Reviews for Climbing Over Peaks
Purple Uranium chapter 1 . 9/23/2005
Well, first things first. The fangirling, and after that, I can definitely get on to the more important parts of the review. So let's commence the fangirling. Squee!11one!11 and there should have been some omfg's but it's eight thirty in the morning (I'm free until ten today... I'm so happy) So I'll save the 'omfg ur such a grate righter!" for later. _ Now onto the important stuff.

I really, really liked the somber mood of this. Seeing as to how that is what you were most likely aiming for, I must say, you achieved it wonderfully. The sense in which you conveyed it was rather good, too. Your descriptions of Inuyasha's feelings of detachment - "He thought giddily t himself that he would probably open his eyes to a world full of emptiness, with only brittle shells of what he once had for company." - were excellent and I loved them.

Kouga's reaction to Kagome's disappearance, which was not only sad but extremely anti-climatic - I mean this in a good sense... Inuyasha didn't seem to get too overly emotional because of it, and nor did Kagome become extremely OOC when she realized what was happening... she merely asked for him to wait for her, which made the entire thing even more bitter sweet - and the way that you made everything so anti-climatic... it was great. Especially since it would seem like it would be this huge battle, in which everyone can live happily ever after, even though, in reality, they really can't.

The way in which you described everyone's death was very morbid, and I have to say, that Shippou's death was *especially* shocking, although it probably has more to do with the fact that he was a child (plus, the way you described it) and not with the fact that I like him (because, to be honest, Shippou isn't my favorite character).

I really like how you protrayed Rin. I don't know what it was - maybe the fact that she, too, seemed so disoriented and like she lost her innocence after Sesshoumaru's death (Inuyasha's lack of reaction over said death was very intriguing). Kaede's urgency bothered me, but at the same time I could see why it would make sense, after all, if there is no 'distraction' (I call Kagome a distraction, because in truth, she kind of was) for Inuyasha and Kouga to focus on, then they might revert to their old ways. There was also the fact that they had yet to truly react to everything that had happened around them, and who could tell when their emotions would have exploded?

There are only two things that I thought were awkward about the story. Some of your grammar was a bit off, and although it didn't take too long for me to figure out what you meant (There were times when they were perfect, and it still took me two times through the sentence to finally understand it) it was still a bit awkward (I'm really too lazy to find them all, but here's one - "'I already told she wasn't,' Inuyasha snapped... - perhaps you might want to add the word 'you' because it seems awkward and incorrect without it). The other thing was that, although I was able to immediately feel the somber-ness of this fic, it was very dry, at first. It got better as it progressed, but the beginning just seems a bit bland, wording wise. Perhaps it's just me, but each time I read it (I've read it twice, now) the first two paragraphs just seemed bland.

That's all, for now. Thanks for writing that - I can definitely tell that I am going to enjoy this story. Keep up the good work, my little lovely. _ (also, please forgive me for any spelling mistakes - the ones in the first paragraph were on purpose of course - but seeing as to how I am too lazy to go back over this review, you'll have to live with Kourtney's bad spelling errors.)

Thank you, and have a nice day. XD
Duzen Broken DreamZ chapter 1 . 9/19/2005
damn, that is some sad shit right there... hehee?
Nghi chapter 1 . 9/17/2005
WOW! Hi, it's meh, Nghi! We're not terribly acquainted, but that's OK, because we know each other from other people. Just think of it as 'Six Degrees from Dawnsama'. XD


Anyways. I read this last night, and had read the story for the most part (And I say this because there was a scene that I skipped over. ;; Er.), and I can say that your wording is really beautiful. Heehee. I mean, it's nowhere near elaborate as Charles Dickens (I would KILL you if you went near there.), but it's not Dr.-Seuss-simple, either. You used really simple words to dsecribe the scene so beautifully, and I can say that you did a pretty damn good job of it, too. WHY, NARAKU, WHY?


When I saw the Kouga/Rin/Inuyasha, I was like, "HOLY CRACK, YOU'VE GONE OFF THE DEEP END." And I was seriously expecting heavy subject, which kind of leaves a bitter feeling in the back of my head.


"He tried not to despair when he made a perfect landing onto the hard bottom of the well."


That was the most beautiful sentence in the entire thing. I was so, SO depressed that the well had sealed up, and Kagome had been reborn back into her time again. BAD. In a good way, of course. Hehe.


The only thing I can say to criticize the story is that I think at times the wording was a bit awkward. It was so terrible that I had to blink and reread several times, but it could be better. Your grammar's excellent, though, and your storytelling is absolutely wonderful!


Lavender Valentine chapter 1 . 9/16/2005

I love this! It's certainly worth the hard work you put into it. I'll be waiting eagerly for your next update.
Qem chapter 1 . 9/16/2005
Really interesting fic.

Though I'm intrigued by some of Kaede's actions. Is this a oneshot or to be continued? o_O;