Reviews for me & my flame pts.26-35: Poké City
Henry chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
Is Ash Kectum is a good guy or a bad guy in this story because it mentioned him during the pokemon war
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
Review for chapter 26: I think the idea of Poke City is a smart one-a place where pokemon can live freely with out the fear of humans capturing them.

Review for chapter 27: that is mean of Charmina to call chad an idiot. It was not his fault that he did not know that she was a prostitute charizard and he had to pay for her ‘services’

Review for chapter 28: YIPES! Daninger is a team rocket boss and now he has convinced Lunia to join! He was simply trying to throw suspision off when he told august that he heard that team rocket had been spotted in the area!

Poor Chivonne- she must be the ‘specimen’ that Daninger was talking about! What information about the Marius ball does he hold?

Will she ever meet up with chad again?

Review for chapter 29: whoa! I never expected russell to be a wigglytuff! I don’t think that Russell and raelle’s relationship is an interspecies one-I think that their species are in the same breeding group but I could be wrong.

What will happen to Russell? Will he spill the beans to the police about chad trying to flame him to death, even though the charizard was only trying to protect Raelle?

Review: for chapter 30: keep up the great work

Review for chapter 31: poor Raelle. My heart broke when I read this part:

Raelle scooched back till she sat in front of her pillow. "Okay. Where'd it start. Well, I grew up wild."

"You mean, mountains and grass and . . .?"

"Yeah, with my family. Hell, I'm talking like a human, calling myself wild. Humans, they like twist their words." She let out a burp. "When they get together in their normal lifestyle, do their thing, they call it being civilized. When we do it, they call it being wild."

"I call it being free."

"I like your thinking. Anyway, I was dumb. I got curious about the city. Back then it wasn't run by humans. Anyway, I got a job dancing. You could say I was a natural."

"That day I caught you dancing in the living room."

Raelle laughed, her belly jiggling. Then she coughed. "Yeah, that's another habit I can't break. So, soon I was a hit. I had a job in a top club. Humans were already there, but they didn't bug me, so I didn't think nothing. But then when they were gonna put you to death, I came out and protested. I got on the news too. I got my fifteen minutes, like they say, right? Well no one listened to us Pokémon. And so it goes.

"Well, then I met Marius Mewtwo. You heard on the news about him?"

"Not much. I heard he disappeared, a few years ago.

"Few years for you, lots for me. Charizards live for what, ten thousand years?"

"Not that long. They say around six thousand." Though Chizmo was sure older.

"How old are you."

"Probably around six hundred."

"You don't know the number?"

Chad shrugged. "We don't count. We know it's a lot."

Raelle laughed. "Yeah. Anyway, it was like ten years ago he disappeared. You didn't hear much because humans didn't want no one to hear. Before he disappeared, he had a secret group of Pokémon helping him with a project. I joined hem. Marius invented the Ball to End All Balls." She grinned. "A Poké Ball that if it does its thing, no Poké Ball would ever work again!"

"But. . . Poké Balls still work."

"I'm getting to that." Raelle looked down and breathed deep. "Marius's ball needed the Master Ball to work. Something about a magic power that the one Master Ball has over all the other Poké Balls that get made. Well, Marius was working on getting hold of it when they found us out. They. . .caught Marius, me, and some others. Team Rocket did it, and we found out the government told them to. To keep Marius from stopping Poké Balls. They knew he would give his life for his work."

"Team Rocket?"

"Why not, Team Rocket's the best at catching Pokémon, the government sucks. One guy, his name was Darlock. He started torturing us to find out where Marius hid the ball. They didn't mean to kill Marius so fast, I heard-Darlock took it too far. He had all these torture machines-"

Chad tightened his arm around Raelle's shoulders, petting her. Raelle swallowed and went on. "When Marius died, they went on to the rest of us. Darlock tortured me. But I didn't know where the fucking ball was-no one knew but Marius! But Darlock cut my tail off when I kept screaming I didn't know. I near electrocuted myself to death. Without our tails for a ground, Raichu do that. Well then they threw me in a cell and let me die. But I pulled through. My body's electricity kinda shut down. So. . .I got no electric attacks now."

And he had been angry at having no fire spin.

"Friana saved me. She slunk in a hole in the roof-she was a Caterpie then-and she unlocked my cell. She woulda saved the others too, but I think they were mostly dead.

"We wandered through the woods. We had no idea where we were. If it wasn't for Friana helping me-keeping up her pep talks. . .I came back to Poké City. What else could I do? Couldn't go back wild. I need my comforts. Friana stayed with me like she still does. She's the best friend I ever had."

"Team Rocket never found out you got away?"

"I don't think they ever got my name. It seems like, when they didn't find the ball, they chucked the whole thing. Well I lost my job dancing cause of my tail. Who wants a cripple dancing in a night club? I couldn't get a job anywhere. Dancing's all I ever learned to do. I can read now, cause Friana taught me, but it don't help. I get better pay on welfare than any of the shit jobs I can do, especially with Friana as a dependent. So then the drinking. . . I was always a drinker, soon as I came here, but now it got real bad. When I'm drunk, I forget how much everything sucks."

"You should stop," said Chad. "You. . ."

"Lotsa things I 'should' do."

"What about this-movement. This Poké Ball, what happened to it?"

Snort. "Who knows. They got Marius, that broke up the whole thing. No Marius, no movement. He was the brain." She dangled her feet on the edge of the bed, swinging them feebly. "So there's no underground movement now. If another one comes up-don't join."

"Your tail-could it ever be healed?"

"If it could would I still have a damn stump?" She glared forward. "The worst part is remembering it getting cut. I was going no, no. . ."

"I understand."

She whirled towards him. "No you don't. It didn't happen to you."

That’s cool that Kora is going to help Chad and vixen go back to Chah.

Oh dear! Due to Raelle and Vix’s argument none of them seemed to relieze that Friana was still on the train when they got off

Review for chapter 32: COOL! Chad and Chivonne saw each other! I mean sure it was for a fraction of a minute but still!

Review for chapter 33: that is horrible that Raelle once tried to commit suicide-it’s a good thing that Friana came home early!

I think that now that chad knows where Chivonne lives he is going to go find her!

Reviews for chapters 34-35: oh man that is so dang funny that chad had to hide in the shower and pretend that he was a girl when the officer was searching the apartment

I bet that if she was able to Raelle would have wanted to shock Russel to death when they saw the news report!. That is smart of them to hide out in Gloomleaf- no human will ever think to look for them there !
Rikkoshaye chapter 1 . 7/13/2001
That is really good. You are way better then I am, and I swear you could make a movie with it! Its awsome!
Psypaw chapter 1 . 11/15/2000
Myuu Da Mew chapter 1 . 7/2/2000
I'll read it later when I'm bored, but I gotta go tah bed now!
Starcat5 chapter 1 . 6/5/2000
So it has come down to this. Dreams about wild, red hot Pokemon LOVE! ...IT's ABOUT TIME! Again, this series is great. I can only hope that an upcoming installment will have an actual sex scean in it. *Evil Grin* I always said I was sick. Get used to it. _
CuteMyuu chapter 1 . 6/4/2000
Great story! Just so you know, though, it's duct tape, not duck tape. And s, stop reading these stories if you think they suck so much!
s chapter 1 . 5/29/2000
stupid, gay story
Psychomage the Ninga Cow chapter 1 . 5/27/2000
An R rated pokemon story? funky (the only reason I'm in this section anyway... just wanted to make sure they exist...)
Toby Aurora chapter 1 . 5/16/2000
This gets better and better. An illegal clone. Reading this just convinces me more and more of human's incompetency.