, always so used to doing the right thing. Then she makes a big mistake and hurts those closest to her, inflicting herself with “I’m a terrible scum bag” guilt. Glad to see her finally talk to her mom about it.

So, anyway, I know this fic can totally end here. However, you said there’s one more chapter that takes place a year later. Sooooo…..WANT! like seriously. I’m hoping it’s something along the lines of things starting to get resolved. Cuz it hurts to see these amazing friendships and brotherhoods getting torn up like this. Of course, things need time to heal so they can’t just get fixed like that. And maybe not even a year later. But I kinda hope that things will show some resolve, show some hope that maybe years later everything will be cool again. Or almost cool, anyway. I know it’s been two years since you updated this but, I mean, it’s like the last friggin chapter. I read this entire story (minus the last chapter) in a few days. And I get to the last updated chapter and find that I have one more chapter to read and who knows when that will happen. I just spent 20 minutes writing a frickin long review. So you can bust out the last chapter with several groups of 20 minutes all together. (idk if that even made sense.) So yeah, I’m laying on the guilt trip. You must finish this. I’m clicking “Story Alert” so you have to. Cuz I’m expecting it XP :D write a page a day. Or a week or something.

But seriously PLEASE! Lol.

Last thought: Meems was definitely the funniest character in this fic.
can't think chapter 12 . 3/3/2011
HAHAHA! okay, that's totally bad that I'm laughing at Matt getting his face punched in.

dang! bad time to find out! see guys, you should have admitted sooner. I don't blame TK. he was trying not to tell, but Tai kept pressuring him and he's vulnerable because he just found out he was betrayed in one of the worst ways EVER! (okay, maybe not ever, but still). awww, poor Teeks.

i have to admit Kari & Matt kinda had it coming.

aww, Davis is totally sweet though! lol

and yay for Mimi & Tai!

argh, there's too much to comment on in this chapter!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/3/2011
ha! I had a feeling Mimi would be totally supportive! lol. and I'm glad Kari has someone to talk to now! she needed another girl to talk to. yay for Meems!

I can't believe it's chapter 11 and I haven't reviewed yet!

anyway, I haven't to admit I never really shipped them but Kari and Matt do kinda make sense. I mean they're both two of the most mature people in the group (at least I think so, I can't remember. i haven't watched this in forever!). in fact, Kari's probably the most mature girl...even more so than Sora. Matt seems and Kari fits that description. and Kari seems like a girl who could date an older guy, not because she's overly slutty (cuz she's not), or dumb and easy to take advantage of (she's innocent and maybe naive, but not stupid), or just a really frickin hot piece of meat that guys just want physically (though she's totally cute) (i'm not saying older guys who date younger girls do so only for these reasons, but often they do). but Kari, like I said, is pretty mature and could relate to an older guy.

I will say though, my biggest problem is that I just feel too darn bad for poor little TK. (and I do think Kari was pretty horrid to him, it made me cringe. though she's sorry and didn't mean it so I can forgive her). I mean, he's a totally sweet, nice guy who deserves a nice girl. there needs to be more nice guys in the world but girls so very often go for the bad boy, which I think is why nice guys are hard to find nowadays. :( I mean, Kari and TK just seem so perfect and obvious that they SHOULD be together.

and yet I find that boring, lol. I mean, I don't think I've ever read a Takari focused fic. but here I am reading a Yakari and being totally interested. I mean, Matt/Kari is pretty cute. she's the sweet, good girl next door. He's cool and has a rebellious streak but he's STILL a good guy! He's obviously protective and caring towards those who are important to him. so I know Kari's in good hands with Matt and he won't take advantage of her or anything. (i hope not!) so I don't really have a problem with them together. I guess, in reality, I feel like the Kari and the TK's of the world should be together but in fanfiction Matt/Kari is totally cute and more interesting (and sensible enough for reality if it were to happen). (though mimato is always my first love!)

poor TK though. I can't really judge him for getting all drunk and stuff. though he's a little silly if he thinks Ally wasn't asking him on a DATE! yeesh, he's more naive than Kari! lol. I hope TK ends up happy (though I don't want him with Ally. sorry if you ended up doing that!). and I feel the betrayal from Matt more than Kari. I mean, relationships end all the time, but Bro's are forever! and TK's his baby brother. lol. i kinda hope TK kicks his arse, HAHAHA! i mean, I don't think Matt's a bad guy and maybe he doesn't deserve it, he can't help falling in love. but it is kinda betrayal and i think it would be good for TK after all he went through kick the crap outta his brother. and then they can make up afterwards. haha. okay, i'm weird.

oh, and thanks for not making Davis a jerk. he's still his lovable, doofus self. yay!

sorry for the long review, dont' worry this will probably be my only long one.
paolamendoza chapter 5 . 1/5/2011
I guess I'll stop reading right now is too late and I should be sleeping.

Oh dear... I don't want to read that Tk's heart is broken! I love him but.. anyways, it's just a story and no all the stories end up in a happy ending.
paolamendoza chapter 4 . 1/5/2011
OMG te first fight! It was... creepy xD hahaha

I'd like the story so much! :D I'll keep reading until the end xD
paolamendoza chapter 3 . 1/5/2011
Hahahahaa OMG I love Kari's attitude!

Crap! It's 3:02am and I can't sleep xD this has caught me up!
paolamendoza chapter 2 . 1/5/2011
Chapter 2

Hahahaha pretty funny! ;)
paolamendoza chapter 1 . 1/5/2011
I loved it! :D

I decided to read something about Matt and Kari because I'm actually writting about them right now, but in Spanish.

There aren't many stories and I just checked for english languaje and saw yours... it's great! I'll keep reading!
alicelouise'x chapter 14 . 12/20/2010
I LOVE IT. I really really really really do. It's really good, amazing! Perfect ending. Not an overly happy one, not sad either but a perfect one. Serves Yamato right, the idiot. Gosh, I really really really enjoyed it!
TwinPhoenixOfDark chapter 14 . 7/27/2010
First time reading this and... Penultimate chapter? brbgonnacry

However... Be good to see an update soon? ;) (like I can talk)

You also write pretty well... Just the layout bugs me a bit!
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